The First Folly


It was horrible.

It was the one place Torrent dared not tread, which often left her confined to her PET and Cafe Castel's tables and appliances. There could be danger lurking anywhere at anytime. Turn a corner and who knows what you'll face. It was a realm of terrible evil that cultivated the most heinous of villains and monsters.

It was... the internet.

"Agh! H-H-H-H-H-H-H-HIPPIE! Help!" Fear rocked her body and she held it tight with both arms. "I-I-I-I think i'm c-c-coming down with something! W-w-we should p-probably leave as soon as we c-c-c-c-"

<<Buck up, Torry!>>, sang Torrent's operator, <<We've got to find out what's stopping customers from contacting Cafe Castel!>>

Torrent jerked around, failing to keep every angle of approach in her sight. A virus could pop out of any direction and she had to keep on her toes lest be taken by surprise and pick-axed to death. As far as she could tell there was no helmet to be seen in the immediate vicinity, which allowed her to relax somewhat.

"S-s-see? There's nothing here. M-must just be s-silly customers being silly. Ha ha. There's no need to stick arou-"

Torrent ran into two Metools and a Bunny making a nuisance of themselves, terrorizing the area with their tiny pickaxes and bolts of electricity.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
Bunny: 50HP

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~
Torrent froze. She could hear the staccato tap-tap-tap of little feet hobbling toward her. She gulped a shuddering mouthful of 'air', locked in place by fear, trembling. The seconds slowed to a crawl, the approach of her doom steadily advancing. Hands balled into fists she forced herself to, gradually, turn and face the music.

Three adorable little figures. Three pairs of tiny feet. Six disarmingly gentle eyes.

Three viruses stood before her, considered some of the weakest and most pathetic virus types to ever be discovered.

Torrent screamed.

<<Torry,>> Hippie's cautiously questioning voice echoed from her digital connection, <<Why are you running?>>

Torrent's attempt at fleeing was rudely interrupted by a loose framework catching her boot, resulting in an ungainly cartwheel across the floor.

"I-isn't it obvious?!" she cried angrily, rubbing her bruised face from it's sudden introduction to the ground. "I could d-d-d-DIE here!"

<<Oh don't be so silly, silly-face.>>, the disembodied voice replied with intense optimism, <<Those guys probably couldn't hurt a fly!>>

Torrent frowned and glanced over at the terrible trio tittering at her tumble.

"Oh s-sure." Torrent grumbled with reproach, her frustration somewhat ebbing her fright. "It's not l-like they're rabid death machines or anything."

<<Torryyy~>> Hippie audibly pouted, which lasted for all of a second before the cheer returned with vigour and skull-shaped candy. <<We talked about this! You'll be safe in your bubble thing, right? That's why we made it.>>

"Of course!" Torrent slapped her headband and dreadlock piping. "We have this 'signature' thingy that makes me safe now!"

She pulled herself up straight and angled towards her foe, feet apart, fists on hips, tremble softened but not gone.

"L-listen here y-y-you villainous c-c-curs! You b-better cut it out w-w-with the sh-shenanigans or y-y-you'll be s-sorry!"

She punctuated her threat by throwing both hands in the air and yelling, "HYDRO POWER!"

Small electric-green bubbles began to inflate from the nozzles pockmarking Torrent's body. As they expanded and touched, they merged to form a single large bubble that contained her entirety. Protected for the immediate future, Torrent's confidence gained a massive boost.

"Yes, yes! This is it! This is my moment!" Torrent cheered at her newfound protection. "Hippie, i'm gonna need something to deal with these bozos."

<<Alright! That's the kind of can-do, will-shoot attitude I wanna see!>> Hippie happily trilled. <<Order up, one Cannon!>>

Torrent heard a faint twanging noise as Hippie strummed the chosen battlechip across her ridiculous guitar-shaped chip reader. Bubbles appeared across Torrent's right gauntlet, interiors crackling with furious lightning. A moment of growth formed the bubbles into a single cohesive whole in the shape of a rounded, transparent cannon that covered her upper arm. She aimed the electric sights at one of the offending bullies who inspired her night terrors.

"Now. Now begins the tale of Torrent, the Great Hero of the Internet!"

And with that proclamation, she opened fire.


