Miasmel's First Virus Hunt

"Alright, this is more like it. Tons of powerful foes to slaughter! Yes!"

"You know, I hope anyone else took out anything powerful and you're left with nothing to fight. Or something WEAK to fight." Walyn laughed to taunt Miasmel.

"Shut up! There's viruses around here! I know it!"

Miasmel looked around for viruses, eager for a fight to blow off some steam and boredom. Never having fought a virus before, Walyn was nervous about what would appear, and secretly hoped that nothing would appear, though he would never let Miasmel know that.

[looking for battle 1]
As Miasmel waltzed into the ACDC network, looking for a fight, he got a fight. A small walk had him bumping into a trio of yellow-hatted, mattock-wielding, cute-looking Metools. Well, cute, if you're looking for that kind of thing, anyway. They were all lined up in this pretty straight line, and took out their pickaxes in preparation for a battle!

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool B: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

Miasmel.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal

"Alright, there's some. Let me just put in some ch-"

Miasmel interrupted, saying "Screw those garbage chips, I am gonna mow them down!"

"Whatever, I'm giving you a cannon ei-"

"A CANNON? As in KABOOM? Give me that!"

Walyn put in the chip, and said, "Would you stop i-"

"Yeah, this is more like it!

Miasmel fires wildly into the viruses, hoping to hit them with poison. After a few shots, he fires a Cannon at the third Metool.

--action list--
Buster shot to Metool A
Buster shot to Metool B
-free action because of Gatling Attack (Guts subtype ability)- Buster shot to Metool B
Cannon to Metool C

(Did I do it right?)
Haphazardly targeting a bunch of viruses, Miasmel let loose a hail of bullets at the Metools, damaging some lightly. However, the last shot was much more powerful than the others, causing a large explosion as the Metool was quickly deleted! The other Metools tried retaliating by throwing their mattocks at Miasmel, but missed pretty easily.

Metool A: 38 HP
Metool B: 36 HP

Miasmel.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal

[Add damage and effects to the summary next time. Also, a story is usually more than just simple talking. Try more description, like how Miasmel sees the viruses, how he attacks in more detail, etc.]
[Also, you didn't use Poison Mist. Is there a reason for that? You do need to put it in your summary to use it, as well as describe it in RP.]
"What did you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"They should have been hurt more than that! I have POISON!"

"Did you remember to turn the poison ON?"

Miasmel stands there, closes his eyes and mutters something angrily, and then presses a button on the canister. The poison in the canisters starts swirling about, and the gas starts emitting from Miasmel's hands.

"That's better. NOW I can kill things! Haha!"

Walyn sends a Shotgun chip to Miasmel, who fires at the Metool that was next to the one that was just disposed. Miasmel then starts firing on the other Metool, grinning with the fact that they are going to die. At least he hopes.

-- Summary--
--Free action (turn on Poison Mist (5 null damage per turn for 3 turns on hit)
Shotgun (50 null, Spread 1) at Metool B
Buster shot (2 null, Poison Mist) at Metool A
Buster shot (2 null, Poison Mist) at Metool B
[Please put the targets you're going for in the summary. Also, Shotgun is 50 null, with spread 1. Passives do not require an action for activation.]
((Sorry, fixed.))
[Poison Mist also needs to be aimed, but... eh. This has been sitting for long enough.]

Turning on his actual poison-mist function, Miasmel started to open fire on one of the Metools with his Shotgun, shredding it to bits as the buster fire made sure of its deletion. The spread even went to the other Metool, which was then affected by the poisonous mist.

Metool A: 31 HP [Poison5/2Turns]

Miasmel.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal
"Haha, two down, one to go. Any suggestions on how I should delete this last one? Shot to the head? Kick it around until it dies?"

Miasmel double-checks to see if his poisons are still active, and then after making sure that it is on and prepared, he fires off a shot towards the Metool, and starts walking towards the Metool, chuckling to himself.

"Are you sure this is even a virus? They haven't done anything but exist and explode."

"Who cares? Do you have any other chips?"

