My navi needs a .GMO, so I guess we need a mission. I'm currently in Electown on business, but it shouldn't take me too long if I need to go elsewhere. Also, my navi can do a solo mission or I can probably find some teammates if needed. Lemme know.

Hmm. Well, I think I have something for you here.

We've been receiving some reports of strange virus activity in Electown. We've also been getting some... weird readings from a Navi Signature in the same area, but so far we haven't been able to identify the source navi's identity. You will be investigating this area. Report back to us with what you find on the Navi, and if you can, halt the strange virus activity.

*Attached: Coordinates*
Fine. That's perfect since my navi's already busting with a group of navis. If things get too complicated, I'll send them away, so don't worry about them interfering.

Finished. We deleted the bugged enemies, but had some help. Aida Ambridge and her navi, Capuchin, came along and helped assure our victory. I request that she be given a .GMO as well. Also, a scythe weilding navi aided us. Whoever he was, he did so much work that if he can be contacted, he should be rewarded as well. I think that takes care of things.

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((Pretend I'm the Netpolice goonie. Majorly sorry about this, by the way. >_<))

Oh, shi- er... sorry for the delay.

A scythe-wielding navi, eh...? Did he perchance look like this?

[Attached: Scythe.PNG]((Read: A picture of Drakkas))

Excuse the primitive compression format, but it's the best we were able to obtain.
Kind of but people can be pretty uncreative. Is he supposed to be someone famous? really wouldn;t surprise me if it was a look alike then, since the popular are always copied.

Hmmm... Interesting.

Either way, here.

[Attached: GMO x2]

Give one to this... 'Aida Ambridge' for her help.

Thank you for your services.