[1]: ENJOY YOUR TRIP! (Dodge)
[2]: {Sig, 2TCD} Hydro Power (50 HP Barrier + Counter (Melee Hit): Knockback) -> Torrent
[3]: Cannon (40 dmg) -> Metool A
[3+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 2 Turns Left
As Torrent told off the viruses, the two Metools and the Bunny looked at each other for a moment, then attacked! The Metools struck the ground with their mattocks, sending twin shockwaves at the Navi, while the Bunny launched a ring of electricity. Torrent threw up a defensive wall of bubble-energy that absorbed a single shockwave. The other two attacks missed completely.

Torrent then deleted one of the Metools with a Cannon blast. The Metool exploded in a shower of corrupted data. The two remaining viruses chattered angrily at the loss of their companion, their eyes turning a crimson red.

MetoolB: 40HP
Bunny: 50HP

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP [40HP Barrier]
The green and blue navi shrieked as a volley of attacks stampeded toward her. She crouched and covered her head with both arms, inadvertently dissipating the bubble cannon. Two of the attacks barely missed her, while the third rippled against her bubble shield.

After a moment, Torrent had worked up enough courage to peek through her fingers.

"I'm.... alive?"

She was sure that she'd be done for were it not for the shield around her. She bounded to her feet and crowed victoriously.

<<Torry, look over there. D'you see?>>

Torrent turned to examine the dreaded viruses and what had caught Hippie's attention. They seemed angrier now, but curiously less imposing. Why was that? There was still three of th-

A small patch of charred panel marked what remained of the Metool on the receiving end of her cannon.

"It's... dead. I... I got it! I did it! Yes!"

<<I told you!>>, Hippie trilled happily, subconsciously soothing Torrent's fears and boosting her ego, <<You've got this in the bag!>>

Torrents moment of personal achievement was rudely interrupted by the approach of the angered viruses.

"Y-y-y-you d-d-on't s-scare m-me a-a-anymore!" Torrent stuttered at the offending enemies, unsuccessfully trying to quell her quivering.

Twang, twang~

<<Order up, one butter spread shotgun and one marublaster with a glitch vinaigrette!>>

Bubbles grew from Torrent's arms into two slightly spherical, gun-like shapes; the left arm sported a wider barrel while the right boiled with loose electricity. Momentarily distracted from her trembling, she turned the shotgun toward the bouncing Bunny and released a rowdy slug of deletion.

<<Better move!>>, Hippie advised her digital counterpart. <<They're not gonna take that sitting down.>>

"Oh, r-right,"

Torrent awkwardly shuffled sideways across the open terrain, hoping the maneuver would help her sidestep an attack. Before too long she brought up her right arm and sighted the yellow helmet of the remaining Metool. Emptying her virtual lungs with a concentrated sigh, she hastened forth the virus' end by way of an electrical, yellow light.


[1]: Shotgun (50 dmg + Spread 1) -> Bunny
[3]: Marublaster1 (60 dmg + 5 STAB dmg + Glitch, Elec) -> Metool B
[3+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 1 Turn Left
[Note: Marksmanship passively effects all Shot-type attacks, so your Shotgun and Marublaster1 are both affected.]

The Shotgun blast riddled the Bunny into deletion before it could react. The last remaining Metool retaliated by winding up its tiny arm and chucking the pickaxe directly at Torrent as she did the shuffle. The attack was absorbed by the barrier, leaving Torrent unharmed. Then Torrent shocked the Metool into deletion with a taser.

As the last virus fell to dust, shiny pieces of digital currency remained.


100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP [30HP Barrier]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: 270z


But what was that coming from the sky? Why it was a little green crystal suspended from a red and white parachute!

Attached to it was a little note:

Quote ()

Ho! Ho! Ho!
You have been a good girl this year. So have a present.

The Green Mystery Data opened up with a little pop and explosion of confetti, revealing some chip data.

Rewards: RollingLog1
OOC: Ah, right, gotcha. Thanks for letting me know. (^-^ )b

Torrent opened her eyes, clenched tight against the wave of death the virus sent her way. The bubble had saved her life once again. She wished she could marry it.

"I..." Torrent seemed lost for words. "...Won."

<<You go, gurl!>>, cheered the happy goth from the real world, <<I knew you had it in you! Looks like all that talk wasn't for nothing.>>

Torrent stared at her hands. She had done it. She had beaten a virus group. Instead of running, well mostly, she had faced her fears and come out on top, gloriously victorious. A wild smile crawled at a jittering pace onto her face. She laughed.


