Increasing the Voltage

Voltman appeared in Electown Rogue Net for the second time, but the first of his own volition. The net was darker than normal, but what else could be expected of Electown's old infrastructure considering it was practically located under the current net?

Cities under cities. Nets under other Nets. Both the real world and the digital one were built on ruins of their predecessors. Real world didn't have to worry about natural occurrences throwing elemental forces at you, though, so there's that in its favor.

(Battle 1, 200 HP)
With the darker streets of Electown under his feet, Voltman got to work as he strolled down them, searching for opponents to test his mettle against. It felt rather lonely in the Rogue network, as he went under an overpass that would likely be highly packed, were it to exist in the normal layer. From under the shadow of the bridge, some Billy viruses waddled out to meet him, but of course, their version difference was plain to see through their color scheme.

Silly A: 160 HP (Normal)
Silly B: 160 HP (Normal)
Silly C: 160 HP (Normal)

VoltMan.EXE: 200 HP (Normal)

60% Normal (Road underneath)
40% Metal (Overpass)

Damn, but the place was empty. Not a single soul in sight, even if the sound of distant combat rang out sporadically. Voltman knew he couldn't be alone in Rogue net, but he'd expected... something. Anything. The occasional passerby, another netbattler training themselves in the harsher terrain. Anything.
Got anything down there? Voltman shook his head slightly, looking around. A wrecked building, a long abandoned subchip stand, more cracked flooring... it was an absolute ghost town. He stopped and put two fingers to his visor, turning on a quick scan display of the area around him.
Not a thing. No navis, structural integrity is... sketchy, at the worst of times. He continued passing through the town, eventually coming to an overpass that looked like its less infected twin seen through shattered glass. Shigeru broke comms silence for the second time that trip.
Hold on, I've got incoming. Remember, the new signature attack processes are the same as the old ones, but you've got a lot more control now. No more shooting random blasts for lack of a better option, or healing nicks in your armor and then taking cannons to the chest. Shigeru pulled up small text files on the individual processes, reading through the basic descriptions. I've also read through that book the Swordsmet gave you when you met. Not bad, a bit too much flowery language for my taste, but it had some good lines about force only being useful if your attacks connect. "Take heed of your foes' attacks, and keep your own style inscrutable, and find their blows striking only air, and their attempts to avoid nothing more than a..." Shigeru paused. Whatever, I don't remember all of it. Point is, attacks are worthless if they don't connect.
Voltman shook his head. Diversionary tactics. "Suppressing fire." Multi-pronged assaults. They may not strike anything, but that isn't the point of them. Attacks aren't always about striking your enemy, after all. Sometimes, it's about getting inside their head.

Shigeru shrugged. Regardless, definitely virus signatures that I was picking up, and they're advancing on your position. Go make some friends. Voltman held a small orb of electricity in his hand, moving towards the area Shigeru had highlighted in his HUD. A crack of a panel underfoot made him swing around, ready to fire, but it was only a small rock settling into position. He breathed out a sigh of relief, the energy in his hand fading.
Check it again, there's nothing here. Just more shit strewn around. He waited a moment, but no reply came. His brow furrowed and he tried again. I said check again. Did the targets move? A burst of static came through his earpiece, making him flinch and take a slightly stunned step backwards.
...breaking up... battle routine... signal disrupted... behind you, asshole! With the final burst, the transmission cut out and the familiar sheen of the barriers of the battle routine settled around the bridge, but the static remained. Voltman looked around for a moment, confused, before seeing the sparks flying from the prongs of the three viruses. He rolled his head from side to side cracking his neck, and shook the last of the fatigue from his recuperation out of his system. Lightning flared from the rods on his shoulders, and a crack of thunder split the arena as the air above him fried from the heat.

Battle Routine, Execute!
Warning, Operator Connection Terminated! Battle Chip Access Restricted!

