Pyre materialized inside the network, gliding forward as she spun her spear into position. The drive was rather eerie, the area was surrounded with massive walls, each separated into what looked like filing cabinets... or cold chambers as seen in morgues... Each one had a polished steel exterior with their own individual labels, with a very faint, dark blue glow pulsing from the edges. There was an additional row of chambers in the center of the room, almost splitting the room into two halves. The drive was supposed to be small, but the general lack of lighting made it nearly impossible to see the opposite wall. The floor was a bleached white, and everything looked very sanitized and clinical, including the library-esque sliding ladders positioned neatly every dozen columns or so, and a few polished mental rolling gurneys.

Pyre waited quietly for her partners to arrive, trying to spot the first group of viruses to mop up.
Condor was the first to arrive, landing on the bleached white floor. Getting up, he looked around, taking in his surroundings, then flapped his good wing to see if it was still working.

"Well, it is very clean. Hard to see though."

"I was expecting some fire to be burning, with all the viruses and all, you know?"

"Matt, Storage Drives have to be clean, so you can find what you are looking for. That said, where are the lights?"

"Rayner's not here."

"He will coming."
Rayner appeared in a burst of green light and a crackling of electricity. Small arcs of lightning crackled down his body to the ground before spreading out across the Net and rapidly grounding itself in the floor. Joan hummed thoughtfully, the sight inspiring some half-formed thought that tickled at the edges of her brain. Then Rayner took time to look around the storage drive.

"Eugh, it looks creepy in there. Very...clinical. I suppose it would make it easier to find things though." Rayner chuckled at the reaction and gestured around the area with his right 'hand'.

"Far better than your computer, you really need to become more tidy in that aspect." He stepped over to the other Navis, his eyes open for signs of the virus threat. "So about how many viruses do you think managed to get in here Pyre? It looks relatively unharmed so perhaps it is a smaller infestation?"

"I kind of expected things to be on fire." Joan mumbled quietly.
With both of her comrades successfully logged into the drive, she shifted her focus from the area ahead. She also noted the rather spectacular entrance made by Rayner, prompting a faintly interested grin. "Joanna would be happy to hear that, she prides herself with neatness and organization, at least when it comes to her work," Pyre said in response to the comments of the drive's general cleanliness and uniformity. They also brought up the question of what needs to be done, and why things weren't on fire, etc. Pyre chuckled, if things were indeed on fire, then the viruses would have somehow corrupted the cold storage programs, and the amount of damage to the drive would be nearly irreversible.
"We managed to mostly complete damage control and halt the spread of viruses in/out of the drive, but now we just need to mop them up. There should only be around 3 or so large groups left, but I'm only one Navi, so that's why you're here."

The floating Navi spun her spear in her hand, snapping it upright with a surprising amount of skill, it appears she wasn't exactly out of practice. "I'll accompany you both and help out as much as I can, I'll even hold your hand if you start to succumb to the ...atmosphere of this place," the Navi said teasingly, with a tinge of foreboding and a grin. She turned away from the pair, pointing her spear off to the right side of the center row of chambers. "I heard something over there, how about we check it out, hm?" She started to float foward, the bottom of her robes floating lazily in the air like wispy smoke, as if they were suspended in an invisible fluid. It was up to the other two Navis to follow her into the dimly lit, crypt-like halls.

"Lets go! Uh, I mean, let's follow her."

Condor tried to take off, but a sharp pain went through his wing, and he fell flat on his face.


"Matt! Not funny, I was in pain!"

After getting up, Condor sped off after Prye.

"Hey Condor. I was impressed at Rayner's entrance."

"Same here."

"Can you do something like that?"

"I'll try...."

Small twin sparks of green flared to life in the expressive black eyes of Rayner's mask. At the comment from his teammates and what might've been a smile of approval from Pyre, he folded his robotic arm over his waist and bowed, humanoid arm stretched out wide to the side.

"Thank you, thank you!" He straightened up, and even without a visible mouth she would swear he had the smuggest smirk. Even so the Navi filed in beside Condor. At the comment about entrances he tossed him look, eyes growing bigger with excitement. "With those wings of yours you could totally pull off some cool moves. It's easiest if you work with your typing, but if you play around a bit with graphics you can get some neat effects." He didn't comment on the apparent wince of pain from the wing's movement, but he did file that information away for later. He didn't really know the other Navi well enough to comment.

