Requesting a mission

"Hello. My name is Alphonse and I was wondering if I can request a mission I can take part in. If there are a mission available, please feel free to post a brief message in this topic. Thank you"

Amazing what boredom can drive the masses to do... Regardless.

There is one task that needs doing--the recent reemergence of the Cybeasts comes at a bad time--given their inactivity, we lack updated information on them.

That's where you come in. Find, by any means necessary, some relevant information on the Cybeasts.

You find anything worthy--a Blank.GMO awaits.

((Mod: Demonstar))
((Mission: Dependant on player. Many paths available:
1. Engage a Cybeast yourself. (Start a thread in any Net other than ACDC with topic name: "Hunting for Information")
2. Get at least 5 accounts of Cybeast encounters from other players IC. (Turn in threads/email links here.)
3. Something the player makes up that makes sense. PM me (Demonstar) on details and I'll confirm whether it's doable or not.))
"A Cybeast? Now where do I hear that from...Anyhow, I'll be looking over the Netopian server for any live information for the cybeast. Wish me luck"


((I'll take Mission 1))
I've gotten a profound amount of informations about the Netopian Cybeast. I listed all the information in the attached document, I hope you will find all the necessary details in there.

Attachment: netopiabaranguf.Docu

PS: hey! i added some information about some guys who came to helpus in the mission and stuf. i hope that helps you and stuff!
What the hell--You've done well. Take the GMO, and don't say anything about this "Baranguf" you saw. The last thing we need is widespread panic.

*Attached: Blank.GMO*