No time for rest

Everything went dark for a moment as Ukutsk found himself in a different place. "Well let's have a look around shall we?" Ukutsk said as he began to walk along a path.

Nothing appeared to be in sight after walking for what seemed like hours. "Maybe all the viruses didn't feel like waking up today either" Ukutsk said. All Roland could do in response was sigh. "Hey if they act like you, maybe all I need is to set off an alarm to beat them." Ukutsk finished his joke as he continued his search for viruses. "You're not as funny as you think..." proclaimed Roland with yet another sigh.

#Battle 1#

A weak, shallow voice suddenly popped out in front of Ukutsk and suddenly felt a small prick on his legs. When the navi looked down, it happens to be three Metools all bunched together with a dreadful blood-shot eyes. Maybe the navi woke them up...and they're not so happy about it!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

"What was that!?" Ukutsk shouted in surprise as he jumped back a few feet, and grabbed his arm to aim it. Ukutsk sat for a few milliseconds analyzing his foes. "What happened, why are you so quiet all of a sudden?" asked Roland.

"Hey Roland, they finally woke up, and the best part is they look like you with their blood-shot eyes." Ukutsk said as he got into a battle stance. "Whatever you do, don't lose. We both know how depressed you get when you lose, and I'm not going to listen to it again." said Roland with a snicker.

The area was still for what seemed like eternity. "So, are you ready yet?" Roland asked Ukutsk. "I have the chips ready to go if you're ready to go. We have a shotgun, rageclaw, and cannon" Roland said in a weirdly excited tone.

"What's with you today? You're actually prepared." Ukutsk said as he began to lunge towards the 3 Metools. "They're all in a group...let's hit them with something hard! Give me the shotgun, follow it with a Cannon since Rageclaw isn't my type." exclaimed Ukutsk.

"You sure you don't want to try the rageclaw? Wait, nevermind, I forgot you couldn't be persuaded once your mind was made up. Good Luck." Roland said as he sat back waiting on his comrade to speak again.

Ukutsk could feel his arm beginning to change, it was a feeling he seemed to enjoy incredibly. He quickly ran towards the group of Metools shotgun ready, aimed it at the Metools, and then fired. He attempted to get as many metools as he could with his shotgun, deep down he had hoped he at least hit one. His arm immediately changed afterwards into another shape. Ukutsk immediately aimed it into the smoke created by the shotgun, he managed to catch a glimpse of a metool as the smoke began to fade. He fired immediately and then backed up as far as possible from the remaining smoke, waiting to see what damage, if any, had been done. He stood there expecting an attack back at him and was ready to do his best to dodge out of the way.


Shotgun at Metool A hoping to hit Metool B behind him. (50 + Spread 1)
Cannon at Metool C (Damage: 40 + Knockback)

Two of the Metools were quickly dispatched by the Shotgun round while the Cannon easily finished off the last one. As their bodies disintegrated into bits and bytes, some zenny and battlechip data was left behind.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Guard1 Battlechip
"Good job Ukutsk...can I go back to sleep now?" Roland said half-laughing at his close friend. "Or are you continuing on?" Roland asked reluctantly. "What do you think?" Ukutsk asked rhetorically as he continued to walk on, looking for another fight. "Oh well, at least we got 200 Zennies and another chip out of the deal." Roland stated.

Ukutsk continued walking on his path. He walked and walked, nothing seemed to change. He began to grow agitated and the extreme repetitiveness he was experiencing.

"I can't take it anymore! I'm bored out of my mind! screamed Ukutsk in an outburst of frustration. "You're too emotional, you should sleep more" Roland suggested. "Why don't you shut up? You're as lazy as you've ever been. All you do is sit around and play that game of yours. Ukutsk stated harshly. There was no response back from Roland.

Ukutsk huffed away and continued walking fuming. "He gets me so frustrated" muttered Ukutsk as he continued to walk. As he continued his walking, he finally began to cool off. "Hey, Roland..." started Ukutsk "I'm sorry." Ukutsk waited around for a response but didn't get one. "Roland!" shouted Ukutsk. "Wha- huh?" Roland said followed by a yawn. "You fell asleep again!?" Ukutsk asked. "No, just something in my eye" Roland replied. "Guess you'll never change." said Ukutsk laughing. "Let's go find some more viruses!" exclaimed Ukutsk as he took off running.

