Battle of the Chains

The chain Chained had been running on faded away beneath her feet and she landed onto the floor. "So we're looking for someone strong to fight, huh?" she said excitedly, rubbing her hands together causing the chains to make metallic sounds as they touched each other, "Can't wait to finally use these weapons of mine! Too long have I been used as a connection providing Navi!"

"Well..." Alice started as she held the microphone of the PET closer to her mouth due to her soft voice, "It is what you were made for after all. The only thing I was confident in..." The sound of chips sliding across each other was heard faintly from the other side. "Just look for something we can beat... OK?" Alice continued, the insecurity clearly in her voice.

Chained frowned, her eyebrows almost forming one line across her face, and nodded. She then started to walk around, checking for signs of "Danger" or "Warning" to know where she could find viruses. Lazily she dragged the chains from her hands along, not that interested as she was forbidden to look for an actual challenge without realizing she was practically on the bottom of the Navi food chain.
Chained wandered into ACDC Net. She was looking for trouble and she was obviously looking in all the right places as she soon came across a pair of yellow helmets. A few moments later, Chained noticed that those helmets were sitting atop two squat spheres with comically large yellow shoes. The viruses didn't seem terribly combat capable, but they weren't alone. An armored virus stood behind the two others, drawn sword resting comfortably on its shoulder.

Swordy-N: 60
MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40

Chained: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 - Fight!