Joshua's introduction (ACDC Net)

Masuku.EXE appears in the ACDC net.

"Ok, now Joshua said I just need to find a virus to fight...easier said than done it seems."

Masuku.EXE looks around for any viruses.

"Hey?! Any Viruses here?! I'm ready for a fight!"
The part of ACDC that Masuku arrived in seemed to be relatively peaceful and quiet, although that didn't really set it apart from most of the ACDC nets. This particular area seemed to have a small playground in it, just a short way ahead of where Masuku's jack-in left him, though there was little else of note in the surrounding field. A small path led up to the area that contained a simple merry-go-round turnstile, some climbing bars, a brightly coloured plastic slide, and off to the left, a children's sand pit.

it was mostly deserted, but only mostly; A yellow-helmeted mettool was perched at the top of the slide, looking down it with large eyes that looked adorably uncertain. Another was balancing, very gingerly across the top of the climbing bars, moving one cautious step at a time. A third mettool virus seemed to be much more contentedly digging in the sand pit with its pick-axe, doing a wonderful job of flinging sand everywhere as it played.

The mettool on the bars stumbled, then fell, crashing down onto head with a startled 'Meep!' Good thing it was wearing a helmet. the one on the slide finally took the plunge, squeaking as it slid down, to collide in an ungainly fashion with the other on that was still righting itself. The one in the sandpit looked up, and seemed to giggle to itself, in a chittering of incomprehensible viral language, then went back to digging sand. At least, it did so until it noticed the necomer to the scene.

With a few more startled Meeps, it called to the other two and jumped up on highest mound of sand in its sandpit, waving its pick-axe with ferocious vigour... which still, admittedly, just ended up looking fairly cute. The other two mettools picked themselves up and turned to face Masuku, readying themselves for a fight.


MettoolA: 40Hp [Sand]
MettoolB: 40Hp [Normal]
MettoolC: 40Hp [Normal]


Masuku.Exe: 100Hp [Normal]


80% Normal
20% Sand [small sand pit to the right of the area]

-=Battle 1, Start!=-

((Hey there! Some tips to help you get started battling: First up, don't be afraid of taking some time to read. We've got a lot of data on all the ins and outs of play here, all detailed and easy to digest over in the rules section, and there's even a couple of helpful guides. There's no rush, so take your time and have a browse any time there's something you're unsure about.

In particular, one thing to keep in mind is that your actual RP here has a very large influence on most aspects of virus busting; your accuracy is modified by your RP quality, your evasion is, your rewards... most things in fact. Doesn't mean you need to be a literary genius or anything, but what counts is making an effort, and a willingness to put some work and some love into your posts. As a general rule, script-style posting with little to no prose support, is frowned upon, and it'll tend to cause things to go poorly for your characters. good luck, and welcome to RE:RN!))
(ok, thanks for the help)
"Ok, you ready for battle, Joshua?!" shouted Masuku.EXE as his weapon appeared in his right hand and he prepared for the viruses to start attacking him.

"You bet I am! I'm using the cannon battlechip, so get ready!" Joshua enthusiastically responded, taking the battlechip out of his bag and slammed it into the P.E.T. as Masuku.EXE's regular weapon, the pyre pistol, disappeared and the cannon from the picture on the battlechip appeared. Masuku.EXE then fired the cannon in the direction of MettoolA.

"Ok, Masuku, it's time for HeatShot!" Joshua shouted as he pulled the HeatShot battle chip out of his bag, span it round, and dramatically slammed it into the slot in the P.E.T. as Masuku.EXE's pyre pistol reappeared and he fired it, sending a piercing ball of fire towards MettoolB.

"Ok, if those shots hit home, then we will be in luck, but I suggest we leave the last Mettool out of this until the other two are deleted!" Masuku.EXE shouted to his operator, hoping that he wouldn't mess up and lose the fight.

"Ok, don't worry, and I also think we need to go on the defensive. So, Masuku, prepare to dodge anything those viruses throw at you!" Joshua shouted to his NetNavi as he began watching the viruses, prepared for when they attacked.

Turn Summary:
Battlechip: Cannon (60null+knockback x 1hit) @ MettoolA
Battlechip: HeatShot (40fire+spread1 x 1hit) @ MettoolB
For the most part, the metools were initially content to wave their pickaxes in an effort to frighten the newcomer away from their playground, but Masuku was having none of that. His return greeting, a hastily fired cannon shot, flew clean and basted the first metool clear off his sand mound and into oblivion.

