No homework here... virus time!

A bright light faded into a crouched, black figure on the ACDC net. Loki looked around, taking in his surroundings. "Doesn't seem to be anything here, Jack. Maybe the virii are out doing their homework too.

"Virii don't do homework, Loki!" Jack said with slight irritation.

"Yeah, I know. Neither do you. Well, let's get this thing started." Rising from his crouch, Loki took in another view of the area before dashing off with a ninja's speed. Stealth was his friend, a part of him. Maybe he could take these virii by surprise, if they didn't ambush him first. He continued in his crouching dash, carefully scanning the area and suspiciously looking in every direction.

"Bring it."

{Battle 1}
Loki quickly traversed the network, and it wasn't long until he noticed a trio of figures in the distance. He quickly closed in to see three Metools in front of him. They also noticed the incoming Navi, and raised their pickaxes to attack.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Loki.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #1: Fox v. Met! Ready, Fight!)>
Loki's eyes narrowed as the virii spotted him. "Shoot, I'm going to have to be more stealthy... if even the lowliest of virii sense me coming, I must really be out of shape." Loki compensated his stride to meet his pickaxe-armed enemies.

The heat of battle felt great; he had missed this since the school year had gotten so busy. Of course, Navis didn't have adrenaline or anything, but it didn't matter to Loki. Just the thrill of a mission to complete, a goal in the distance, was enough for him to put in his all.

As he dashed toward the simple-looking virii, Jack's voice cracked in. "So, um, you ready for your orders?"

"Oh! Sorry about that, Jack. It's been a while, I'm excited. So, what would you have me do to defeat these 'intimidating' opponents?"

"Okaaay, um... let me find my chips..." A small feeling of worry come over Loki until Jack's voice cracked back in. "Okay! Well, I could only find three chips... but they'll have to make due. I've got Cannon, Shotgun, and Rageclaw."

"What does Rageclaw do again? Eh, let's try that. Cannon isn't really my style anyway. Send Shotgun afterward and I should be able to take these guys out."

"Gotcha!" an excited voice replied. Loki was almost upon the Metools now, and he felt his hand forming into a huge bear-like claw. With a small smirk, he lunged at the closest Metool, reaching for him in an attempt to throw it at the second. Rolling back onto his feet, he quickly fired a shot from his recently transformed hand at the second Metool, carefully lining it up with the one behind it. He then leaped into the air, waiting for the smoke to clear to better analyze the rest of the battle.

Rageclaw: MetoolA, attempting to throw at MetoolB. (40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting)
Shotgun: MetoolB, positioning to hit MetoolC behind it. (50 + Spread 1)
((When making your turn summary, please indicate the targets. Here's an example:

Cannon: MetoolA (40dmg + Knockback)
Chip----:Target(s) (Chip effects) ))
(Sorry, fixed)
Loki managed to hurl the first metool at the second, they collided with a metallic clang. The metools were still functional, but the first hit the ground and spun to a stop on it's helmet. It sat there confused with it's feet up in the air. The second Metool, as well as the third, were felled by a powerful shotgun blast and the resulting shrapnel spread. Loki changed positions by jumping up and away from the battle space.

MetoolA: 20HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Loki.EXE: 100HP
"Hey! Not bad for our first netbattle in a while!" Jack exclaimed to his Navi. School had been so busy lately, and Jack's mom had been all over him, bugging him here and there to study, do his homework, blah blah blah... a kid's supposed to have fun sometimes, right? "Okay! Let's try Cannon now!"

"No, Cannon's not my style," Loki responded stubbornly. "It's too noisy, flashy, blunt. Besides, I have a better idea. Why don't we see if my signature attack is still up to speed?"

"Hey! I like that! Sure, go for it! Flaming Shuriken!"

Loki felt a power surge up through him as he began to race toward the remaining Metool. A grin came upon his face; he really hadn't realized how much he'd missed the excitement of competition. He began to feel a fiery power well up in him as he began to concentrate more and more. As his focus became nigh impenetrable, he lunged in the air above the remaining virus. Twisting his body to gain more momentum, he spun around and shot a shuriken toward his lone foe.

Not a normal, buster shuriken though. This one was engulfed in a black flame, a ghostly orb of fire. The shuriken flew on with deadly intent as Loki landed into a rolling crouch. Once his feet hit the ground, he was off again. "Let's keep dodging so we don't waste any energy," Jack's voice advised.

"Good idea, no need to get greedy."

Flaming Shuriken: MetoolA (40 damage, Shot, Fire Element (+5 bonus))
((The damage bonus for same element applies only to battlechips, not that that matters much in this instance.))

Loki decides to use his special attack rather than using any chips. Chucking his nasty flaming star, he finishes off the final virus, ending his battle and giving him safe passage furthur into the net.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Loki.EXE: 100HP

Rewards: Guard1, 100z
Noticing a different navi in the area just finishing a virus battle, and having finished his latest battle, Eternalis walked over to the other navi and greeted him, all friendly-like. Hi there. I'm Eternalis.EXE.

Examining the rather strange Navi, not that he wasn't strange too, he could see a fox-like humanoid figure, dressed in a black ninja outfit, with a head similar to a fox and two long, swishy tails. Not that much taller than himself, but that wasn't surprising, since Eternalis was pretty tall anyway.

You look cool. Wanna bust together?
Loki watched with satisfaction as the last Metool poofed away, thanks to his Flaming Shuriken, a move that belonged solely to him. It was more fun to use than a normal chip, mostly because it reminded him of his individuality, a uniqueness in design that had started to wane with the mass production of PETs. Why, lately almost every other Navi looked the same to Loki. Landing on the ground in his customary crouch, Loki examined the battlefield once more to check for any more virii.

His question was soon answered as a packet of data appeared in front of him. "Sweet!" he heard Jack exclaim. "We got 100 zennys AND a new chip! Let's see... Guard1. It looks like a defensive chip modeled after the Metools helmets."

"That could come in handy," Loki answered thoughtfully. "Shall we continue?"

"Yeah, let's bust some more!"

Loki had not walked much farther when he came upon a strange looking Navi... it looked as if it was made of water, and it had no true features. Loki tensed, wondering if this may actually be some new virus, or a malevolent Navi.

"Hi there. I'm Eternalis.EXE. You look cool. Wanna bust together?" the mysterious Navi offered.

'Seems innocent enough,' Loki thought to himself. 'Maybe this guy could help me shake off the rust.' "Alright, your offer sounds good to me. I'm Loki.EXE. Shall we then?" he offered, waving his hand toward the open space of the net. Giving Eternalis a few seconds to respond, he then continued his terk into the depths of the net, looking for any unsuspecting virii.
Alright, your offer sounds good to me. I'm Loki.EXE. Shall we then?

Watching the snicker-inducing startled reaction of the new Navi he met, Eternalis replied, Of course. Hey, how about we go to the NetSquare? I think there may be other people we can bust with there. One more wouldn't hurt, really.

Then, he sprinted away towards the NetSquare without warning, and disappeared into the portal promptly.
Loki stopped in surprise, watching the strange new Navi. He seemed rather impulsive... not necessarily a bad thing, but a trait that Loki certainly did not want to have. Impulsiveness would not do for a stealthy Navi like himself. He shrugged in partial indifference, changed his stride, and strode off after the blue Navi in his customary crouching run.