At Pyre's quip about holding hands he chuckled, then raised the mechanical arm up and spun the 'claw' around on its base as he followed. "Sorry, but I'd be more afraid of pinching you and getting on the wrong end of that weapon." He gave a respectful nod towards the instrument of digital destruction she was carrying, he'd noted her apparent ease with it before they stepped onto the link pad. He did nod at her suggestion of a direction and followed along. He scanned the area around them, keeping alert for viral intruders while his scarf bounced off the back of his legs.
The trio made their way forward, some more clumsily than others. "No need to worry about that, I've felt my fair share of 'pinches,' I wouldn't retaliate too sharply," the floating Navi responded with a chuckle. Within a minute or so, they started to hear the faint scratching and chattering of viral activity. Moments later, they were within view of a decently-sized group of viruses. The ground-based viruses were situated in three groups of three, each group consisting of a Kabutank flanked by Metools on either side. There was a single odd-ball Spooky floating slightly above the center group, looking around with its beady, glowing yellow eyes. As they approached, one of the Metools spotted the trio, tapping its mattock on the floor to alert the rest of the group. The Kabutanks slowly rotated towards the intruders and began to lower their artillery-styled cannons into firing positions. "Well then, let's get started," Pyre said excitedly, swinging her spear forward.

MetoolA: 40HP
KabutankA: 90HP
MetoolB: 40HP

MetoolC: 40HP
KabutankB: 90HP
MetoolD: 40HP

MetoolE: 40HP
KabutankC: 90HP
MetoolF: 40HP

Spooky: 30HP

100% Normal

Condor.EXE: 150HP
Rayner.EXE: 150HP
Pyre.EXE: 150HP

((Battle #1: Viral Sweep! Ready, Fight!))
Rayner narrowed his eyes at the viruses as the green sparks in his eyes flared to life in the form of targeting reticules. He surveyed the opponents against them for a moment, mind flicking through what what he knew of the viruses before him. Joan had experience as his operator against the Metools, but the Tanks and Ghost were new to the duo. He tapped on the bottom edge of his mask.

"Um...with a group like this should we strike to take as many out at once as possible or focus on bigger targets?" Joan asked, voice wavering slightly. She hadn't seen this many enemies together in a group before, and the ghost off to the side bothered her a bit. Still, she dug up her courage (and her chips) and sorted for a solution. "We've got Shotgun which will hit multiple targets, what if we take out the group on the far side there?"

"Oho, so you want to go for the 'obliterate them all at once' tactic? Here I thought this was a discussion." Rayner's tone was playful around the tease. "Send me what you wish my lady and I'll strike there." He flung his claw out, pointing it in the direction of the group of viruses of his choice. He glanced at his current teammates, eyes back to their normal shape. "Feel free to go after what you wish, but I must say that ghost really suits this drive's atmosphere." Thin pixellated eyebrows appeared over his eyes as he spoke that last sentence and seemed to waggle themselves at Pyre.

"Rayner! You shouldn't act that way towards our employer!" The Navi chuckled at the quietly hissed scolding and turned back to his favored group, waving his claw lazily in the air.

"Oh Joan, you should've heard what I thought earlier. If you want me to get to work I could use that chip." One eyebrow quirked itself higher than the other. Despite his amused look being seemingly directed out towards the middle of nowhere Joan caught it and grumbled.

"Still no excuse... Shotgun slot-in! Cannon slot-in!" The first chip was slipped quickly and easily into the PET, the second one was a bit of a fumble. The NetOp was glad her video screen was turned off though, not only was she starting to become more of a sweaty mess but she was being just plain clumsy.

"Aaah, thanks my dear." Rayner flexed his claw and then broke into a sprint, seeking to circle around the outside edge of the virus group. Chip data flowed around his prosthetic arm then promptly engulfed it. The light rippled twice before peeling away to reveal the matte yellow and black of his lower arm had changed into the double barrels of a shotgun. The sound of two rounds being chambered echoed from his arm despite there being no logical place for it to originate from. He abruptly planted his foot and took aim. His boot heels skidded across the ground and he slide to a stop to the side of the virus group and took aim. He steadied his arm with the other and then narrowed his eyes. Despite bracing for it the recoil rocked Rayner back as the gun barked, firing twice in quick succession towards a Metool and the tank.