This startled the remaining two that they both looked in the direction of the sand pit for a moment, rather than responding. The dots connected quickly and the second virus let out a frightened 'Meep!' before ducking down to hide beneath his all-covering helmet. The other struck the ground with its weapon, sending a shockwave of energy in Masuku's direction, but the navi managed to evade the attack, before retaliating with his HeatShot. Though he aimed primarily at the metool that had since ducked for cover, leaving the guarding metool unscathed, the spreading falloff from the shot was more than enough to scorch the more offensive of the two from the net.

This left the numbers at one on one, with the lone, hiding metool the only virus left on the playground.


MettoolB: 40Hp [Normal][Guarding]


Masuku.Exe: 100Hp [Normal]


80% Normal
20% Sand [small sand pit to the right of the area]

((Thankyou, Much improved ^.^ If you can, try to keep track of extra effects and the like in your turn summary; accuracy rating of chips/attacks, bonuses you're getting from your navi's subtype or element, etc. I will always do my best to keep all of that in order, of course, but if you can manage to note stuff like that in your summaries as you go, it's one layer of headache you save us mods, and that lets things run smoother.))
"Hey, we deleted two of the mettools, and the final one is defending!" shouted an enthusiastic Masuku, as he viewed the results of his turn. "How about we try our signature attack?" Masuku then suggested to his Operator.

"Yeah, two down one to go!....and using our signature attack sounds like a good idea, so...Lets do this thing!" Joshua laughed as he punched the air befre shouting "By the power of fire and hope combined, I call upon the power of the net, MASS DESTRUCTION!"

"Geez, that was super cheesy....but anyway, Viruses, prepare to meet your maker!" Masuku sighed, as a second Pyre Pistol appeared in his left hand and he opened fire in the direction of the lone Mettool.

"Ok, and if that Mettool thinks he can come back for seconds, lets give it to him, IN FULL!" Joshua screamed out as he pulled out a Shotgun battlechip and slammed it into the P.E.T. as Masuku.EXE's second Pyre Pistol disappeared and his original one turned gray before he fired out a single piercing bullet at the Mettool.

"Ok, if that doesn't take him out then be prepared to dodge his attacks, Masuku!" Joshua shouted, the excitement in his eyes enough to rival the excitement of a 5 year old on a sugar rush.

Turn Summary

Signature: 'Mass Destruction (20dmg Fire + 3 hits + 2TCD) (+5fire from Navi Type)
Battlechip: 'ShotGun' (50null + Spread 1) (Accuracy: A)
Fired up from his initial successes, Masuku readied his signature move, to the notably more enthusiastic cheering of his operator. Unfortunately for both of then, they were so fast about launching into their next assault that they struck before the little metool had a chance to do anything, which meant the fury of his attack hammered futilely against its guarding helmet.

Though this didn't harm the metool at all, when the fire passed the little virus did pop up to peek out and see what was going on. It should have stayed hidden, since its moment of curiosity exposed the poor thing to the business end of Masuku's follow-up shotgun blast.

The result was fairly predictable, and the last virus was swiftly deleted. Victor of his first battle of the outing, Masuku was indeed, lord of the playground and his spoils were scattered around the remnants of broken data that remained of the deleted metools.




Masuku.Exe: 100Hp [Normal]

-=Battle 1, Victory!=-

Spoils: 180z, Guard1

Quote (Guard1)

Effect: (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect(up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack): On Hit)
Accuracy: S
Description: Generates a 1-Hit Shield upon activation. When this shield blocks one hit from a non-Break attack, it responds with a hyper-fast damage ray.
Duration: Until broken or overridden.
Element: Null
Special: Negated by Break. Ignores Impact.
Special: Reflect: Damage returned is equal to the damage of the attack blocked or the damage cap listed, whichever comes first. Reflect is not subject to negation by Impact.
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.
"Hell yeah! We won!" Joshua shouted punching the air before asking his NetNavi what he thought of their victory.

"Josh, you wonder what I think of our victory? Well, I think it really, freaking AWESOME!" Masuku shouted, as he punched the air in a similar pose as his Operator, before collecting the new Battlechip and zenny.

"So, Masuku, think you can go another round?" Joshua asked his best friend, with an excited look on his face.

"Go another round?! Of course I can! Those Mettools didn't land a single hit on me!" Masuku shouted to his Operator before sending him the Battlechip and zenny.

"I just got an idea! How about we try a mission, I mean, we are probably good enough!" Joshua asked, as he smiled, believing in his NetNavi's power and abilities as well as his own.

"Sure, I bet it would be fun! Jack me out!" Masuku.EXE smirked, before disappearing from the net.