Sentry Mission, Second Attempt

As the connection was restored a black bullet shot threw the normal ACDC net, trying to reach his objective, the ACDC - SCILAB net divide. From there he planned to do a scan of the network and determine the yields of his effort to conquer the land.
Virus attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Kegamusha.exe: 100 HP

The shadow could do nothing to halt the inevitable. The cheery voice of the obnoxcious idiot that was now his owner chimed in over the PET's speaker systems slotting in the chip that he so attested. Forced to the ground by a horrific shock of red lightning as his arm changed to a familiar red claw with a pair of three corrupted scarlet blades sprouting from the fingers. His soul faded away, locked away into the blade as the fists own corrupted energy filled into his own shell.

The demonic creature locked within the blade showed threw the caped being as his cool nature was replaced with a aggressive and harsh nature. Taking control, the blade flung itself forward with its own might, its will now being the force of action.

(Sorry for the lack of RP, I'm in a hurry >.>;;; )

Rage Claw ---> 40 DMG Metool A

Rage Claw ---> 40 DMG Metool B

Rage Claw ---> 40 DMG Metool C
By a stroke of luck, the virii fall to Kega!


Kegamusha.exe: 100 HP


Rewards: 100z
The battle finishing the claw retracted into the arm of the being that had so horrifically been consumed. Drained of his energy the navi tried to jack out, but due to the nature of his imprisonment he needed operator consent. As it had occurred so many times before the request was denied without a thought. The navi sighed as he suddenly felt his operator running the command override program, forcing his systems to function in accordance to his will.

Ya know, you may do well to actually think about my requests before you completely reject my actions...

Ehhh? What are you talking about? Don't bother me! I'm in the middle of an important game!!!

...I hate you so much...>.>;;;

Apparently he had set the systems on an automatic seige mode, having learned the patterns of its owners the PET tended to send the data that the op most often sent. Groaning inwardly as his limbs moved against his will the slave pressed forward nimbly threw the shadows of ACDC.
More viruses.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CanondumbA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (Behind CanondumbB)

Kagemusha.exe: 100 HP

The party of viruses looming over his path the keeper of sacred blades shot long to the right to prevent a horrific collision. The swordsman's feet slipping on the pannels and tossing up dirt everywhere as he eventually came to a dragged on halt. The dust clearing one lone shot of raw energy burst from the horrific clouds, aimed straight at one of the poor cannons, where if all faired well it was hoped it would strike.

Jumping up above the cloud of smoke after the shot the five blade wielder stared upon one of the shrubby toward the back of the group, activating an internal process the navi's eye's flashed a horrific black for a few seconds before returning to there normal silver color. For a moment, a dark shadow seemed to fall upon the leafy virus, potentially an ominous overshadowing of the future.

Unfortunately at this point the cursed claw came to life as the automated chip delivery program plugged the chip threw the navi's systems. The red embodiment of hate with its three crimson prongs shimmered with a malicious essence to it. Having grown use to this, the civilized warrior allowed the corrupted weapon to overtake him, grasping his soul it was then imprisoned within the blade, there spirits apparently trading places. Familiar blood color filling into his eye's and hair with fangs sprouting and a insane appearance about him, the navi charged.

Darting forward the beast tried to embed his claws into the first canodumb and toss him back at a shrubby. Not waiting to see the results the savage then shot toward another Canodumb and tried to thrust him at the same shrubby from earlier, in hopes of demolishing it.


Cannon 40 DMG -----> Canodumb A

Rage Claw Toss 20DMG -----> Canodumb A + Shrubby A

Rage Claw Toss 20DMG -----> Canodumb B + Shrubby A

Vampiric Variation 5 DMG Drain from target -----> Shrubby A
Stuff happens.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: 30 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 5 HP (behind CanondumbC)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (Behind CanondumbB)

Kagemusha.exe: 100 HP
The roaring beast stared on in delight at the demise of the Canodumb, he shot forward desperately trying to get a sip of the cyber blood that in his deluded mind he thought there might reside in the cyber machine. To the horrible creatures dismay no such blood was found for him as he clutched desperately after the deformating bits.

