My Netnavi is really picky when it comes to her Buster abilities. It doesn't even like to use it's buster in battle thinking it's abilities are so strong that it's abilities with i's buster aren't even necessary, but not to say completely useless. So, how about we offer some of our Navicust Buster Parts for money, as well as a trade for other Navicust parts as well. We're mostly interested in "+1Atk" since brute force is a must, so we'll as best as retain our other NaviCust Programs other than Rapid, or Undersht.

We'll trade for chips and money if necessary so don't wither if it feels as if you don't meet our expectations, just be sure you don't disappoint.

My navi is in battle, but when it's done we'll be more than happy to send over any valuables.

Assuming if I read your post correctly, you are willing to sell Navicust parts for Zenny or chips. If that is the case, then I would like to buy your rapid +1, I think the normal price for it when Trading is about 2000 Zenny.

~Virgil "Monty" Junker interesting. I usually want to claim 90% of it's origional profit at the most which is 2250z seeing that these would most likely cost 2500, correct?

Sure I'm very generous, but these are desperate times and I want to be sure to have my fair share of a trade, yes?

So since I'm still the generous person I am, how about I'd seel it for 2080z since I don't much like these little uneven nit picked values in my fortune.
2080 is fine with me, just remember most people will not want to buy used goods at 90% of the price most of the time.

~Virgil "Montey" Junker

{attaches 2080 Zenny}
I'll keep that in mind as a bargaining info.

Since my navi is in battle, I'll have to send it to you after she is done.

Gomen nasi, but this will be a minor delay.
Sorry for the delay, but we are ready with our half of the deal. I believe you wanted this...Rapid +1, Correct?

<Attached NaviCust: Rapid +1>

Nothing too extreme here, bit iffy on that extra 80z.

Shadowess lose: Rapid +1. Get: 2080z.
Virgil loses: 2080z. Get: Rapid +1.

Be safe blowing up viruses now.

Appreciate it...much obliged indeed.

I belive we'll be taking our leave now.