Voltman didn't move, for a moment. Shigeru's words echoed through his head, the words from the book he'd read only occasionally since his encounter with the strange honorable mettaur. He remained still for almost a full second before he dashed forward, summoning his sword on his right hand. The closest Silly his target, Voltman expanded his HUD to give himself a slightly wider peripheral vision, and enabled a short term movement enhancement system. He slashed the sword in front if him twice and then struck it against one of his lightning rods, igniting a spark on the tip that charged the entire weapon with electricity. The blade of the sword split into two as it became charged, and Voltman thrust the two pronged weapon towards the Silly virus. Only a feint, though, as he drew it back and spun to the side, driving it into the ground where he had seen the Silly's prong moving a moment previously and hopefully catching one of its arms underneath the weapon. With a snap, he disengaged the blade from his wrist and retreated.

He flipped backwards to dodge any attacks that had been aimed at him, moving with unnatural speed from the enhancement of the Defensive Way. Once more he fell still, this time not contemplating how to dodge but where best to strike. It took but a moment, and his visor lit up a moment later with his predicted path and attack pattern. Voltman dashed forward, accelerated... and disappeared. A moment later, a a crash of thunder sounded from a few meters behind the enemies and Voltman reappeared with eight orbs of electricity orbiting the lightning rods on his shoulders, two of them glowing slightly brighter than the others. Letting out a roar he threw his left hand forward in an open handed blow at the air, and in answer the orbs circling his left shoulder flew towards one of the Sillies he hadn't attempted to disable. Charging forward, he threw his right hand forward, and the other attacks were likewise directed to the second Silly virus.

Turning his attention back to the Silly he had tried to disable earlier, he zigzagged towards it and his shoulder lightning rods glowed ominously once more. Sparks flew, and the air around him seemed to darken as he drew in massive amounts of power. Leaping into the air, he tossed the blast downwards towards his enemy, a crackling storm of lightning that scorched the already damaged terrain where it struck. Landing, he used his momentum to roll towards a bridge support, turning and drawing his sword so as to deflect any incoming attacks.

1. Defense of the Swordsmet (Disarm Silly A, Dodge [x2], Haste [x2])
2. Offense of the Swordsmet (Accuracy Enhancement, Strengthen 40 [x2])
3. Lightning Step (Teleport behind Sillies, Tactical Movement added to the next 4 actions)
4. Thunder Flurry to Sillies B and C (3 Rapid Shots [40 Damage, Seeking] each, One Strengthen[+40] Rapid Shot each [80 Damage, Seeking])
[Tactical Movement towards SillyA]
5. Electric Blaze to Silly A (200, Stun, Elec)
[Tactical movement away from SillyA]
6. Parry
Accelerating towards the Silly, Voltman proceeded to blast the Silly with a flurry of attacks, turning them into swiss cheese fairly quickly before they had a chance to react to his attacks.


VoltMan.EXE: 200 HP (Normal)

60% Normal (Road underneath)
40% Metal (Overpass)



[Thunder2] Battlechip, 840z
-lright, I've restored the connection, let's take 'em down! Shigeru remarked, before seeing Voltman calmly gathering up the spoils of battle. He sighed, took the battlechip data, and went back to scanning for enemies.

(Battle 2)
The twists and turns of the Electown network continued, with even more confusing pathways going here and there, making the entire place look more like an art piece instead of somewhere that was actually traversable. However, right in the middle of the landscape, two large holes were bored into the road, with a light coming at the end of each. As Voltman stood there, a couple of Elebee viruses flew out of the hole, along with some Drixols. They didn't look too happy about Voltman being there to see their work, and charged themselves up for a fight!

Drixor A: 170 HP
Drixor B: 170 HP
Elewasp A: 130 HP (Flying/Broken)
Elewasp B: 130 HP (Flying/Broken)

VoltMan.EXE: 200 HP

80% Escher (Metal, -10% to all movement-related rolls)
20% Broken (Holes bored into the road)