While the demented creature pursued a taste of the crimson delicacy of most strict taboo, a shadow once more cast over the Shrubby it had earlier fallen upon. A slight difference this time lay in the fact that the shadow was accompanied by a few chords of the most unsettling organ music, which only the lone shrubby could actually hear. All at once a sharp scythe compose of a black luminescent material slashed at the shrubby with a corrupted battle luster about it, trying to drain the final drops of life from the virus.

Rageclaw was angered by the lack of tasteful blood to consume, so in his maddening rage the monstrosity clutched the other cannon that had been near the first and slammed his fist threw it with piercing rage. Following this up the horrible creature then tossed the cannon at the shrubby that wasn't being attacked by a sickle, hoping to cause them both a fair bit of damage. Finally the creature lunged at the shrubby that remained and jabbed at the creature with a killing intent, trying to get the precious blood from it.

Rage Claw 40 Dmg ---> Canodumb B

Rage Claw Toss 20 DMG --> Canodumb C + Shrubby B

Rage Claw 40 Dmg ---> Shrubby B

Vampiric Variation 5 hp drain ---> Shrubby A
More stuff happens.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: 30 HP

Kagemusha.exe: 95 HP
(Sorry for the late response, school ate my mortal soul ya see <.<;;;. Oy, I think you might be slightly off though @.@ Shrubby B should still be alive I think, unless that was exchanged for the 5 hp loss. Eh I don't really care, just want to make sure I be playing fair.)

Licking his lips in delight the now overwhelmed, almost parasitic, being smiled maliciously at the lone Canodumb lying in the center of the battle field. Simply standing there for the moment, the creature tried to decided how to approach the scenario, what path would allow for the most tasteful bloodshed?

A dark cloud hovered over the Canodumb, suddenly a blade shooting out from behind aimed to leech the life force out of the Cannon. The blade retracting back into the deep dark void it had come forth from after it had attempted it's first strike.

Coming to his decision the rage filled claw's soul shot forth at the Canodumb, spinning the claw in front of the navi as a shield as he shot forward toward the cannon. Coming within range the horrific creature then plunged his claw toward the virus with incredible velocity, trying to get a taste of whatever blood he might from the corrupted program.



Rage Claw --------------------------> 50 Dmg Cannodumb 3

Rage Claw --------------------------> 50 Dmg Cannodumb 3

Vampiric Variation -----------------> 5 hp drain Cannodumb 3
((Rageclaw does 40.))
Kagemusha deletes the Canondumb in one swipe and claims victory.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED

Kagemusha.exe: 95 HP

Get: Ringlog1
(OOC:Oy sorry about that >.>;;; Tis been a while. I'll be triple checking to insure future errors of this nature do not occur)

As the final mechanical virus broke apart into a cluster of shimmering cyan cubes the defiled one's corrupted battle luster maintained itself for a moment, the spiritual essence of the blade literally having to be fought back into its horrific claw. In rage the soul of the menacing weapon grasped at its face, screaming out in agony as it began to loose control of the vessel it had come to overpower, a silver shimmer encompassing Kegamashu's body. The tone was barbaric and horrific, desperate and defiled to the very core of its state of existence, the saturated evil being let out one more cackle before being contained once more.


The silver luster finally flooded threw the entire course of Kegamashu's shell, resonating within as it forced the deep blood red coloring to flow back into the blade it had come from. Sighing gently Kegamashu unsheathed one of his five blades and leaned gently on the hilt as its blade was dug into the ground. The chip he had been using was growing restless and leaving parts of its own spiritual data inside his body, it was becoming more and more difficult for him to fight it back. Much time he would have to spend cleansing himself when he returned to his "sanctuary" as the operator chose to call it.

Call it awkward timing or fate at that exact moment the warrior felt his body being hacked into by the boy as he aimlessly rushed forward. As he bolted the warrior anxiously looked where he thought on of his blades would be missing, but was surprised to find all five were in there sheathes. He hadn't remembered grabbing the blade... curious as it was the navi shrugged it off as his captors doing and tried to resist the forced movement.

