Old Faded Glory

A large pole sailed through the sky as it pierced the wind and pierced itself into the ground. Ontop of this pole was a flag, a faded red, white, and blue flag that ferociously and uncontrollably flapped in what little wind there was going on in the net world. The flag soon snapped from what was holding onto the pole and fell to the ground, the flag then melted into a swirling puddle of color and the puddle soon morphed together into the form of the soldier of the flag, American.

"Damnit these jack ins get more and more complicated everytime. Can't we just have a simple me appearing so I can go bust Bones?" American said after looking for his helmet which was behind him on the ground.

"Who's the op, me. So I'll get back to you on that, call my secretary." Bo spoke as he leaned back in his chair and fumbled through his pocket of battle chips.

"You mean your mother." American replied with a smirk.

"She'd be your mother also old man." Bo said weakly, that wasn't his best comeback ever.

American slowly drew his musket from behind his back and held it with both hands. He wanted a fight but he wasn't exactly sure if his reflexes were up to par with what they used to be when he was younger. Hopefully Bo would have some tactics up his sleeve that he wasn't going to tell him.

((Battle #1 please.))
American came across the standard ACDC Net welcome wagon of three Metools except two of them looked... Different. In any case, he had a fight on his hands.

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
Metool: 40 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 160 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
American's eyes darted back and forth from the virii to his surroundings, and almost every where inbetween those two things. He checked his weapons and armor, then his satchel of ammunition, he knew two things, he wasn't going to run out of ammo and the second thing was that those mets were two of the weirdest mets he's seen. American had back up to that because of his past met experiences, especially since he could become a met with a GMO.

American's surroundings had nothing so a upfront confrontation was one of the only things he could probably pull off considering his chips being all long range. A long range barrage of his machine gun and than lobbing a minibomb could prove fruitful towards distracting them and then executing one strong shotgun blast at the interestingly discolored metools.

"Bo, upload that Machinegun, I want some full frontal assault on these things."

"Done dude, but why not a good classic shotgun in the name of freedom."

"Save it for later my shotgun happy friend."

Bo drew a handful of chips from his pocket and spread them all over the hard flat surface of his work desk, slowly trying to discern which one was the machine gun American wanted so desperately. In a moment Bo realized none of them were the machine gun so he returned to his pocket to find the one chip he hadn't grabbed from his pocket. Uploading the machine gun into his PET the data was soon digitalized and transfered to American.

The sub-machine guns that were held by the loops on Americans side began to eerily glow as cartridges for the SMG's began to load into them. American reached for both and drew them both his arms whipped infront of him and aimed towards the Mets. American pulled the triggers and kept his arms as straight as possible as he fired off all nine rounds. Soon his cartridges were empty and he pulled the quick release to drop the cartridges to the ground. American slid them back onto the loops and then pushed himself off the ground and leapt towards his right side.

American hit the ground and rolled back onto his feet, drawing out his shotgun and loading two shells into it. American strafed towards the mets, and began to unload one shot into one of the mets, and then a second shot shortly after. American held the shotgun and began to prep a quick retreat if he was to close to continue his onslaught of attacks.

Turn Summary:
1: Machine Gun (9 shots x 30dmg) 3 shots MetEXA, 3 shots Met, 3 Shots MetEXB.
1+:Passive skill: Marsmanship (Cursor Type)
2: Normal Shot (16dmg) MetEXA
3: Normal Shot (16dmg) MetEXB
4: Dodge
The Machinegun was set ablaze by American, which dealt a hefty damage on the Metool group. With the help of the navi's keen marksmanship, more shots were made than it would usually do. The viruses attempted to retaliate by swinging their pickaxes, but the first metool was met with the deadly shotgun (in the face :o) and met its untimely end. The rest also tried to attack, but the navi nimbly escaped it without a problem.

Metool: 10 HP
MetoolEXB: 24 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 160 HP
American raised his hand to the front of his helmet, the frontal part where his temple would be. He began to focus, slowly his body began to give off an electrical charge that began to wrap around his body. Small sparks would appear and then make their way towards his shotgun as he stood tall with his hand on his head. Soon American dropped his hand to his satchel and drew a shotgun shell from it. He loaded the shell into the worn shotgun and then began to walk forward. He squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot from the shotgun, the shot was charged and looking for something to tear asunder as it pierced the air with it's speed.

American then loaded one more shell into his shotgun, this shell before he placed into the shotgun was brought up to his lips and he kissed it for good luck.