Victory dancing ensued. The digital currency scattered across the floor downloaded into the PET at her touch.

"Let it be known to all villains everywhere!" She declared, posing with a single arm arm raised above her head, a forefinger daring the sky, "The Great Hero Torrent will let no craven evil go unpunished! No heinous crime unchastised! No terrible monster undefea-"

A sudden smack to the back of the head interrupted her gloating, sending her crouching to the ground and desperately covering her head.


<<Ooh, look Torry! A present from SantaMan!>>

Torrent shyly glanced over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of green octahedron before a blast of confetti consumed her face.

<<Wowee! Chip data, Torry!>> Hippie twittered, excitedly fumbling for a blank chip to download it into.

Torrent sat dazed for a moment, mouth brimming with colourful paper, before spitting out the offending confetti.

"Ugh. Tastes like glue.", she muttered, though the smile scrambled back.

<<It's a Rolling Log, Torry! We'll have to give it a shot next time to see how it works.>>

"Uhh, uhh, 'n-next time'?", Torrent worried, "W-we got a ch-chip to trade. A-a-and the v-v-v-viruses are gone. There's no n-n-need to s-stick arou-"


A subsonic shrill sent a chill through the air as a large bat came flying at the Navi. It was a sound that could wake the dead...

Which it did. A tetrad of laughing ghosts appeared in the distance.

PulseBat: 80HP

SpookyA: 30HP [1 Move Action Distant]
SpookyB: 30HP [1 Move Action Distant]
SpookyC: 30HP [1 Move Action Distant]
SpookyD: 30HP [1 Move Action Distant]

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP

~Battle 2: Start!!~
The high-pitched screech of the attacking PulseBat was matched only by the shrill, shattering shriek of it's prey. Torrent flailed her arms in the air, trying to swat away the virus from her personal space.


<<Torry!>>, Hippie's worry-tinged voice tried to rise over the cacophony, <<Stay strong, breath!>>

Torrent fought down the chills that the flying virus had screeched into her system, crouching low to the ground in an effort to avoid getting a face-full of icky bat-thing.


<<Zap that thing, quick! We'll have a chance if it gets glitched!>>

Bubbles erupted from Torrent's right arm, boiling into the Marublaster's familiar taser shape. The weight of the electric weapon combined with Hippie's cheery urging managed to momentarily deter her dread of the demonic flying devil. She raised her head, teeth rattling, and concentrated on the shape of the overhead PulseBat. The bubbly blaster spat thunder from her palm, an arcing strike that scorched across the air. Energy spent, Torrent would have immediately gone back to hiding in terror were it not for the uplifting reverberation of another twang.

<<Chef's got a new recipe! It has a wide flavour, so use it against that group of ghosts!>>

As the chip data entered her system, a vibrant green bubble expanded from each of her gloves. They grew to encompass her hands and popped, leaving behind a dark emerald aura. She'd never used a wood-type chip before, preferring her natural electricity. The glow pulsing from her hands smelled slightly of pine and rain on leaves and caused an earthy, tingling sensation on her skin.

"W-wait, 'ghosts'?"

Torrent frantically checked her surroundings and spotted the slowly approaching quartet of ghouls. Her cheeks paled, the sight of the virus group forcing her to look down and break eye contact lest she be frozen in terror.

"Oh n-n-n-nooOOoOoOo~" She moaned, legs turning to a viciously vibrating jelly. "There's m-m-m-more?"

<<Keep it together, Torry!>>, Hippie reassured with brutal joviality, <<You're going to be the Great Hero, right? Those meanies are going to be so afraid of you they'll probably tell ghost stories about you to all the little ghost kids. And those ghost kids will be so terrified that they'll grow up to be afraid of the colour green!>>

Torrent's tightly frowning brow loosened a little from her counterpart's encouragement and silliness, though a trickle of cold sweat still danced across her face. Glancing up at the ghastly apparitions just enough to mark her angle, Torrent bowled the auras from her hands with a heavy grunt of effort. The auras expanded and solidified the instant they escaped her grasp, transforming into a pair of heavy wooden logs that barrelled towards the oncoming virus group.


