Actual New Stuff

We now have four new (yet similar) virus families: Lavagon, Bluegon, Yellowgon, and Greengon. Have fun with them.

On what may or may not be a related note, we also have eight new chips.

StandOut/Salamander (Melee)
AquaLine/Fountain (Ground)
Lightning/Bolt (Other)
GaiaSword/GaiaBlade (Sword)

And, if I have my way, this won't be the last in the way of chip additions. Feel free to salivate over the prospects of it. I know I will.
Hey look, I was right. We have some more new chips.

- SonicBlade 1/2/3 (Sword)
- FireArm 1/2/3 (Gun)
- StoneCube (Object)
- FreezeCube/ColdCube (Object)
- IcePunch (Melee)

These should be a bit more accessible than the previous chips, so feel free to covet them. But is this it for new chips? We'll all see, won't we?
Nope, there's more after all. Yay.

- TriArrow/TriSpear/TriLance/Trident (Gun)
- BigRedWave (Ground)
- FreezeBomb (Bomb)
- Sparker (Melee)

But will THIS be it? ...Probably not, but who knows?
Indeed, there was more. And it passed.

- BugCharge (Gun)
- Hole/DarkLine (Terrain)
- BlackCapsule/YellowCapsule/PinkCapsule (Support)
- VoodooDoll (Object)
- BugRiseSword/BugDeathThunder (Buster)

But we had to balance all that darkness, so I looked through some old threads, and realized that I had the votes to pass something...yet never did for the better part of a year. But that ends. The Element_____ series has been tweaked (for the better, don't worry), and there's a new chip as a result:

- HolyDream (Ground)

Enjoy them all. Unless there's more, which there might. In which case, enjoy them some, but not all, because that's not all. But do enjoy them.