((Remember to state what battle number you are on when you request for battles.))
And... Raccoon things..

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
Canondumb: 50 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 15% Hole

Kagemusha.exe: 95 HP

Kegamusha's orbs of silver narrowed as he spotted the miniature horde which had materialized ahead. Gritting his teeth, the swordsman severely doubted this would be anything in the way of an easy run. Grasping for the hilts of his swords instinctively as he approached the onslaught, he was interrupted by a sudden jolt of energy that shot through his right arm. With a glance down the midnight clad figure spotted the cause. A stream of rainbow colored energy rushed down the navi's arm, solidifying as a ring of glowing multi-colored energy within his hand's grasp. Startled, the navi raised the ring to his face, not certain what to make of this development.

He hadn't long to wait. A distinct chirp rang loudly throughout the midnight clad figure's head as his captor squawked at him. Kegamusha could only shake his head to side to side, frustrated without end by this untimely and likely unnecessary intrusion. With a sigh the captive muttered curses under his breath before acknowledging his operator. "Yes sire, whatever is the matter?" A long pause passed before a sound greeted the navi's ears, or more so assaulted them.

"Kega, what are you waiting for!? Have you never seen a RingLog before? Come on, get too it already! I have important matters to intend to and we haven't the time for your insolent holdups!" Static and then heavy rings followed by a polite receptionists quarry into regards to the calls end came into the audio line. The swordsman of the night grunted, that interruption had actually been a lot easier to deal with then past intrusions.

Focusing once more upon the task at hand the swordsman once again looked down at the strange pulsating ring before him. His operator was right, Kega had never seen a ringlog chip before, much less had he any idea how to wield one. His grip tightened around the ring as he stared down his opponents, looking for an ideal group to strike. As he surveyed the group he came to realize the only virus he immediately recognized was the Canodumb standing off to the side situated by several vaguely familiar mole like creatures he thought he may have laid arms against before. The strange creatures that blinked in and out of existence were completely lost on the swordsman, this did not bode well. The age old lessons were clear, to know your opponent was to know the path of victory, lacking that knowledge only pain would await.

Shaking his head to jar himself to the present Kegamashu realized he had been adrift in thought for some time now, and he doubted his opponents would fail to take advantage of him waiting any longer to act. Using his feet to brace for him Kegamashu lunged up into the heavens with his ring in hand, Tossing the device fiercely toward the opponents he vaguely knew, aiming specifically at the Canodumb. As the ring made its way toward the blasting figure it sank toward the ground, glistening gently with energy as it sailed toward the cannon wielding virus. After this the halo of the rainbow would arch around, slicing at a nearby mole were it successful in its appointed task.

To the midnight clad navi's surprise the ring soared back toward him upon completing its circuit, landing with a gentle buzz into the hand it had been cast with. The navi chuckled, delighted to have another go with this strange but oddly fitting weapon granted the situation. Drawing the ring back with more confidence this time Kega swung it with all his might toward another of the moles. The ring screamed forward due to the increased force now propelling it, a scolding halo of rainbow colors descending upon its foes. Arching toward the mole, after its attempted slicing of it the object kareened around toward one of the ghastly ghosts not far off, shooting toward it before skidding off the field and onto a gaping hole which it plummeted into never to be seen again.

Delighted to see a chance to use his swords the naiv began drawing the from their sheathes when a new horror was enacted upon the navi's right arm. Slowly claws began to etch out of the swordsman hands, a red color shooting up and consuming the navi's right arm. Wincing, a deep scarlet flooded through the navi's hair, his eye's also glowing a new with a vengeful hatred. He had lost himself.

Letting forth a furious roar the darker version of Kegamashu lunged forward with a kept up anger slipping from him. His claw being thrust at one of the strange creatures of seemingly invisible properties, the claws aiming for the viruses core. Howling with delight at the shift in the focus of his battle, Kegamashu leapt back, waiting to see what more awaited him.