[1]: Marublaster1 (60 dmg + Glitch + 5 STAB dmg, Elec, B) -> PulseBat
[1+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)
[1+]: Snipe (+ Seeking, Negates Invisibility and High Altitude)

[2]: RollingLog1 (50dmg + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2), Wood, C) -> Spooky Team (Spooky B)

[3]: Double Attack - RollingLog1 (50dmg + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2), Wood, C) -> Spooky Team (Spooky C)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, Ready Next Turn
[Note: Unless you have a Nerf or some sort of effect that forces signature cool-downs to go into the next battle, all signatures are refreshed at the beginning of each battle.]

Torrent unleashed a Marublaster shot into the Pulsebat. There was an explosion at the contact point, spewing sparks and choking smoke everywhere. When the smoke cleared, there were two Pulsebats. The bats opened their gaping, fang-filled maw and screamed right back at the Navi. The sonic scream caused Torrent's ears to pop and probably clutch her head in agony.

Two logs then appeared from the Navi's hands, before they barreled into the ghosts. The logs rolled toward the ghosts, who began fading in and out of existence. All but one disappeared just as the logs struck. The unlucky Spooky was flattened. They reappeared again, all around Torrent. Giant tongues extended from their faces and they tried to lick Torrent. One fat tongue slapped Torrent in the face.

PulseBatA: 15HP [In Front]
PulseBatB: 15HP [In Front]

SpookyB: 30HP [To the Right]
SpookyC: 30HP [To the Left]
SpookyD: 30HP [Behind]

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 60HP [Surrounded!]
(OOC: Oops. :'D That changes a few things. Thanks for letting me know.)

Hippie and Torrent's desperate gamble collapsed in a veritable cornucopia of pain and screaming. Violent feedback tore through Torrent's head, her model data painfully pixelating from the corrupting white noise. The agony sent her sprawling across the blank panels, hands tightly clamped to her ears. The bats continued to harass her as the three remaining ghosts surrounded her, easily surviving the new battlechip. They giggled and chattered, lashing forward with vile tongues slick with infectious slime. As Torrent struggled to rise from the floor one of the lolling appendages slapped her in the face, redoubling the poor navi's screams and contamination. The impact burned a dull bruise onto the left side of her face.

<<Torrent!>>, Hippie cried into her microphone, wincing at her friend's injuries.

Torrent cowered on the floor, shivering and afraid. The assault had shattered what little represented her resolve. I really was just fooling myself, wasn't I? How can I possibly be strong enough to fight these things? And these aren't even the strong ones...

The cruelness of the moment enveloped her. The fantastical aspirations she held herself to clashed with the hard truth of reality and was soundly stomped flat. It was almost... unfair.

<<Torrent.>> A calm voice tinged with worry managed to reach her through the screeching and cackling. <<You don't think you can win. And that's okay. You don't have to believe that you can do it. You just need to trust in me. Because I believe that you can.>>

Hippie. Torrent loved the silly girl like a sister. There was a lot the navigator owed to the oddly dressed waitress, and here she was lying on the ground feeling sorry for herself. Who cared what happened to her? If there was one thing Torrent couldn't live with it was disappointing the happiest, most generous person she had ever met.

The roiling aggregation of her discontent, disappointment, indignation and ambition bubbled and frothed under her skin. The emotional concoction manifested itself as green froth, seeped out of Torrent's nozzles and surrounded her with a light, electrical fog. Forcing a great surge of effort, Torrent heaved herself to her feet, punching upwards and belting out a manic "HYDRO POWER!"

The bubble shield of Torrent's signature ability erupted from her pores, granting Torrent a few moments of courage and safety. Though her legs still shook and her teeth still rattled, she managed to keep from collapsing from the pain and fear.

<<That's it! You can do it!>>

A pair of twangs proceeded the arrival of two weapons, sparking into spherical existence on each of Torrent's arms. Concentrating through teary eyes, she brought up the sights on her right arm, waiting for a moment when the duplicated bats were close enough together for the shotgun's spread to connect with both. When the shot seemed sound, she took it. Her left arm reached out towards the Spooky at her side. Looking over the frame of her slightly blocky cannon Torrent stared the virus in the face, sharing the pain of her abused soul with the weapon's discharge.