"God speed towards your target."

American then placed it gently in it's barrel, and then locked the shotgun back up. He brought the shotgun to level and squeezed the trigger firing off the shell, the shell once again piercing the air except without the power and speed of the last shot.

Turn Summary:
1 - 3: Charge Shot (48dmg) MetEXB
4: Normal Shot (16dmg) Metool
While American was charging his shotgun, the lonely Metool threw its pickaxe right at the navi before getting deleted. How brave for that little guy~


Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 150 HP

American fell to his knee as the pickaxe hit him, and lodged itself near his shoulder. Luckily his shot wasn't affected by the pick and it struck the damn Met that had gotten it's pickaxe lodged into his shoulder area. Blood began to slowly trickle from his wound, his coat was torn and so was the suit underneath it. He reached for the pick and grabbed it by the handle, he began to tug softly on it trying to wiggle it out of it's spot in his shoulder. The handle wasn't sturdily held to the pick so when American thought would be the time to yank out the axe he realized Metools had more strength then he had believed.

The pick was stuck in his shoulder and his gloves didn't have the grip to hold onto the axe.

"American just ..." Bo replied before American cut him off.

"Just what? Just yank it? I tried damnit, now it's stuck in my shoulder. I'll try again Bo, just this time."

American grasped the pick and with one mighty pull managed to remove the pick that had before being removed made it's lodging in American's shoulder. While smiling, American dropped the the pick and began to raise to his feet and walk off towards another battle.

((Battle 2 please.))
((Maybe not what I thought, so just normal bump.))
The brave navi continued on to the unknown frontier, known as ACDC net!...Maybe not "Unknown," but more exotic viruses appeared just before American before he realized. Just hope that these viruses are no match for the shotguns!

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
Canodumb EXA: 90 HP
Canodumb EXB: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 150 HP

American placed the shotgun back into it's proper place in his vast array of weaponry that was held in place by loops and straps on his body. He then drew an old favorite, the gun that he felt most comfortable using because of his training, or lack of training. American grasped his musket, and began to prop it against his shoulder to take aim on the virii that were placed in his path.

"Bo, those green ball things. Do you know what they are?" American asked with such a look of question on his face that he was surprised his mind didn't explode.

"Well it's not girls, girls, and more girls I can tell you that. Let me look up some info on those things for you dude. While I do that why don't I give you that Boomerang to use on those Canondumbs." Bo replied while furiously tapping buttons on his PET to trying to find info on green cactus like virii.

"Well that should do some decent damage. At least it's not a Shotgun, make it feel like just the same ol' situation with you Bo." American finished off the conversation between himself and Bo.

Bones pulled out the Boomerang chip from his pile of chips that were still placed in a small pile infront of him. He slotted the Boomerang into his PET and then returned to looking for information on the mysterious virii that his PET somehow didn't know what it was.

American bent his knees and pushed off the plain terrain that surrounded his feet, and was under his feet. Leaping into the air he pulled off a spin and then landed almost gracefully, tripping up on his feet and then falling to his stomach. While laying on his stomach he loaded a bullet into his musket and began to aim towards the Canondumbs. Pulling the trigger a small green flash escaped the barrell of the musket and a small green light soared through the space between the Canons and American's position in the battlefield.

The green light began to morph into a large boomerang that began to swirl once it's appearance became apparent. It continued to maintain it's speed as it spun towards the Canondumb, almost like a merry go-round it continued it's path towards the Canondumb.

Turn Summary:
1: Position self so Canondumbs are next to each other.
2: Dodge
3: Dodge
4: Boomerang (60dmg) Canondumb EXA + Canondumb EXB
American runs around the field oh-so-carefully so that he can avoid getting injured. He then fires the boomerrang from his gun, wounding both EX viruses. The enemy ranks need to take some time to readjust their aim, what with all American's manuevers putting him out of their primary line of fire.

CactyA: 70 HP
CactyB: 70 HP
CactyC: 70 HP
Canodumb EXA: 30 HP
Canodumb EXB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 150 HP
American rolled over onto his back, after being on his back he sprung back to his feet. American lowered his gloved hand into his satchel and removed two bullets from it. He slowly loaded the first bullet into his musket and then lowered his shoulder after finishing loading his rifle. He brought his shoulder to the ground and rolled forward, bringing himself to a crouching position with one knee down he raised his rifle to eye level and pulled the trigger.

