A thousand putrid steaming shards fell from the sky onto the ACDC net as Levran rapped off a quick line of curses at the failing PET, which included but not limited to *CENSORED FOR YOUR PLEASURE!*.

As the pieces landed upon the ground of the beautiful network, they melted as if the only thing holding them together in the first place was gravity. The 1's and 0's float around, filling it with an almost somber mood. Then a musical accordion begins to play. "BACKUP PLAN INITIATE MUSICAL RECONSTITUTION ACTIVATE!" A cackle from a demon can be heard over the intercom, and perhaps even whole net.

Suddenly as the accordian reaches it's main number, the liquid starts gathering together, all into one puddle. "BASIC SHELL FORMATION CODE: YOU BETTER NOT FAIL AGAIN YOU STUPID PIECE OF ****!" Clapping to the tune of the music again and again, as if to will it to life!

The shell formats itself as the liquid begins to fill it, once full it solidifies, coloring, and reforming itself again. Finishing it's process the basic shell dissipates and the newborne navi opens it's eyes.

Its hunched back form and burning tophat give it the strangest appearance that could ever be seen. it's mouth smiles, the appearance seeming unnatural

"FINALLY! AFTER TEN THOUSAND YEARS I'M FREE! TIME TO CONQUER THE EARTH!" Rubbing it's hands together in that strange way people in the cold do, or evil people who can't straighten their backs do.

"Wait what? No, we are not having any of that! Research Experiment Sigma, state your purpose." A sigh of exasperation comes from the "great" scientist

Face sloping down once more, a sadistic tone creeps forward "To experimentttttt, heheheheHAHAHA, WHERE ARE THE EXPERIMENTS!!! COME TO ME MY PRETTY SUBJECTS!!!!" Eyes lightning up a violet color Res stalks towards the north, in search of precious pretty subjects.

".... Maybe I should have spent more than one minute on this one..."

As "Res" walks the net looking for...test subjects...he soon spies upon three. They were small, yellow, and had REALLY pointy pickaxes. The trio of Metools turn to face the experiment that oozed data. Needless to say, they were freaked to see such a navi as the trio screamed their trademark "MEEP!" at the navi, wanting to get rid of it ASAP.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

"Res": 100

Terrain: 100% normal

Res merely smiled at the metools, a dark shadow creeping over his face.

Raising his right hand and tiling his head that way, the burning tophat falls into it. "Hello good gentle....viruses, may I persuade you to participate in a study?" Rubbing the tophat with a smile, Res soon grew angered as it failed to stop burning. "sigh, such a waste."

Putting the tophat back on his head, Res looked down at himself. "Oh geez, how careless, I forgot my clothing!" The trenchcoat materialized upon him and now the experiment is complete, with dual action surgical knife! "How careless, well since I'm not hearing and disagreements from you ... Oh cr--" Keeling over, Res's body lurched over as bile erupted from his mouth. it continued in three great pushes until the bile ran out, allowing Res to stand up again.

"Oh bugger, I knew trix were meant for kids only! What the dandy bugger was that anyways!?" The flaming pile of... bile, started smoking a most peculiar scent, it reminds one of flower and daisy's and at least 12 different illegal net drugs.

"Oh that?, that was... uhh... you know I don't know what, just ignore it, get started Res. Test the first product please." In his head Levran was laughing manically, "NOW TO PROVE MY CONCEPT! CALL ME A MAD SCIENST EHH!???" People were starting to look at him weird, with that 'he's a mad scientist' look.

"Well then, which one first? I know!" Taking a quick jump to the left, Res dashed inward onto his target the cute little bugger on the left MetoolA. "Well now.... question is how do I di... oh bugger" Bile purged itself from his stomach again, this time burning even the fire navi. It completely coated the metool in a steamy mess. "Well that solves that" taking out a sprayer labeled ANGEL'S DUST in capital letters, Res sprayed it upon the cute little bastard, making sure it soaked in all the way to the core.

"and now the finale!" Taking a match out of his lab coat, Res threw it onto the met, inflaming it in euphoric flavor, scent, and feeling. Taking the traditional CIRCLE DANCE, Res smiled like a madman, his eyes sinking in even further. "Welcome comrade to the world of enhancement products, ain't they swell?" Smiling his face wide with euphoric joy as he himself breathed in the products.

Dodge to left
Angel's Dust 0 dmg, -15 health, confusion for one turn
-1 health)
The Metools stared at Res as he went through his routines...and puked up flaming bile to boot. One of the metools soon after sent a shockwave towards him, which, the navi dodged as he soon puked up more bile, sprayed the metool THEN made it come aflame as it soon after confused the poor bastard, making it send a shockwave at it's own allies, hitting the one that hadn't done anything...yet.

MetoolA: 40 (confused)
MetoolB: 30
MetoolC: 40

"Res": 84

Terrain: 100% normal