[1]: {Sig, 2TCD} Hydro Power (50 HP Barrier + Counter (Melee Hit): Knockback) -> Torrent

[2]: Shotgun (50 dmg + Spread 1) -> PulseBatA (PulseBatB)
[2+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)

[3]: Cannon (40 dmg) -> SpookyC
[3+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)
[3+]: Snipe (+ Seeking, Negates Invisibility and High Altitude)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 2 Turns Left
Torrent put up a strong barrier and unleashed a slug into the PulseBats. It struck through the one in front of her, deleting it. The one to its side was unaffected as he was not behind the first for the shot to Spread through. Thankfully, it disappeared anyways in a puff of smoke at the deletion of the first. Apparently it was a Decoy.

The ghost viruses began licking the barrier, trying to get at the juicy center of the Navi-pop. The barrier held under the assault by their long, muscular tongues. A pulse from the barrier knocked back one of the Spookies a few panels.

Torrent then unleashed a Cannon blast from behind her barrier, shooting a gaping hole through one of the ghosts. The ghost's eyes went wide in shock before it disappeared into junk data with a cackle.


SpookyB: 30HP
SpookyD: 30HP

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 60HP [20HP Barrier]
The frustrated actions of the blue-green navi whittled down her antagonists by half. The effort, both physical and emotional, dropped Torrent to her knees, hidden behind the precious sanctuary of her erroneously eroding barrier. Her breaths were shallow, eyes moist from simulated hurt. It must have looked pathetic to be brought low by such mediocre foes, to Torrent the pain was agonising and the danger of death all too real. She was probably the single most worthless navigator on the entire internet.

How could she possibly have thought she could compete with viruses?

<<Almost there, Torry.>> Hippie chimed in with a slight limp to her joviality. Seeing her hurting must have been a punch to the gut for the considerate girl, and the worried twinge in her voice set Torrent's digital heart to stone. This wasn't the time to feel sorry for herself, Hippie was counting on her. If Melvin and WickerMan heard she'd been thrashed by ACDC scoundrels neither of them would ever live it down.

Torrent took a brief pause to catch her breath, wipe away the tears and fix a smile to her face.

"Hey n-now." she admonished, crudely concealing her weary appearance beneath a facade of false bravado. "I-i-i'm not g-gonna quit from a l-l-little thing like th-this." She was rewarded for her act with a verbal smile.

<<See?>> Hippie's cheery voice rippled with relief. <<I knew you could do it! Now let's deal with the rest of them!>>

Torrent's courage faltered as she was reminded of the last two ghosts circling her sanctuary. There was only one more weapon left to deal with them and it was one her least favourites. The inevitable twang signalled the deployment of the rageclaw.

<<Go for it, Torry! Show those meanies what they get for being bullies!>>

"Ah, y-y-yeah, g-gotcha..."

Torrent didn't usually go for close-range weapons, but she was rapidly running out of options. If this didn't work she'd have to opt for her buster, which currently had about as much bite as a toothless mouse. The chip coursed through her body, pulsing into the navi's data structure. Her right forearm boiled and dissolved into a froth of electric-green bubbles, which felt like her appendage was being lathered with tiny kisses. The bubbles converged and solidified into a smooth, semi-opaque claw emerging from her elbow.

Swallowing a particularly bulky mouthful of fear, Torrent faced one of her nearby antagonists as her bubble shield began to fray. She brought the claw behind her in preparation for the attack, though the battle pose could have done with less wobbly legs. A harmful crescent swung around the navi towards the offending ghost, a trail of crackling bubbles generating in it's wake. Torrent's lack of experience with the chip allowed the swing to carry herself further than intended, spinning around to come face-to-face with the other specter aggressing her personal space. The shock led to panicked flailing as Torrent wildly struck out at the skull-faced spirit with her bubble blade, inadvertently creating a floating screen of tiny green spheres between them.


[1]: Rageclaw (40 dmg + Slashing) -> SpookyB
[1+]: Snipe (+Seeking, Negates Invisibility and High Altitude)

[2]: Rageclaw (40 dmg + Slashing) -> SpookyD

[3]: Rageclaw (40 dmg + Slashing) -> SpookyD

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 1 Turns Left
With a strike of her bubbly claw, Torrent slashed through a Spooky and turned it into junk data.

Then she spun around and flailed wildly at the other ghost as it weakened her barrier with another lick. Deleting that one too.

There was a bunch of shiny data left.