"Yeah, one more."

Walyn sends a RageClaw chip to Miasmel, who grins when his hand is replaced by a claw.

"Ooh, I like this one. So many opportunities. Gouging eyes out, stabbing, sending things flying into the air, that thing where you shoot a disc that is flying through the air..."

"Remind me to never let you use this chip again."

"What's wrong? Can't I have a little fun with this stuff?"

Miasmel puts his claw-hand-thing on top of the Metool's head.

"Just hurry up."

Miasmel thinks for a second, and then after deciding how he is going to end this battle, he then smiles at the Metool, pats it on the head, and then smashes it in the top of the head as hard as he can with the claw, laughing.

If Poison Mist turned off, I turn it back on (not quite sure if it turns off every round or not)
Buster shot (2 null) to Metool
[passive] if it hits, Poison Mist to Metool (passive, 5 null for 3 turns)
Move next to Metool
RageClaw (40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting) to Metool
[passive] if it hits, Poison Mist to Metool (passive, 5 null for 3 turns)
[You'd have to state a target for the Poison Mist. It's not auto-targeting. Passives are on for as long as you keep them on. You'll have to RP them every round, though.]
((Like that? And is the actual effect a free action, or does it take up an action?))
[Poison Mist can't be added onto an attack. It is an attack by itself, activated once a turn without using an action. The only things that can add to an attack via sigs are Strengthen and Imbue Null. Also, your last paragraph was a bit godmoding. Whether you smash the Met is up to the mod. I'll give you the hit anyway.]

Firing a small shot at the Metool, Miasmel contemplated some options for him to decimate the little hard-hatted virus. In the end, he decided simply to go for quick and easy crushing.


Miasmel.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[Shockwave] Battlechip, 160z
((Sorry, I'll try to not make my posts seem like that next time.))

"Hah, this was awesome. Not even a scratch on me!"

"Yeah, but we didn't gain anything b- ooh, a chip! And some money!"

"Really? Cool, what chip? I hope it's as good as the last one. That was the best chip ever."

"It's called Shockwave. I really thought we'd get one of those defensive chips."

"Shockwave? That sounds nice. Also, I'm not exactly liking this little poison thing. I mean, it didn't hardly do anything! I need something with more... killing crap ability."

"I'll be sure to think of something."

Miasmel disables his gas canister's poison and starts wandering around the area, looking for more viruses to delete. Walyn looks at his new chip and the money, and thinks about how to use it.

((requesting second battle))

((Is there any rules on what I can't use for the second battle? Can I reuse chips after battles? Can I reuse chips during battle after I used them in the same battle?))
Moving further through the area, Miasmel searched around for more viruses to spar with, and subsequently obtain loot from. He found them quite quickly, in the form of two pairs of viruses lined up all pretty in a line in front of him. In the middle, two Cannondumb-type turret viruses stood at the ready, flanked by a pair of fiery OldStove viruses. The turrets locked on to the poison Navi, while the OldStove prepared their heated furnaces!

Cannondumb A: 50 HP
Cannondumb B: 50 HP
OldStove A: 50 HP
OldStove B: 50 HP

Miasmel.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal

"Ohoohoo, turrets. And some ye old cooking stoves. So scary. Give me that new chip, I'm fixing to wreck their crap."

"What, going to smash their heads into bits?"

Miasmel starts thinking for a second.

"Nah, I was thinking of taking one of the turrets and making it kill it's little friends. Do viruses have feelings? Because making ovens and cannon-turrets cry would probably be my greatest feat ever."

"You are sick. Just... just take the chip and delete them."

Walyn pulls out the newly aquired Shockwave chip and sends it to Miasmel. Miasmel's hand turns into a pickaxe. Miasmel looks at the hand that is now a pickaxe, wondering why he got a pickaxe.

"A pickaxe? From enemies that don't even attack? I'm not making a connection. Oh well. How do I mine for TURRET HEADS?"