The chip data from the Shotgun faded away and the data from the next chip streamed in. Rayner's arm reconfigured itself again. The data floated around his arm and flashed once, changing it to a single barreled Cannon that was marked in yellow and black. Once more the Navi braced himself. His eyes blinked from blue to green as he locked onto his tank target and fired.

Rayner rocked back on his heels with the blast and then spun in a tight circle. His arm slid back into its normal form, data floating away. Static crackled across his scarf as he moved once more, taking a couple quick hops to the side before balancing lightly on his toes. He bounced lightly from foot to foot, preparing to dodge out of the way off any attacks that might be aimed in his direction. With any luck he would only have to worry about attacks from what was left of his group.

Joan would have rested her chin thoughtfully on a hand if she had been sitting anywhere where such an action was possible. As it was she would have to settle for giving her Navi's actions a questioning look. She was pretty sure his movements with chips hadn't been that flashy earlier. Ah well, just another question to add to the list.

1) Shogtun 50+Spread1, Accuracy A @ Metool E & Kabutank C
Free Action: Snipe
2) Cannon 60 + Knockback + Seeking, Accuracy A @ Kabutank C
3) Dodge

Marksmanship - Increased accuracy by 1 rank with Shot type attacks, even when under the influence of status down effects. Accuracy with Shot type attacks can surpass A rank.
Condor looked partly embarrassed , partly annoyed.


"We should take them out in groups, it should be easier." Matt said. "Condor, what's wrong?"

"Hand me a Cannon..... and a Shotgun...."

"We copying Rayner?"

"For now..... Next turn we will change it up."


As the Cannon Battlechip downloaded, Condor's arm glowed blue, then morphed into the Cannon, which had brown mixed in the green.
"I had forgotten about this! Homing, add! The Cannon glowed orange, then a targeting scope popped up on it. Taking aim, Condor lined up the shot and fired on the Spooky.

As the Cannon faded away, Condor's arm reformed into a buster with a elongated end. He took aim at the first group of viruses, and fired two shots, one at the first Mettool, the second at the Kabutank. He then started to boost backward, so he could dodge.

(I have to go out. SLAGING HELL!!!! So this will be finished later.)
(Finally back. so.......)

Turn log 1: Turn 1 LET'S PLAY!
Action 1: Cannon 60 + Knockback + Seeking, Accuracy A @ Spooky'
Action 2: Shotgun 50+Spread1, Accuracy A @ Metool A & Kabutank A
The battle begun with a barrage of fire; Rayner's shotgun pelted a Kabutank and one of it's flanking Metools, reducing the helmeted virus to a pile of scrap. The Kabutank started to strafe to the side, past the remains of its fallen comrade. Rayner fired a cannon at the evading virus, but the round just barely missed its mark, only succeeding to startle the tank into firing back with equally ineffective results. Its lone Metool companion retaliated with a shockwave along the ground, but the Navi deftly hopped out of the way.

Condor also engaged the viruses, but first targeted the Spooky. It blipped out of sight and reappeared within arms-length ahead of the winged Navi, only to get blown apart by a close range cannon shot. With the flying virus popped like a balloon, Condor changed weapons and engaged his own Kabutank/Metool group, peppering two of the viruses. When the gunfire died down, only a single metool and a damaged Kabutank remained. They both retaliated, but Condor successfully boosted backwards to avoid the Kabutank's explosive bombs. The shockwave; however, hit it's mark as it made a seemingly endless path across the ground.

Pyre kept herself busy as well, she extended her left arm foward as her long sleeve flared open and started to glow. Shortly after, a long stream of flames shot from her sleeve, bathing the viruses ahead in fire. One of the Metools smartly retreated under its helmet, protecting itself from the heat and flames. The fire died down, prompting the Navi to shake her sleeve a couple times, flicking a few residual drops of flaming data from her robe. Her outline started to become blurry, as if smoke was oozing from her body, but without warning she quickly dashed foward, leaving behind a convincing, albiet creepy copy of herself behind. As she flew closer to the two remaining viruses in the group, the sleeve over her right hand started to split and spin into a trio of wickedly curved, sharpened claws. She swung her claws down on the Kabutank, slicing the virus open.

