New BattleChip Release

Huge list of new chips to be had by all. Thanks goes to MagicCereal ( D: ) for the creation of these chips.

3-Way (Buster)
DoubleJump (Support)
BugChain (Support)
Panic (Trap)
Voltz1 (Virus)
Voltz2 (Virus)
Voltz3 (Virus)
SeekerBomb1 (Bomb)
SeekerBomb2 (Bomb)
SeekerBomb3 (Bomb)
BlizzardBall1 (Ground)
BlizzardBall2 (Ground)
BlizzardBall3 (Ground)
AquaUpper1 (Ground)
AquaUpper2 (Ground)
AquaUpper3 (Ground)
GreenWood1 (Ground)
GreenWood2 (Ground)
GreenWood3 (Ground)
ComingRoad (Terrain)
GoingRoad (Terrain)
CrackOut (Terrain)
DoubleCrack (Terrain)
TripleCrack (Terrain)
Meteor18 (Object)
Team1 (Object)
Team2 (Object)
Team3 (Object)
ColorBall1 (Other)
ColorBall2 (Other)
ColorBall3 (Other)
RemotePlug1 (Other)
RemotePlug2 (Other)
RemotePlug3 (Other)
MagnetMissile1 (Other)
MagnetMissile2 (Other)
MagnetMissile3 (Other)
IceSlasher1 (Other)
IceSlasher2 (Other)
IceSlasher3 (Other)
QuickBoomerang1 (Other)
QuickBoomerang2 (Other)
QuickBoomerang3 (Other)
GravityHold1 (Other)
GravityHold2 (Other)
GravityHold3 (Other)
ShootingStar1 (Other)
ShootingStar2 (Other)
ShootingStar3 (Other)
Static (Other)
ColonelArmy (Other)
BlackWing (Other)
NeedleCannon1 (Gun)
NeedleCannon2 (Gun)
NeedleCannon3 (Gun)
StarArrow1 (Gun)
StarArrow2 (Gun)
StarArrow3 (Gun)
ThunderBeam1 (Gun)
ThunderBeam2 (Gun)
ThunderBeam3 (Gun)
Z-Saber (Sword)
HammerToss1 (Melee)
HammerToss2 (Melee)
HammerToss3 (Melee)
MeteorKnuckle1 (Melee)
MeteorKnuckle2 (Melee)
MeteorKnuckle3 (Melee)
JusticeOne (Melee)
GiantHook (Melee)
FootStomp (Melee)

PS: Kunai 1-3 has been updated as well.
The GigasArm series has be redesigned, and released to the public once again. You may find them in the Melee chip list of the battlechip database.
Dollthunder and Elecreel have undergone some major changes.

Quote ()

Damage: 80 + Line-Attack5
Accuracy: B
Description: Fires a powerful bolt of lightning that pierces through objects and enemies alike.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec

Damage: 80 + Spread 3 (Side + Behind)
Accuracy: B
Description: A small bolt of lightning that spreads sideways and behind the target upon impact.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec