Havoc in the School Net

The second the cord is plugged in, Blade is transferred from the prison of the PET, into the Net world. His Data collects in the Telephone Pole Net zone, and he reforms. Perfect.

So far, the plan was going perfect. Now, he just had to get past this zone, into the School Network. But, he did want to have a little fun in this net zone before he left. He was in the mood to warm up with a few virus' before he attacked the school. Maybe he would actually have a little fun in this part of the Net World. He scans the area with his eyes, hidden behind the purple visors, which prevent any one who would dare try to look into his eyes. He flexes his armor coated, flaming hands, ready to cause chaos.

"I know the plan is to go straight to the School Network. . . but I need to have a little fun before I start off our assault. I'm sure Velcir won't mind."

Giving a moment, he realizes Velcir doesn't mind, because of two things: One, he hadn't been Jacked out. And two: Velcir wasn't yelling at him. So, clearly, Velcir didn't mind if he had a little fun. He looks around, ready for a fight. He didn't even care what it was, so long as it was something to destroy, something to punch, something to slice to pieces. So long as it was in those three categories, he would be. . . satisfied.

Walking around the Net Zone, he gets ready for a virus to pop out and attempt to attack him at any given moment. Cyber Walls jutted out of the floors, ever walls sprouting out of walls. This was surely going to be an interesting battle ground. He was ready for this. He was built to cause chaos, and cause chaos he shall.

(Ready for Battle 1)
Venturing into the net is always such a trip treat, the sights, the sounds. The endless stream of viruses that never seem to take a dent despite countless navis attacking them.

This was one of those times, as a trio of Metools were just wandering around, waving their pickaxes in the air happily and almost looked like they were cheering, laughing and singing, in their own weird sort of way.

Until they saw the navi, then their play turned to a new kind of fun, called introduction battle!

Metool A: 40HP
Metool B: 40HP
Metool C: 40HP

100% Normal

Blade.EXE: 150HP

--Battle 1, Start!--
Blade's face made no change when the virus' with hard hats come up. They had yellow hard hats, so they won't be to hard. Let's see just what they were made of. He hadn't had a fight in a while. This would be a great way to revitalize the great essence and feeling that came to him during the rush of the battle.

After a slight moment, his hands are coated in sharp claws. He knew exactly what they were. The rage claws. He puts his Rage Claws in the shape of an X over his chest. He charges forward, not making a sound. towards the middle Metool, he jumps into the air, and charging down towards the Metool. Right before he lands onto the ground, he slings his arms across, making a large slash through the air aimed at the Metool. Meant to slice the Metool into an X, hopefully his attack was successful. Quickly, he jumps back, and his purple flame hand ignites brighter. Clearly his Heat Shot chip. He slams his hand forward, aiming it at the other Metool. A large arc of fire flares forward, going straight towards the Metool. In mid-air still, his other hand turns into a cannon. He aims it at the third virus, and fires, the cannon bullet going to fast to be seen.

Landing on the ground, he got prepared for the inenevitable assault that he was surely to be welcomed with. No such way was he going to get out of this without a few scratches, and he wanted the Metools to remember him before they got deleted. He was prepared for anything that flew from the smoke caused by his attacks. He knew he had no such luck that all three were gone.


Rage Claw At Metool A
Heat Shot At Metool B
Cannon At Metool C
[Please be sure to put damages for attacks. And if you could also put accuracies it would help us mods a lot.]

Blades' RageClaw "X-Slash" deleted one of the Metools before it could react. But the other two unleashed their attacks as purple flames puffed harmlessly off the second Met's helmet. Stiking the ground with their pickaxes, twin shockwaves raced across the ground towards the Navi. The immovable navi got struck with one of those shockwaves, taking a little damage before he retaliated with a Cannon shot that deleted the third Metool.

Metool A: Deleted
Metool B: 40HP
Metool C: Deleted

100% Normal

Blade.EXE: 140HP