Selling Charge +1

I don't really have a need for this, so I am willing to sell it for about 1500 zenny, or out right traded it for a rapid.

I'll take that.


Very well

*Attactes Charge +1*
Trade commencing...


Have a good day.
You know what... I think I am going to sell my Attack +1 for 1500. Post with the zenny if you want it.

Perfect! I was looking for an offer like this right now. I'd gladly take that NCP.

- Sieg

Attached: 1500 Z

Wait for me Druidman... it won't take much longer.

- Valkyrie
Very well, and good to see you are well Madem Valkyrie of Asgard. At least I am hoping that is the case.


*Attachs Attack+1*
Trading away a perfectly good navicust piece. I'll never understand it.


Trade complete.