A Musical Busting Run

Current Background Music

Dun dadun dun dadadadun...
The camera pans across Nitro's buster.
Dun dadun dun dadadadun...
The camera scans over Nitro's visor.
Dun dadun dun-
The camera focuses on his emblem.
The camera zooms out to fully show Nitro.

"What was with that entrance?" Nitro asked his operator, as the music began playing at a softer tone.
"Well," Chris replied, "You wanted some music to go along with this run, and I thought that we might as well go for the grand effect."
"Sounds fair," Nitro reasoned. "So your sure I'm the only one who can hear it? I don't want to look stupid."
"It's a little late for that," Chris joked. "But yes, you're the only one that can hear it."
"Alright, let's do this!" Nitro shouted, and as he rushed forward, he was completely unaware that Chris had just lied to him.

((Ok, whoever mods this, please choose a song that would make appropriate background music for the fight.))
((No one modded you because no one was silly enough to have a background music. But luckily, I am silly))

Background Music

Beyond the horizon, the sun was just setting, illuminating everything in a brilliant coat of light. It was then, 5 mysterious figures appeared before Nitro, proud, strong, and unbelievably awesome. Each and everyone of them stepped towards the navi in unison, united as one and invincible in their ties. It was as if the sun it self was rooting for the mysterious figure's victory, as it shrouded the identity of Nitro's possibly new sworn nemesis. This was it, the battle of the century, nothing will prepare you for what would happen in this battle!!!

??A: ?
??B: ?
??C: ?
??D: ?
??E: ?

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro: 100 HP

Nitro watched as the five figures marched forward. He put his hand in front of his eyes, squinting against the sun that set so picturesquely behind his opponents, with the music changing to set the mood for what would no doubt be the most epic battle Nitro would have the privilege to take part in. He stood in awe of the scene unfolding before him, mainly because he wasn't even aware that there was a sun in the Net. Nevertheless, he was not in a good position for fighting the unidentified enemies. "Chris," he called out. "Send me some chips, I'm gonna try to get into a better position."
"Sending a couple chips now," Chris replied. A Cannon appeared on Nitro's left arm, and a Shotgun on his right. Nitro dashed forward, and as he approached the figures, he leapt into the air, traveling in an arc above them. As he passed over them, he aimed his Cannon at the right-most virus and fired, changing direction in mid-air. Landing to the left of the viruses, he fired his Shotgun at the virus in front. He then straightened up, and took a better look at his opponents.

1: Dodge (jump)
2: Cannon at ??E (40dmg + Knockback)
3: Shotgun at ??A, B, & C(50dmg + Spread2) (Mass Destruction activated)
They just turned out to be Metools.

How lame.


The weak metools were completely destroyed one by one by Nitro's powerful gun chips. In the end, he showcased a new feat of his new power and the shotgun's ammo output increased dramatically, deleting one more virus that it should have.

MetoolsC: ?
MetoolsD: ?

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro: 100 HP
((Your song got removed from Youtube))

Nitro could hardly believe it. Metools. Bloody Metools. These little thing got Nitro's hopes up so far, made him think that this would be the battle of the century. The way they stared at him made seemed almost like they were mocking him. Nitro could feel the anger welling up inside him. "Chris," Nitro said, eerily quietly.
"Yeah?" Chris said with a fearful tone.
"Rageclaw." Nitro said, with the same, quiet tone as before. Nitro simply stood as the claw materialized on his arm. Suddenly, he dashed forward, giving a shout that someone could easily mistake for a lion's roar. He swung his claw up when he reached the first virus, then leapt high into the air. He then came crashing down, bringing his now green-glowing claw down upon the second.

1: Rageclaw at MetoolC (40dmg + Slashing)
2: Dodge (jump)
3: Rageclaw at MetoolD (40dmg + Slashing + Break) (Smash Activated)
((Attack Conditions))

Enraged at this meager entourage, Nitro races at the first of the last metools, bringing a sharp uppercut that told of the virus' doom, deleting it, before leaping into the air and charging his break energy.

Upon seeing this, the Metool hid itself under its helmet, which wouldn't do much, as Nitro crashed down with the force of an elephant dropping from a 10-story building, flipping the virus defenseless onto its back.