#Battle 2#

The sleepy navi continued on for good distance before encountering another set of viruses. Two boxing viruses were having a friendly match as a Bunny was overlooking the match. One of the Champu realized Ukutsk nearby and all the virus' attention was facing directly at the navi!

ChampuA: 60 HP
Bunny: 50 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

"These guys box?" Ukutsk said in confusion as he looked upon their match. "And they have a bunny with them? What kind of world is this? Ukutsk stood momentarily waiting to see what would happen.

"So are you going to fight these guys?" asked Roland. "Or have you become a chicken?" [/color] Roland began to make the annoying chicken sound at Ukutsk. "So what chips do you want me to send?!" Roland continued expecting Ukutsk to fight.

"You know I'm going to fight. I always do, and I always will." Ukutsk stated as he began to analyze his opponents. "I know those two were boxing when I arrived, so I probably have to be close for them to hit me." Ukutsk thought to himself. So that means, I'll take that other guy out first. Ukutsk thought as he looked at the bunny. "Might want to stay away from him too though, since I don't know what he does." Ukutsk jumped back as he finished his thinking. "Send me the cannon. That's all I'm going to need. I think it's time I finally use my other ability." Ukutsk said as he felt his arm change. "Oh and send me the guard1 too, I may need it. Ukutsk added.

Ukutsk quickly prepared his cannon as he attempted to keep his distance from the viruses. He desperately searched for an open line of fire so he could hit the bunny. As soon as he found what he thought would be the best chance, he fired his cannon in hopes nothing would get into the way and it would be accurate. With the smoke rising, Ukutsk grabbed his arm and aimed it. "It's finally time to use this." Ukutsk stated as he fired an icicle from his arm, aiming at the closest boxer and hoping to hit the second boxer with the shattered remnants of his icicle. He then prepares to guard himself from anything sent his way.

Cannon at Bunny (Damage: 40 + Knockback)
Ice Sickle at Champu A and then splash for Champu B (Shot type, Aqua Element, Splash, 48 damage. (2TCD))
Guard1 aiming at bunny. (reflects an attack, max 60)
Ukutsk hits the Bunny with his cannon, damaging the virus and pushing it back a bit. He then fires an icicle at one of the Champus, which hits and shatters, the shards taking out the adjacent virus as well. He then puts up a Guard. The Bunny flings a ring at Ukutsk, but the attack reflects and finishes off the virus.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

Rewards: 325z
"That was easy." said Ukutsk as he relaxed his arm. "It was an interesting fight though. How did that bunny survive a blast to the face like that from a cannon?" Ukutsk asked surprised about the incident.

"I don't know. Maybe the things are getting stronger." Roland replied. "Could you even survive a blast to the face? Oh yeah, I forgot. You're mister "Never give-up". You'd find a way to fight even if you were beheaded. You'd probably use the blood gushing from your neck to blind them and then attack with an icicle in hand. Wait, do you all even have blood?" Roland said as he began to laugh at the spectacle as it played through his mind.

"What is it with you and blood?" Ukutsk asked in a slightly annoyed voice. "Better yet, don't answer that. I'd rather not be freaked out some more by you." Ukutsk said as he had a shiver run through him. "You are right though, I would fight until the end. At least one of us fights our battles. Ukutsk gave out a slight laugh as he began to walk again.

"Can you hurry this up? I'm getting hungry." responded Roland as if he was completely ignoring Ukutsk's last statement. "Maybe I'll get some pizza or spaghetti." Roland stated as if he had drool completely filling his mouth.

"I'm working on it." Ukutsk said half-heartedly. "Maybe I'll take a break but you have to be nice to me until then or I won't" Ukutsk stated smiling. "Let's go!" Ukutsk screamed out as he began searching for more viruses.

#Battle 3#
Ukutsk was suddenly found by the couple of Cacty waving back and forth, already trying to find the chance to attack the navi. Just as when the anvi tried to prepare for his fight, the sound of blazing fire was near the Cacty as an Oldstove was next to them as well!

CactyA: 70 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
CactyC: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

"It appears that it's time for another battle! exclaimed Ukutsk as he smiled showing his bear like teeth. "It looks like 2 plant like looking things and some weird kind of stove.". Ukutsk then hears a rumbling noise.

"Don't say anything food or food-related. I told you, I'm hungry" Roland said after his stomach stopped rumbling. "Will you hurry it up already?" Roland asked in an annoyed tone.