Miasmel holds the pickaxe up in the air, yells loudly, in an attempt to scare the viruses, and sprints towards the first Cannondumb. Miasmel then swings the pick at the ground, screaming and laughing. Miasmel then turns the poison mist back on, and starts spraying poison and buster shots at the viruses, taking aim at the more threatening turret-headed Cannondumbs, deciding to save the cooking utensils for last.

Move to close range, next to Cannondumb A
Shockwave (40 null) to Cannondumb A
[passive, free action] Poison Mist (5 damage for 3 turns) to Cannondumb B
Buster shot (2 null) to Cannondumb A
Miasmel was successful with his shockwave attack, even more so as the attack pierced through the Cannondumb and hit one of the OldStove. However, it did leave the navi wide open for a point-blank shot from the other Cannondumb, which would serve as a payback for the poisoning it just received.

The buster shot connected well with the pickaxe'd Cannondumb, but it wasn't enough to finish it off...

Cannondumb A: 8 HP
Cannondumb B: 45 HP [Poisoned (5): 2 turns]
OldStove A: 10 HP
OldStove B: 50 HP

Miasmel.EXE: 90 HP

100% Normal
"OOW! Piece of crap pickax didn't do hardly anything! Give me that claw chip thing again, I'm gonna KILL these viruses!"

"Alright, feel free to blather on about how you're going to make their last few minutes painful."

"I don't know, they actually HIT me, priority one is surviving, deleting second, with deleting viciously a close third."

Walyn nods, slightly shocked that his navi isn't flying into a rage. With the inserting of the RageClaw into the PET, Miasmel's hand transforms into a claw. Miasmel fires a nice gray-purple mist towards the first Cannondumb that faced the brunt of his initial assault, then he uses the claw to swipe at the Cannondumb that just dared to shoot him. After thinking it over for a few seconds, Walyn sends a Shotgun chip to Miasmel.

"Shoot the stove guys, one of them got hit by the shockwave!"

"You'd better be right about this... wait, which one?"

"I don't know, they look the same to me. Just pick one!"

Miasmel groans in frustration, takes aim towards the OldStoves, and fires at the closest one, not knowing which one got hit by the shockwave from earlier.

[passive, free action] Poison Mist (5 damage for 3 turns) to Cannondumb A
RageClaw (40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting) to Cannondumb B
Shotgun to (50 Null, Spread 1) to OldStove A
A poisonous mist covered the not-dead Cannondumb, with the other succumbing to a mix of the miasma plus a claw to the face... head... turrethead. Whatever. Anyway, he then pulled out a Shotgun, which he aimed towards one of the Stove viruses. The virus he aimed for dodged the shot, but its unlucky friend behind it took the full brunt, and was deleted. However, as Miasmel took no precaution to dodge anything, he took a cannon shot to the chest, and some fiery breath from the OldStove!! (20) (15) What was more, the Stove's breath seemed to crack the terrain underneath it... he might want to move.

Cannondumb A: 3 HP [Poison (5): 2 turns]
Cannondumb B: DELETED
OldStove A: 10 HP

Miasmel.EXE: 65 HP [Cracked] [1 Action left]

90% Normal, 10% Cracked

[Try dodging more. You'll live longer.]
"Ooh, that's gonna hurt."

"Agh! How was I supposed to know those stoves shot FIRE? I want THAT as a chip!"

"You need to actually try to avoid things. You've gotten hit... three times this battle."

"Bah, I can take getting burned alive and shot by cannons. Speaking of which, give me that Cannon chip. I liked it."

Walyn nods and slots in the Cannon chip. Miasmel considers killing the firey furnace off first, but decides to go with the more ironic deletion, and fires the Cannon towards the remaining (and mortally poisoned) Cannondumb. Miasmel then starts spraying more of the (potentially) lethal gas towards the final virus. Miasmel fires off a simple buster shot towards the OldStove to provoke it even more, and takes his operator's advice by preparing to move out of the way in case of another attack.

Cannon (40 null) to Cannondumb A
[passive, free action] Poison Mist (5 damage for 3 turns) to OldStove A
Buster shot (2 null) to OldStove A

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