To anyone paying attention, Pyre didn't bring her staff along as she engaged the Kabutank, instead leaving it in the "care" of her spectral decoy. If any of the Navis looked back at the faux Pyre, it would have responded with a faint smile and an oddly creepy wave with its free hand; the spear standing bolt upright at its side.

KabutankA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP

KabutankB: DELETED
MetoolD: 40HP (Guarding)

KabutankC: 40HP
MetoolF: 40HP


100% Normal

Condor.EXE: 140HP
Rayner.EXE: 150HP
Pyre.EXE: 150HP (next to MetoolD)

"Hahaha! What was that Spooky thinking!"

"Condor, I'm sending RollingLog1"

"Right! No point blanking this time!"

Condor fired off a round log, which rolled of towards the viruses, and then he fired another one.
He then started dancin.....sorry, dodging.

Turn log:Turn 2
Action 1: RollingLog1Damage: 50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2) + Double Attack@Kabutank A & Metool B

Action 2: RollingLog1 Damage: 50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack (2) + Double Attack@Kabutank C & Metool F
Action 3: Dance monkey Dance! Dodge.
Rayner's first attack went as planned, then his Cannon failed to land a hit. Despite this Condor apparently thought the tactic was sound enough to emulate it, to much better results. Abruptly Rayner was too busy dodging retaliation from the foes in his group to check up on Pyre. When he did have a moment to catch his breath he glanced back at where the trio had originally been standing when the battle began, only to receive a rather creepy hand wave and the sight of a floating spear. His eyes crinkled at the bottom, wondering if he had just missed her ranged attacks.

"Um.." A quick glance about the field revealed what was really going on and he resumed a more cheerful expression. "Aha, that must be a decoy."

"The creepy Pyre?" Joan asked, shivering a bit. This whole mission location was strange.

"Hey, don't talk about your employer like that." Rayner echoed and then promptly snickered at Joan's spluttering.

"Shut up, here take this and finish off what ever lives through those logs. Rageclaw slot-in."

Rayner nodded in acquiescence and flexed his right arm as the data streamed around it. He concentrated this time, letting the data gather and build in his false arm before promptly shuffling halve the chip arm to his left. His left arm gained a red and black gauntlet with sharp tips on the fingers while his right merely bulked up once more. Chip data transfer completed, the Navi did a small dance side to side on the tips of his toes as he waited for Condor's wood to go down. Once the logs were safely out of the way the skull-maksed Navi rushed forwards, slashing at the remains of the Metool and Kabutank that had been in his original target group.

1) Hop-toes (Dodge
2) Rageclaw 40+Slashing, Accuracy B @Metool B
3) Rageclaw 40+Slashing, Accuracy B @Kabutank A

Rageclaw 4/6 remaining
((Sketi, next time don't assume the RageClaw1 chip includes a dash to its target, because it doesn't. If your target isn't already in melee range, you likely won't hit it without a movement action. Luxray, your posts will have much higher success if you put time into them. Accuracy and evasion is very RP dependent, so the better your posts, the more likely you'll hit your targets and/or dodge their attacks))

Condor launched a cylindrical log at one of the grouped pairs, but the log rolled wide and utterly missed both of the viruses. He sent another log rolling towards the opposite group, and it only managed to bash the Metool into tiny bits. Rayner dashed ahead and cleaved his target Metool into several cleanly cut slices, but the Kabutank crawled just out of range of his second swipe. Pyre jammed her still claw-shaped sleeve under the lip of the cowering Metool's helmet, then sent it flipping end over end with a simple application of leverage.

As the Metool flipped across the ground, Pyre raised her left arm, causing the sleeve to slide down the length of her slender, pale hand. She traced a circle with her index finger before quickly air writing some sort of design in the air, leaving a glowing red and purple path just ahead of her hand. The symbol glowed brightly before collapsing in on itself into a ball of flame before rocketing towards the Metool and scorching it into a crisp. With her finger still pointing outwards, she turned to the previously lucky Kabutank, swinging her left arm in an arc in the virus's direction. The ball of flame followed her finger, as if suspended on an invisible, rigid wire and crashed down upon the KabutankA.