MetoolsD: ? (Defenseless!)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
Nitro was panting after that furious rush. It felt good to blow off some steam once in a while. Nitro's attention turned to the flipped Metool, now struggling to right itself. Nitro also felt the extra weight on his arm, signifying that the Rageclaw was still there. He walked up to the struggling Metool and picked it up. He then fired a bomb with a delayed fuse at the ground. Finally, he slammed the Metool back down, right side up and overtop of the bomb. He then did his best to hold the Metool's helmet down long enough for the bomb to go off.

1: Pick up Metool with Rageclaw.
2: Fire Buster bomb at ground (delayed)
3: Slam Metool down (20dmg+ Impacting + 8dmg from bomb)
Ok, it dies, but slamming your own hand into your own bomb is never a good idea.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro: 90 HP

Get: 500z
As Nitro rubbed his slightly singed hand, the background music slowly faded back to its former jaunty self. "That is the last time I try something that stupid." Nitro said aloud. "Chris, can you send me that Recover chip?"
"Sure thing," Chris replied, and the restorative energy quickly faded the burn marks from Nitro's hand.
"Thanks," Nitro said, straightening up. "Now, let's go get some more viruses!"

1: Recover10 on Nitro (+10hp, -Recover10 from next fight)

((Sorry, we no longer allow healing in between battles with battlechips. You can still use the chip in this battle though.))

Nitro was stopped by the familiar sounds of explosives. He rushed to the scene to witness a NormalNavi deleted by a pair of Kabutanks and a Spikey, overwhelmed by their firepower. The viruses turned their attention to Nitro and responded by making their way to his position.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin]
((If that's the case, you might want to put my HP back to normal))

Nitro stood as the viruses moved toward him. They certainly looked stronger than the viruses he had just faced. He also determined that the two identical viruses fell within his area of expertise. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Nitro asked his operator.
"Yeah!" Chris replied. "Let's beat these viruses at their own game!" Chris slotted in a Shotgun chip, and the weapon materialised over Nitro's hand. He jumped to the left to better position himself, and fired, infusing the attack with explosive energy to make it reach farther than normal. He then whipped up his buster and aimed at the Spikey. As it charged, the buster's temperature reached critical levels, and when he fired the stream of bombs at the virus, he felt the backlash from the attack.

1-2: Take aim and fire Shotgun at Spikey, KabutankA, & KabutankB (50dmg+Spread2)(Mass Destruction activated)
3: Overheat at Spikey (80dmg+15dmg to Nitro)
The empowered shotgun blasted at all three targets dead on, massively wounding all of them into near submission. The Spikey didn't want to go out without accomplishing anything, so he started to charge the flames into his mouth and fired a single fireball at the navi. Nitro, however, was also charging his own attack and fired a volley of bombs that drowned the fire and destroyed the Spikey!

KabutankA: 30 HP
KabutankB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro.EXE: 85 HP
After making sure the attacks landed, Chris slotted in the Recover chip to give Nitro a little boost in his health. He then slotted in two more chips, Thunder and Cannon, so that Nitro could dispatch the last two viruses. The chip data appeared on either arm, and Nitro wasted no time in firing them at the viruses.

1) Recover10 on Nitro (+10hp)
2) Cannon at KabutankA (40dmg+Knockback)
3) Thunder at KabutankB (40dmg+Stun1+Homing)
Nitro's Recov10 patched up a small wound, healing just enough for him to recuperate and fire off his Cannon and Thunder. The Cannon decimated one Kabutank but the Thunder rolled slowly along the ground towards its target. The surviving Kabutank shuffled about before launching a pair of bombs at Nitro with only one of them being successful. Meanwhile, the Thunder reached its target and electrified the last virus to deletion. Some zenny and chip data were left behind in the aftermath of the battle.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Nitro.EXE: 65 HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 300z + MiniBomb
Nitro felt the burn of the explosive attack, but it wasn't enough to keep him down. He walked over to the remaining data and sent it to Chris, examining the data as it transfered. "So, you about ready to call it a day?" Chris asked his bruised partner.
"Yeah," Nitro replied. "I'm about ready to stop. That last battle was pretty good though." Nitro started to glow a light shade of green, and then he dematerialized, leaving the Net for the comfort of his PET.