100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 60HP [10HP Barrier] [RageClaw1: 3/6]

~Battle 2: Victory!!~
Rewards: 600z
The wild flailing of the bubbly claw ended only when it's innate charges ran out, long after the final ghost had been eradicated. Drained physically and emotionally, Torrent collapsed to the ground, sprawling into a relieved heap. Energetic applause danced into her ears.

<<That's it! Ha-hah! You're the best, Torry!>> Hippy cheered with the giddy satisfaction of a rookie gambler after a streak of all-in victories. <<I always knew you had it in you! Some folks'd take one bug-eyed look at you and said 'Noooooo, that scaredy cat's got no heart for fighting, best leave her with the dish washing and babysitting'! But you pulled through, Torrent. You did it.>>

Sighing the tension from her digital lungs, the navi couldn't keep a smile from blossoming across her exhausted features.

"I did... I did it, didn't I?" The weight of her relatively meager achievements was still buoyant enough to lift her spirits like a ground-fearing zeppelin. She was looking forward to some well-deserved rest (as well as a smidgen of not-so-justified boasting). Suddenly all the hurt and weariness lifted from Torrent's body. She felt as though she could run laps around the whole network. She picked herself up, found a spring added to her step (figuratively, I mean) and proceeded to gather up the dropped cash.

<<Alright, soldier! Up and at 'em! We've gotta make sure this place is safe as houses!>>

Torrent's money-grabbing antics were soundly and most undesirably interrupted by the news of a delayed vacation.

"Wait, what?"

[Subchip] Minienergy (+50 Hp) ->Torrent

A howl interrupted the Navi as a wolf bounded into view from the South. Fire licked from its maw as it barked, spewing smoke. A chittering laugh came from the North as a tiny bunny made of electrical wires hopped into view. The sound of an engine came from the East, as a tank came into view, dropping off a knight clad in armor and wielding a sharp sword. The knight didn't have any legs and just seemed to float there. No wonder it needed a lift.

Bunny: 50HP [North]
Swordy-N: 60HP [East]
Beetank: 80HP [East]
Spikey: 90HP [South]

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP

~Battle 3: Start!!~
The terrifying wolf howl answered Torrent's question.

<<Buck up, Torry!>>, Hippie urged the cowardly navi, a steel edge of mirthful enthusiasm lining her tone, <<This is going to be the hardest one yet. We barely have enough firepower to deal with them!>>

"T-then why b-b-b-b-b-bother?" the weak-willed warrior quailed, "I'll g-g-get k-k-k-k-k-killed! Wh-what are these th-th-things!?"

Torrent had never come face to face with most of the viruses surrounding her now. The familiar Bunny was adorably menacing but it paled drastically in comparison to the fire-belching, razor-haired hound. An odd hooting from a third direction signalled the arrival of a virus buddy duo. A floating knight with a ghastly sword disembarked from it's steed, which just so happened to be a ruddy great tank. The four foes looked eager for a fight, egged on by the Spikey's chilling call.

The deadly quartet almost, but not quite, numbed Torrent's body from reacting. The hysterical chant of "HYDRO POWER!" summoned Torrent's first line of defence, the great green bubbled crackled with electricity across the encircling surface. She felt hundreds of times safer behind her trusty barrier, but the abhorrent truth remained that if she didn't strive to keep it safe, it would not be able to hold out for long.

<<Okay, so what we want to do is... uh... run away?>>

Hippie's confusion was due to the rapidly increasing distance between Torrent and the viruses. The navi's dark-green boots were being frequently introduced to a variety of friendly panels as she scarpered from the awful death behind her.

<<Oh, I see!>> Hippie declared, surmising Torrent's actions as a battle strategy. <<If they follow your path then they'll likely bunch up and be easier targets! Good thinking, Torry!>>

Heedless to the naive positivity, Torrent fled with tears blinding her eyes and despair clouding her heart. Sensing swiftly approaching danger, the simulated hairs on Torrent's neck freaked out in warning. Digital instinct ducked Torrent's head and rolled her entire body perpendicularly away from the unseen peril in a jumbled tangle of limbs.