The lone remaining Kabutank, aggravated by the feathered Navi's attempt to flatten it, retaliated with a pair of explosive bombs fired from its howitzer-like cannon. Even with Condor's oddly non-thematic dance/dodge, he was still hit by one of the two explosions.

KabutankA: DELETED

KabutankB: DELETED

KabutankC: 40HP


100% Normal

Condor.EXE: 130HP
Rayner.EXE: 150HP [RageClaw1]
Pyre.EXE: 150HP [RageClaw1]
(Sorry about that, will remember to Movement more.)

Rayner was pretty pleased to have slashed up the rest of the virii from his original group. He figured over all the scores would be about even on the 'enemies killed' scoreboard. Not that he was keeping track to feed his competitive side or anything. With a flick of his wrists he shook off a few remaining bits of virii data.

"Hmm, shame those logs missed. More opportunities for me!" With that the Elec Navi was off at a weaving sprint, attempting to reach the last remaining Kabutank before Condor or Pyre reached it. HIs eyes narrowed in concentration his claws were spread ever so slightly as he neared his target. With a quick jerk of his arm he lashed out at the Kabutank as he came into range, attempting to find an easy place to slash through the tank's armor.

1) Movement towards Kabutank C
2) Movement woards Kabutank C
3) Rageclaw 40+Slashing @ Kabutank C, Accuracy B
(Sorry, Internet at school has been on the fritz.)

Condor had been knocked down by the explosion. As he got up, he checked wings for damage.
"Left, fine. Right, Ok."
"Your logs missed though."
"One hit, and that's fine!"

Condor sped towards the Kabutank, but the stopped as a large pain went through his right wing.
Undeterred, however, Condor sped towards the Kabutank, and when he was at point blank, he swung his left wing, which was coated in leaves, at the Kabutank.

Turn log: Turn watever
Turn 1: Move towards Kabutank C
Turn 2: Point blank Slagheads!
Turn 3:Wood Wing Damage 40@Kabutank C
Rayner took the initiative, closing in on his opponent before bringing the Kabutank down with a satisfyingly sharp slash. As the Kabutank fragmented and faded away, it left behind a glowing battlechip packet behind. With the battle over, Condor and Pyre didn't really have anything else to do. Pyre's misty decoy dissipated, leaving her staff still standing upright on the ground.


KabutankA: DELETED

KabutankB: DELETED

KabutankC: DELETED


100% Normal

Condor.EXE: 130HP Rewards: 30z, 2FXP (Rayner & Pyre)
Rayner.EXE: 150HP Rewards: 100z, DoubleBomb (30 + Blast 2 x 2 Bombs) C Accuracy, 2FXP (Condor & Pyre)
Pyre.EXE: 150HP Rewards: 2FXP (Condor & Rayner)
Rayner scooped up the battlechip packet in his good hand as he stood. The data floated peacefully above his palm for a moment, rotating slowly. The packet began to disintegrate, bits of data leaking through his fingers. Instead of hitting the floor the data was split into two even streams and pulled towards the glowing characters along the sides of his legs. The data sunk into the light and was transported quickly and neatly to the PET. A blank chip was quickly slid in to be rewritten and was then softly ejected into Joan's waiting hand.

"Hmm, you seem to be pretty flashy lately. Having fun?" She was avoiding asking the questions she really wanted answers to though. For his part Rayner brushed off his hand on his right shoulder and turned about smartly on a heel. He began heading back to the other Navis, taking the moment to converse with his Operator.

"I just do better with larger audiences. Besides, I want to show that our employer is getting their money's worth." He quirked an eyebrow at Joan, his voice slipping into a drawl. "Good advertisin' doncha know?"

Joan sighed quietly in response but smiled at him as she fiddled with her chip folder. "Alright, as long as it isn't interfering with our work I suppose. Hey, so far we've got a new chip. Not bad for a quick job."

Rayner hmm'd thoughtfully at her comment as he reached the others. He would reserve judgement on how 'quick' the mission for a while. He crossed his arm over his waist and gave a shallow bow to the two Navigators. "I hope you don't mind me taking out that last opponent, Condor. I was a little miffed my opening salvo whiffed. You executed it much more effectively." He gave an appreciating nod towards Condor as he straightened up, a friendly expression in his eyes. He then spoke to Pyre, quirking a thin eyebrow that appeared for specifically that purpose. "That was a rather...interesting clone you employed. Also your spear doesn't seem to believe in gravity." His mechanical claw flexed and rotated on its wrist. "I'm ready for the next fight."

