The beginning path

A bright blue beam of light shoots down from the sky of the cyber world, there the form of Gait himself comes together Within the middle of the long Green and blue glowing road, Gait then proceeds to slowly walk along the main road, casually looking around him.

"So ...are we just going to pound mets for an hour or are we heading somewhere in this network?"

"Let's make our way towards ACDC Square and take on whatever get's in our way There we will take the Teleporter over to Scilab NET"

"Aright, this shouldn't take long, so long as I don't trip over too many mets"

At that, the navi begins to sprint along the road, heedless of what might show up to get in his way.

(Ready for Battle #1)
One shouldn't talk out loud something they do not want...Fate doesn't like nagging, supposedly.

Gait's first battle on the cyberspace was, indeed, a trio of metools! However, the little viruses was enjoying their time running around in the small playground, each occupying a place till they realized that a ninja was watching over them. Preparing their pickaxes, the Metool was now ready to fend off Gait for the sake of their precious fun!

MetoolA: 40 HP [On a see-saw]
MetoolB: 40 HP [On top of a slide]
MetoolC: 40 HP [On a spin-around]

100% Sand

See-saw: 100 HP
Slide: 100 HP
Spin-around: 100 HP

Gait.EXE: 100 HP

Gait begins to grind his foot into the sand

"Metools, and they are invading this playground. come on Lawrence we can have this done in 10 seconds"

"Those playground objects might get in our way, and I don't think anyone would be too happy with us trashing this playground"

"These playground toys should be sturdier than the mets playing on them, gimme something good, something I can wrap this up with quickly"

Shuffling through the bag on the floor, Gait takes out a Rageclaw chip and slots it in, shortly after, Gait's Right arm morphs into a massive clawed hand!

Making no hesitation, He runs up and grabs the spin around, stopping it dead in it's pace, and procedes to yank it from the ground and chuck it towards the slide, aiming for the metool on top of the slide while hoping for the spin around to go High enough to hit the metool, but not the slide.

He then follows it up by running after and taking a swipe at The Crashed Spin around in hope of hitting the metool originally on it.

1:RageClaw [Grappling] => Spinaround
2:RageClaw [20 + Impact] => MetoolB
3:RageClaw [40 + Slashing] => MetoolC
As Gait moved in to execute his attack, grabbing the spin-around with his claws, attempted to hurl the whole thing at the virus on top of the slide. However, whether that Gait put too much strength, or the spin around was too deeply planted, the ninja ripped off a handle off and threw that instead.

The result was much better than anyone would have imagined. The hurled handle struck against the virus, damaging it, while the spin-around began to...well, spin. The poor metool in the spin around was just too dizzy to do anything at all, leaving it wide open for Gait's attack as it was promptly stabbed and deleted.

The lone metool who was neglected from the battle so far began to swing its pickaxe in anger, unable to do anything as its comrade was being killed one by one. In an infuriated attempt, the virus struck its pickaxe onto the sand and launched a fast shockwave that ripped right through Gait!

MetoolA: 40 HP [On a see-saw]
MetoolB: 20 HP [Bottom of the slide]

100% Sand

See-saw: 100 HP
Slide: 100 HP
Spin-around: 100 HP [Spinning!]

Gait.EXE: 90 HP
"Getting rash aren't we Gait? you didn't think you were actually going to pull that off did you"

Gait grumbled, Reeling from the impact of the shock wave, as he gathered himself he examines the area to find that the two metools are well distanced from one another, being able to reach both for a melee attack would be tough to perform in a short amount of time. and to further complicate matters, the Metool on the slide that fell over is now being obscured by said slide.

"Well,... got any better ideas than what I could come up with operator?"

Lawrence thought for a moment after examining the scene, and then shuffles through his bag again to pull out his cannon and Shotgun Chips to slot them in. Shortly after, Gaits right arm morphs into a green cannon, and left arm morphs into a buster gun.

"hmph...I see where you're getting at now, but first I need this sand gone"

Gait touches the ground with his cannon arm, Initiating his set grass program to turn the entire sand lot into grass.

After the sand is obscured with easier to walk on grass, Gait runs towards the slide, running up the slide and propelling himself high up into the air, where both mets are in plain view for him. he then takes aim at both mets, targeting the see-saw met with the cannon and the slide met with the shotgun, where even if the slide get's in his way, the met won't be safe.