As soon as he had pulled the trigger he called out to Bo, "Bones you better have something on those green things other wise I'm going to have to pull out my musket and just shoot them alot."

"Well, the most I got is their names are Cacty and considering they are cactus like virii then they must not like fire." Bones replied while he slotted the Heatshot chip into his PET.

"Thanks for the info, I'll handle it from here like always." American quipped, though the last two words had a large amount of sarcasm behind them

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Bones said in response to American's sarcasm.

American drew the second bullet from his pocket where he had placed it earlier before he loaded the first bullet into his musket. Finishing with the loading American had to line up at least two Cactys so he could make it easier on himself and his amount of chips. His legs took off in a furious motion of running, American was going to get this done as fast as possible.

When he saw the position he wanted he abruptly stopped and then raised his musket once more. He took aim and quickly pulled the trigger on his musket. The musket's barrell flashed a red light that almost looked like fire, and out came a small red light. Once in mid-air between the cactys and where American fired off the Heatshot from the red bullet took shape into a decent sized fireball that was on a path to cook some cactus.

American lowered his musket after the shot and then bent his knees to prep himself for any imminent incoming attacks.

Turn Summary:
1: Normal Shot (16dmg) Canondumb EXA
2: Position self so that Two Cacty are lined up behind each other
3: Heatshot (40dmg + Spread1) CactyA then spread to a second Cacty
4: Dodge
American takes a quick shot at one of the EX viruses, putting it in sorry shape. He then moves again, lining up a pair of cacty. He fires upon the two, burning both of them up with a Heatshot. The remaining cacty doesnt seem to happy and lobes its head at American, though it rolls past him and returns to the virus a few seconds later.

CactyC: 70 HP
Canodumb EXA: 14 HP
Canodumb EXB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 150 HP
American raised himself to his full stature and then replaced his musket with his shotgun. Keeping the shotgun at about his waist he drew shells from his satchel and then placed one inside of the gun. The other he placed inside of his coat's pocket so that it was easier to find then when it was inside of the satchel.

"Bo, slot in a shotgun and that one chip we have, I think it's called a Markcannon." American suggested as he finished loading the shell inside his shotgun.

Bo didn't have anything to say so he just silently slotted both chips into his PET and then carried on with watching the battle in silence.

"Cat got your tongue or something Bo?" American quipped again as he moved into position so thatmaking the spread of the shotgun hit the second canondumb would be made easier than if he had just fired off the shot from his original position. "I think they might cry if they knew what was going to hit them." American said trying to get a reaction from Bo which just wasn't happening as easily or at all like he thought it would. Squeezing the trigger of the shotgun American tried to contain the recoil.

American then reloaded a fresh shell into his shotgun and then took aim at the remaining Cacty that had lobbed it's head at him earlier and missed. He wanted a reaction from Bo and began to mention a small story that might have made him laugh. "Remember that one time, back in the Dark Chip factory when we fought that Heelicopter? I miss those days man, we should team up and go find some large copters to fry." Still nothing so American just decided he might as well finish this battle soon so he could ask Bo what was wrong.

Squeezing the trigger a larger blast from the shotgun came, larger than the shotgun because this was a cannon. A Markcannon to be exact and the blast almost blew off the barrel of the gun and almost recoiled the gun so badly American felt like his ams might break in many different places. He bent his knees again and prepped himself for another dodge incase of any following attacks.

Turn Summary:
1: Move to a position so Canondumb EXB is infront of Canondumb EXA
2: Shotgun (50dmg + Spread1) Canondumb EXB Spread to Canondumb EXA
3: Markcannon1 (70dmg + Lockon) CactyC
4: Dodge
The two immobile Shooting Target Canodumbs was shot down by American's skilled control of the shotgun and the lone Cacty was no match when he brought out the MarkCannon. When blast of the chip hit against the woody body of the virus, it immediately disintegrated and reformed into harmless datas!


Terrain: 100% Normal

American: 150 HP

500z + [CactBall1] Battlechip
CactBall1 -
Damage: 20 x 2-4 Hits + Ground Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Rolls a cactus ball at one enemy, hit's a random amount of times
Duration: Once
Element: Wood
American began to brush his coat off, as he walked towards where the virii had stood their ground against his Shotguns. He had won this round but would the next one be any different?

"American we have to get you to Electown on the double. We have a mission." Bo said as American turned his head to the screened image of Bo.

American took off towards the direction of Electown Net to accomplish the task set for him.

((Going to Electown))