(Ready for battle swei)
The battle was handily won, with all three Navis relatively unscathed. Pyre gathered up some zenny data for herself as Rayner retrieved his new battlechip and conversed with his NetOp. Pyre floated back to her spear, grasping it just as Rayner commented on her deceptive hijinks. She smiled as she picked the spear from the floor. "Thank you, it's one of the few skills I've been able to practice regularly. As for the spear..." she looked down at her weapon, noting the ornate etchings lined with gold along the handle. "It's quite old, and like most things with many years of experience, they often act a bit... peculiarly, haha."

As they were about to set out, Condor paused, exclaiming his NetOp just made him aware of something coming up out of the blue, forcing them to discontinue their involvement in the mission. Pyre frowned slightly as the Navi beamed up and out of the network, disappointed to have lost a partner. "Foo, he was an interesting one. Well, we still have a few more viruses to take care of."

It didn't take them long to find another group deeper in the drive, this one consisting of a trio of Metools slowly patrolling the floor, each with a pulsebat seemingly resting atop their respective helmets. A pair of Spooky viruses lazily weaved around the three groups, not yet aware of the Navis' presence in the area. Maybe they had a chance to catch them off guard?

MetoolA: 40HP
PulseBatA: 80HP

MetoolB: 40HP
PulseBatB: 80HP

MetoolC: 40HP
PulseBatC: 80HP

SpookyA: 30HP
SpookyB: 30HP

100% Normal

Rayner.EXE: 150HP
Pyre.EXE: 150HP

-[And then there were two... Battle #2, ready, Fight!]-
Rayner tapped his fingers against the side of his leg while Pyre explained her spears strange tendencies. "I suppose that's possible. Personally I don't work with weapons such as that, nor can I recall working with someone who has something similar."

"Yes you do, or now you do. You've got your arm, right?" Rayner startled slightly as Joan abruptly spoke up. He did glance down at his right arm though, eyes narrowed as he considered it. With out chip data to suck in greedily it just sat in his awareness of his body as a lump of awkward metal struts that didn't look steady enough to hold up to what he typically asked.

"I suppose you might be right, although I believe that's more of a coding difference from everything else." For a moment Rayner could have sworn that the shading on his arm was different from the rest of him. He narrowed his eyes further, twin reticle popping into existence as he attempted to use his subtype to get a closer look at the details of the yellow and black metal...

...Only to be distracted by Condor announcing his departure. Rayner's arm was dropped back to his side as he straightened up and almost managed to bid the wood-type Navi farewell, alas the light of leaving the network hit swiftly and Rayner was glad he had a mask to cover his mouth almost-not quite hanging open in aborted greeting. Ah well, perhaps he would run across the Navi elsewhere on the Net.

His attention turned once more to Pyre and he gave a nod, eyes back to their almost default friendly appearance. "Feel free to lead the way, you know this area better than I." As the continued on the crackling of static on his scarf drew Rayner's attention and he quieted the noise with a thought. This action didn't come a moment too soon as the new Navis came across a new group of virii to bust. Quiet seemed to be the best way to slip an attack in so Rayner opened up a small chat box with his Operator.

R: I believe we have the drop on them, could you send over Doublebomb and Shotgun please? I'm going to try for another quick deletion.
J: Oh, sure! Hopefully this will go better than last time.

Rayner nodded in satisfaction as Joan quietly slipped the chips into the Pet. He turned his attention to Pyre and gave a brief nod as he flicked a short text message to her.

R: Bombing Spookies. Advise keeping distance from groups A & B.

His warning given, the Elec type Navi turned back to the crowd of viruses, a reticle appearing once more in each of his eyes. First he pulled the Doublebomb data into his claw, his attention focused on having the data not appear flashily or loudly. He wanted this quick and quiet, and as he spread his claws out and held his mechanical wrist with his humanoid arm he could see the bombs slowly start to form between the claws. he tightened his focus, reticles widening as a normal Navi's pupils would with effort, and the deceptively small round forms of the two begin to form. Quickly released his mechanical wrist and snatched the two bombs up with his good hands. It was time for the next part.