*BAM!!* Went the Cannon

*POW!!* Went the Shotgun

After firing, he flips into the air and lands back on his feet, reforming his arms back to the way they were with Rage claw still active. he turns around to see his results.

~~~Turn summary~~~
NCP [Set Grass]

    [li]1|Cannon [40 null + Knockback] => MetoolA
    [li]2|Shotgun [50 Null + Spread1] => MetoolB
  • 3|Dodge
Gait leaps off of the slide and takes a pair of potshots at the Metools, whose frantic dodging is not enough to stop their deletion. Afterwards he lands, and notices that they've left some distinctly rewarding-looking data behind...


100% Sand

See-saw: 100 HP
Slide: 100 HP
Spin-around: 100 HP [Spinning!]

Gait.EXE: 100

Rewards: 180z, Shockwave chip!
With the viruses gone, Gait deactivated his Rageclaw chip, walks up to the shockwave chip to retrieve it, and looked at the slightly battered, grass covered playground with a confident look in his eyes. moments later a chip then pops out of the chip slot from Lawrences PET, Lawrence takes the chip out and examines it.

"Well...something new I guess, every bit counts."[b][/b]

He then lays the new chip onto the table, alongside his other chips and a green marker.

"Humph! So how was my busting rank Lawrence?"[b][/b]

"Busting time....46 seconds, busting rank... 6"[b][/b]

"a Six? This can't be happening!"[b][/b]

Gait walks over towards the still intact swing and slowly rocks himself back and forth on it, looking at the grass below.

"Well keep in mind you did get hit trying to show off, See this is why I said it would be better to go through ACDC net first, overconfidence like that could have been more costly in a more sophisticated network."[b][/b]

Gait stares at the holographic panel beside him showing Lawrence's face.

"We wouldn't have to worry about this if I had all my upgrades and chips."[b][/b]

Gait stands up from the swing and continues to stare his operator right into his face.

"Had you not have pulled all of my upgrades and sold them along with our chip collection, we wouldn't have to be obligated to skirt around the safe areas of the net ."[b][/b]

Had I not have pulled all those upgrades and sold them, I would have had no way of paying that apartment bill, it was 2 month behind and it was either pay up or get kicked out, and if I'm homeless then you would suffer as well.[b][/b]

In their dispute, the two addressed one another in such a calm manner it's hard to even call it one, while a noticeable sense of frustration could be picked up from Lawrence's voice, Gait kept his calm and relatively emotionless tone.

"...Regardless, I'm very much ready to move on operator, less another gang of mets come around to hold us down."[b][/b]

Lawrence's standard melancholy look slightly shifts to a scowl; His navi always shows his disrespect by calling someone by a title instead of by name. Though Gait had a justified reason to be upset, it was all they could really do at the time.
Lawrence felt his navi's upgrades and equipment were expendable and less important than a roof over their heads and food on the table.

"..Fine, to Internet city then, it's not too far from here."[b][/b]

At that, the navi left the grassy playground and returned to the long blue and green road to resume his path, the closer and closer they got to internet city, the less suburban the area became, going from scattered net buildings, open fields, and derivative paths towards the huge and more uniform structure of Internet city.
Here, Activity was Sprawling. Navis were all over the place, conversing and interacting with one another, but the BBS corner fortunately, wasn't too crowded, even though that may also mean there could be few job positions available.
Gait begins to read all the various posts on the BBS, looking for anything of interest.

"Hmm... hey swordies can be found over at ACDC, I'd certainly love to get my hands on a sword chip"[b][/b]

"What? Pay attention Gait, stop looking at the virus section! We are here for jobs"[b][/b]

"Nothing here anyways Lawrence, at least not yet."[b][/b]

"hmm, too bad..., let's leave a ad, maybe someone out there might want some graphic work done if they knew a graphic designer was available."[b][/b]

"Your...leaving this up to me?"[b][/b]

"Yeah, I trust that you know of our standard message, besides I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back"[b][/b]

"Well then..."[b][/b]

Gait ponders for a bit, then Inputs the "ad" to the BBS. finishing just in time for his operator to return.

"Whew!...aright gait if your done then prepare to jack out"[b][/b]

"We aren't heading to scilabs after all this?"[b][/b]

"I made a mistake, I forgot that Scilab doesn't even have a BBS for jobs anymore, the only one is the one here at internet city."[b][/b]

"... very well then"[b][/b]

At that, Gait dissapears in a bright blue beam, returning to his own PET.