"All right, which one should I go for first?" Ukutsk thought to himself. "Maybe I should get rid of the odd one out first." Ukutsk continued his thoughts. He grabbed his arm and stood in a battle ready position. "Roland, send me the cannon, and the shotgun. I'll take care of the rest."

"Are you sure you want the shotgun and cannon? Why not guard this time? Why not just jack out?" Roland asked. "Oh well, hurry up and get it over with." Roland stated.

"Got it." Ukutsk said as he began to lunge towards the old stove. He felt his arm turn into the familiar cannon as he aimed at the old stove and blasted. "I hope that hit. Here goes! Ukutsk muttered out as he then jumped to the side and fired his shotgun, trying to get the two remaining enemies into a row through all of the smoke. As the smoke began to settle, Ukutsk jumped back and stood ready to dodge any attack that may come out from the unseen enemies.

Cannon at Old Stove (Damage: 40 + Knockback)
Shotgun at Cacty A hoping to also hit B (50 + Spread 1)
Just as the OldStove was about to open its grate and belch out a line of fire, Ukutsk's Cannon slammed into its face and knocked it back a step and kept it just out of range. Flames licked at the navi's face but didn't quite reach him. His Shotgun tore out a chunk from one of the Cactys but didn't hit the other one as it was too far. In retaliation, the Cactys rolled their heads in unison but they were both dodged fairly easily.

CactyA: 20 HP
OldstoveB: 10 HP
CactyC: 70 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP
"I didn't manage to get a single one down!?" Ukutsk said in shock. "They must be getting stronger then. Ukutsk said as he stood ready to attack. "Send me the rageclaw, followed by the guard chip." Ukutsk commanded Roland.

"What!? Don't order me around." retaliated Roland. "You can't win these battles without me, and you know it." Roland continued on.

"I won't be shown up by these things!" Ukutsk snapped. "Now please send me the rageclaw and the guard chip." Ukutsk asked with a slightly more polite tone. Ukutsk grabbed his arm as he felt it being transformed again. "I will win this." Ukutsk stated as he ran towards the enemies. He quickly used his rageclaw and attempted to grab the undamaged Cacty and throw him into the other Cacty.

Ukutsk then jumped back and prepared his guard chip. "Come on guys! Or are you chicken? Ukutsk asked as he waited for their attack. He then used his guard chip, aiming at Cacty C, but hoping to line up the reflection of the attack to more than one target. "I hope that at least hits that annoying little plant thing." he muttered as he jumped a little further back hoping to avoid whatever comes at him.

Rageclaw at Cacty C, attempting to throw him into Cacty A. (40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting)
Guard 1 at Cacty C, and any other targets if possible (reflects an attack, max 60)
The unwounded Cacty was clawed by Ukutsk, but the navi failed at grappling the virus with the claw and throwing it at its sibling virus. In retaliation, the other Cacty rolled its head right at the navi, but the attack was simply reflected back and deleted the virus! Though this may call for celebration, the Oldstove blew its hot fire all over the place, which, Ukutsk barely evaded!

OldstoveB: 10 HP
CactyC: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP
"They're still here? Ukutsk said curiously as he looked at his remaining foes. "They appear to be weak." he thought to himself. "Even so, I'm out of chips. I guess I'll have to rely on this again." he said as he grabbed his arm. "If I fire an icicle, the shatter may be enough to destroy what remains of the enemy."

"Hey Ukutsk, we're out of chips. What are you going to do?" Roland asked. "Just run, it's best to not worry about it" Roland pleaded with Ukutsk. "Wait, how about you use your buster this time?

"It's not strong enough in my opinion." Ukutsk responded. He then ran towards the cacty as he raised his arm up. "One more time." Ukutsk shouted as he fired an icicle. He aimed for the Cacty and hoped it would shatter and damage the Old Stove, but he didn't rely on this too much. Ukutsk quickly shot his buster at the old stove, and then he jumped back.

"I will not lose to you." Ukutsk said as he looked to evade any attacks that may come his way.

Ice Sickle at CactyC and then splash for OldStoveB (Shot type, Aqua Element, Splash, 48 damage. (2TCD))
Normal Buster Attack (1x1x2= 2 damage)
Ukutsk's Ice Sickle struck the Cacty and shattered along with the viral data. Fortunately, the OldStove was close enough to be hit by the splash and shrieked as the icy shrapnel showered its hot frame. It was deleted as well, prompting the appearance of some zenny and some battlechip data.

OldstoveB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Ukutsk: 100 HP

[Battle 3 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + CactBall1