He looked up and locked his reticles onto the Spookies and took a moment to follow their path through the other groups of virii. He followed their path carefully, his subtype's programming popping up a small screen on Joan's pet with multiple pathways the virii were taking as they moved around their fellows. Joan watched as her Navi collapsed the possible routes rather quickly, opting to assume the virii where taking a weaving formation similiar to the movement of drawing a figure eight. Granted, it was an eight with an extra loop but that just meant the Spookies were crossing two specific points between the groups of Virii twice. Abruptly the small window switched from top-down to side view and several possible arcs appeared on screen. Joan's eyes traced over the potential pathways for the bombs to travel and then quickly tapped on the one that looked like it would hit the sweet spot Rayner had picked out earlier. The Navi was a bit taken aback by the rather quick response from Joan, but flashed her a message of thanks.

R: Thanks.

The reticles in Rayner's eyes flashed once as he locked on to what he had deemed the sweet spot. He pulled his arm holding the bombs back, body twisted with the motion. He wound up like a baseball pitcher, and then like a baseball pitcher he unleashed the ball(s) with explosive force. Only in this case the 'explosive force' was literal. He didn't bother to track the bombs as they flew. Instead he opted to move onto his next chip.

The data from the shotgun flashed brightly along his lower right arm, once more the limb was partially replaced. The reticles locked on to the Metool and PulseBat and his left hand steadied the right as his newly formed gun barked twice in quick succession. With any luck he would have at least taken a couple virii off the playing field. His shoulders sagged slightly as the chip data currently on his arm turned bright white and began to flake off and streamed into the sky. He watched the stream idly but didn't bother trying to quiet or hide his presence. At this point the virus horde should have realized the two Navis where there.

1) Mapping/aiming for the moment when Spooky A&B pass between groups A&B
2) Doublebomb 30 + Blast 2 x 2 Bombs Seeking @ Spooky A&B , Accuracy C
3) Shotgun 50 + Spread 1 @ Metool A & Pulsebat A, Accuracy A

Passives: Marksmanship - Increase accuracy of Shot type attacks, yadda yadda
Rayner smartly transitioned from speaking to text only communication to help avoid detection. Rayner made Pyre aware of his plan to attack the area near the first two groups. Prompting a nod from Pyre before she pulled a hood up from her robes and over her head, causing her body to slowly bleed into the background before entirely vanishing from sight. As the groups of viruses moved, a faint glowing green light, previously concealed by the viruses' positions, came into view. Upon closer look, it was a floating mystery data, slowly rotating in place a good distance behind the viral mob.

Rayner tossed a pair of bombs towards the Spookys as they passed by the first two groups. The first bomb exploded right on the money, blasting the SpookyB into a fine mist of data, as well as catching the first group in the explosion. The second bomb missed its SpookyA target, but exploded directly next to the MetoolB and PulsebatB. With the battle kicking off to an explosive start, the rest of the viruses were alerted to the Navi's presence. The third Pulsebat screeched in alarm as it spread its wings, but its cry was literally cut short as it fell into two pieces, bisected right down the middle. The MetoolC looked at its fallen comrade in confusion before it too was cut in twain by an unseen blade. To add further confusion, Pyre seemed to reappear next to the second pair of viruses with an impish grin.

Rayner fired a shotgun at the first group, but only managed to bring down the PulseBatA and barely scratching the top of the MetoolA's helmet. Realizing its group was getting picked apart, the final remaining PulseBat quickly took to the air, climbing high above the battlefield in an attempt to avoid a similar fate. The spectral Pyre watched the PulseBat take to the sky before slowly looking back down to the Metool, swinging its spear as if preparing to strike the helmeted virus. In a panic the MetoolB tossed a mattock through the center of the decoy, causing it to dissipate into thin air. The MetoolA had intended to attack the decoy as well, but with its foe suddenly gone, it struggled to find another target. The Spooky retaliated as well, blinking out of sight to reappear directly in front of Rayner, slapping him in the face with an almost comically large tongue.

MetoolA: 10HP

MetoolB: 10HP
PulseBatB: 50HP [High Altitude]


SpookyA: 30HP [In front of Rayner]


100% Normal

Rayner.EXE: 150HP
Pyre.EXE: 150HP [Sword] [Invis]
Decoy: Destroyed