[1]: {Sig, 2TCD} Hydro Power (50 HP Barrier + Counter (Melee Hit): Knockback) -> Torrent
[2]: LASS SCAMPER! (Movement -> West)
[3]: YOUTH ROLL! (Dodge -> North)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 2 Turns Left
Torrent formed a barrier around her and then booked it to the West. The Beetank launched a small bomb at Torrent, but she outran the explosion. The Spikey gave chase, its paws eating up the ground as it quickly gained on the frightened Navi. It belched a fireball at her, but her quick scrambling toward the North caused it to pass right by her, missing her by a thread.

The Swordy teleported into her path and attempted to strike her with its sword, but Torrent ducked under it and continued to run. The Bunny then launched a ring of electricity at the Navi, but it was waaaaaaay off target.

The terrain was starting to get a little more hilly where Torrent ran. She could see a mountain up ahead.

Bunny: 50HP [1 Movement Away]
Swordy-N: 60HP
Beetank: 80HP [1 Movement Away]
Spikey: 90HP [Chasing!]

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP [50HP Barrier]
The world lit up in deadly promise, one thankfully unkept as the barrage of attacks singed, sliced and sparked towards Torrent's person. She managed to turn the fall from avoiding the Swordy' blade into an awkward scramble and, breathing heavily from the exertion, scurried to her feet and continued her panicked flight.

It was obvious to the terrified navi and eager operator alike that no matter how far Torrent traveled, the Swordy's teleporting ability and Spikey's speed would render her efforts trivial in the long run. The seemingly slower Beetank and Bunny might take a while to catch up but they both weilded fairly destructive ranged attacks, the floating cannon particularly worrisome for it's fearsome explosives.

<<We won't make it with those two on our backs. Torry, we need to stall them!>> Hippie's advice proceeded the plastic Twang! of an incoming battle chip.

<<Wait for them to make the first move before you shoot. And keep heading towards the hills!>>

Torrent could barely hear her human friend over the invasive imaginations her digital mind constructed for her viewing displeasure. She saw her decapitated head tumbling along the floor, torn from her shoulders by a massive blade. She heard the horrible gnashing and chewing as wolf and bunny alike feasted on her limbs. She felt the burning shockwave as an explosion shred her being. It took no small effort to push the images away and concentrate on not fulfilling their predictions.

The cowhearted champion continued to sprint, apprehensively waiting for one of her predators to catch up and shrieking when they eventually did. Not bothering to curb her momentum, Torrent dived to the side in anticipation of singing steel or biting maw, gracelessly tumbling to the ground. From the lower vantage, she sighted the short-barreled weapon at the nearby aggressor and triggered the electrical surge.

Courage dissolved along with the spent firearm. Torrent erupted from the floor like a flailing firework, shooting off as fast as her booted feet could scurry.


[1]: THE SAGA OF RUNNING AWAY, PART 1! (Movement -> West to Mountain)

[2]: Marublaster1 (60 dmg + Glitch + 5 STAB dmg, Elec, B) -> Swordy
[2+]: Marksmanship (+1 Shot Accuracy)
[2+]: Snipe (+ Seeking, Negates Invisibility and High Altitude)

[3]: THE SAGA OF RUNNING AWAY, PART 2 (Movement -> West to Mountain)

[Cooling] Hydro Power, 1 Turn Left
[Note: If you want to actually Flee from a battle, all you have to do is post that in your Summary. Each action devoted to Fleeing raises the chance of success, beyond any other specifics you use to make it easier to get away, such as weaving through alleyways or something as part of that escape attempt. I assume this is currently not the case, and just that Torrent would flail around during a battle.]

Torrent continued to tear up the ground in her frantic pace to sprint to safety. The Spikey continued to keep pace with her and spat another fireball in her direction. The blast struck Torrent's barrier and made it ripple.

Just then the Swordy appeared in Torrent's path again, ready to chop the Navi down to size. But the Navi was ready this time and brought her arm up and lashed out with her own weapon. The web of tiny electric diodes struck the Swordy and delivered 65 NetWatts (NWs) of electrical energy to the virus, deleting it.

The Bunny and Beetank just spent the time trying to catch up, otherwise their attacks would be left in the dust before long. But Torrent wouldn't let that happen as she began sprinting even further away. Even the Spikey was being left behind. The Mountain, however, drew closer and closer. She was almost at the base of what looked like a cave.

Bunny: 50HP [1 Movement Away]
Beetank: 80HP [1 Movement Away]
Spikey: 90HP [1 Movement Away]

100% Normal

Torrent.EXE: 100HP [35HP Barrier]