A dark cloud shrouded over one ghastly virus to the far side, a black sythe plummeting deeply into the virus, a grim reaper behind it cackling gently before vanishing from sight.


C Accuracy - Wood Element
Ringlog1 -----------------------------------------------> 50 Damage Canodumb
Second Strike ------------------> 50 Damage Bandcoon B

C Accuracy - Wood Element
Ringlog1-----------------------------------------------> 50 Damage Bandcoon A
Second Strike ------------------> 50 Damage Spooky D

A Accuracy Due To Sword Type
Rageclaw----------------------------------------------> 40 Damage Spooky C

Vampiric Variation------------------------------------> Passive Drain of 5 HP from
Spooky A
The Ringlog easily ran over the immobile Canondumb and the surprised Bandcoon. However, the second Ringlog didn't work as well as the last Bandcoon literally snatched the chip away from Kagemusha's hand before he could fully utilize it. During the small second of confusion for the navi, the virus smacked him with a weaker version of the RingLog! Kagemusha was able to get back up on his feet and lay a two-hit strike on the first Spooky, but his recklessness to attack head on against the agile Spooky groups proved to be dangerous as one virus managed to teleport just behind the navi to give a spine-chilling lick against his head.

SpookyA: 5 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
BandcoonA: 50 HP [Assimilated: RingLog1]
BandcoonB: DELETED
Canondumb: DELETED

Terrain: 75% Normal, 15% Hole

Kagemusha.exe: 80 HP
(How many years does it take Gandalf to finish this battle thread? We'll find out when it is over.)

Kegamusha was completely caught off guard by the sudden blast of wood that sent him careening backward. He barely had time to stand before he felt a chilling cold lick at the back of his skull. "You little bastards!" he cried. Slowly he rose, a malicious glint in his eyes.

A strange whistling began to echo through the area. Or at least it seemed to for Spooky A. A pin-prick shot from beneath the virus, attempting to drain it of it's life essences.

Kegamusha rushed at the Bandcoon and attempted to slash at it with all the might he could muster, actually making an effort to impale the virus on the tip of his claw. "You take what is mine? I take what is yours!" screamed the navi. The swordsman shot a glance at the spooky that had moments before licked the back of his skull.

Kegamusha takes the hopefully skewered Bandcoon in hand and in one depth move tosses him with all his might at the Spooky that had but moments before licked at his head. The swordsman than dives for the spooky, trying to slash it to pieces before it teleports away.


Vampiric Variation------------------------------------> Passive Drain of 5 HP from
Spooky A (Current HP = 5)

A Accuracy Due To Sword Type
Rageclaw Slash---------------------------------------> 40 Damage Bandcoon A

A Accuracy Due To Sword Type? (Otherwise B )
Rageclaw Toss---------------------------------------> 20 Damage Bandcoon A + Spooky B

A Accuracy Due To Blade Type
Rageclaw Slash---------------------------------------> 40 Damage Spooky B
Seemingly very pissed off by the turn of events, Kagemusha went full on offense and very quickly the tides of battle once more turned in his favor. Slashing apart the coon's stolen log and dealing significant damage to it. Only to send it knocking back into another virus as well which seemed to KO the thing. And with another mighty strike the ghost was quickly destroyed as well. And while normally these ghostly creatures seemed threatening, a quick glance at one another seemed to hold thousands of countless words, because shortly after, both quickly faded away, their wiggling tongues the last thing to be seen as they vanished under the ground.

Spooky A: Deleted
Spooky B: Deleted
Spooky C: Escaped
Spooky D: Escaped
Bandcoon A: Deleted
Bandcoon B: Deleted
Cannondumb: Deleted

85% Normal
15% Hole

Kagemusha: 85HP

—Battle 3, Victory!—
Kagemusha: 380z, Recover10

Quote ()

Recovery: 10 HP
Accuracy: S
Description: Heals 10 HP.
Duration: Once
Element: Null