Charge! Spearman!


Voulge arrived into the network with a flash of bright light. With a calm look on his face, he gripped his weapon and walked towards the deep part of the network. A holographic screen projecting Marius popped up in front of Voulge. "So, we're here right now to test out the new data we received. We're doing this just so you can be fully configured, so don't push your self, Voulge." Voulge only responded with a nod and walked along.

As he progressed into the net, he realized he was inside the heavy-virii infested area. He still kept the calm expression and walked cautiously...

Battle 1 Start
Voulge doesn't find that big of a group, starting out. Two OldStove hobble around, doing stove stuff. Whatever that entails. One Spooky floats ten yards to Voulge's right, staring at him like a stalker. It wants your body.

OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
Spooky: 30

Voulge: 180

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle 1 Begin
Marius stared at the virii from his comfortable chair inside his apartment, and noticed the spooky on the right of his navi. "Voulge", Voulge already knew what Marius was about to say and responded in a low tone voice, "Yes, the spooky on my right...It's intention is clear". Voulge immediately took stance with his weapon, Avaria-Lancea, in his hand in the position of a lance. He slowly backs up, knowing that the spooky would be the most lethal one of the virii group, and makes sure all virii is in his field of vision.

Marius scans through the new chip data and picks two chips right off the bat. "Humm, for a hot headed kid, he has some good choice of chips." He slid the chips into his PET and told Voulge the strategy of the battle. "This battle will be an interesting one. The spooky would definitely be the obstacle we have to go through." Voulge, listening to the conversation, was still tense and ready for anything for the virii's reaction. "I've sent you a Boomerang and a sword chip. You are to take the OldStove virii out first and take care of the Spooky"

"Your will shall be done"

The lancea shifts into three bamboo spears with ropes hanging from each end. Voulge holds two of the lance on his right, and the one on his left, and stands firm towards the viriis. He sees the OldStove as his main target, but he also tries to take the chance towards the spooky. Even if the weapon might prove ineffective against it's hollow body, it might have a chance of flinching for a split moment when the spear is heading straight towards it. Voulge prepares his weapons and hurls it straight to the three viriis.

As soon as he felt the tensity of the rope, he immediately pulled the weapon back and the three spears turned back to its original form. The spear changed it shape again into a naginata, a japanese pole arm which has a full katana blade on it's end. He dashes straight towards the spooky and takes a powerful helm splitter slash on the spooky. Voulge quickly retracted the blade and gave the final attack with a wind-cutting thrust to the torso of the virii.

Voulge retreated with no sight of exhaustion on his body. He and Marius was actually surprised by this. "Seems like the navi we saved did have some value in him," "It's very hard to believe I was able to do all this with complete ease..."

1. Sets up a proper field of vision. Spooky now in sight.
2. Aims w/ Boomerang
3. Boomerang [60/3-Target(s)] {A} @ Spooky, Oldstove A/B
4. Vertical slash with Sword [80/Slashing] {B} @ Spooky
5. Straight thrust with Sword [80/Slashing] {B} @ Spooky
The Boomerrang... spears... thing completely clobbers the two stove enemies, though the Spooky teleports out of the wave of the attack. When it reappears, Voulge is waiting, and he cuts down the enemy with a pair of slashes.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: DELETED!
Spooky: DELETED!

Voulge: 180

Terrain: 100% Normal

Rewards: Recovery10, 95z
Voulge takes his lancea and shifts it back to it's original form. He takes up the loot of the battle and continues into the darker part of the net.

Voulge trudges foward in the net and comes across more viruses! Oh the horror! They shall punch and bomb you to death if you can't wipe them out fast enough.
So go wipe them out. Yeah! Show these guys who's boss.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voulge.exe: 180 HP

Voulge saw the group of viriis and immediately took its distance and got into position. He saw the champu and realized that it might be the main threat out of the group. Marius chose two chips, a Mokorush and the recently used Boomerang chip. Both Voulge and Marius knew that it would be for the best if they would wipe the virii out as fast as possible, or else it would turn from bad to worse. "I'm pretty sure you already know about this situation, Voulge. I've sent you two chips, use the Mokorush first take out the Champu first. The stamped created by the chip would be more than enough to take care of the petite vermins. The rest, taken em out with the boomerang"

Voulge bounced into action with his lancea firm in his grip. He pointed his finger straight to the huddled champu along with a few Kabutank. Suddenly, a silent rumble was growing louder and louder and whole bunch of sheeps came rushing through Voulge and straight towards the group of viriis. Before the sheeps came to tackle the viriis, Voulge already prepared his spear with the modification of the Boomerang chip and waited for the right time. When the sheep passed by, Voulge threw the three bamboo lances in split second to the three Kabutanks. He immediately pulled it back and reverted the weapon back to the original form.

Marius saw the unused process upgrades he received from Alphonse and saw this as an opportunity to use it right now. He started to type on the keyboard fiercely and started to type down all the data encryption and commands on to his computer. In matter of minute, Marius pressed the ENTER key and sent the new signatures to Voulge. "So...remember how the BLPD (BrightLand Police Department) took all out signatures and everything? There happen to be some unused process upgrades and I input our previous signatures into it" Voulge nodded and held his weapon with his right arm, "You want me to trying using one, correct? There are chances of being comple--", Marius layed his finger on the PET and gave Voulge a sharp look, "...", "Your will shall be done."

The lancea flashed with great brilliance and changed the weapon into a silver jousting lance; along with his armor. Voulge prepared himself by positioning his foot into the ground and started to dash with ridiculous speed. When the lance tip was only inch away from the Kabutank, Voulge let out a fearful scream and thrusted the lance with all his might. He only took a step back as his weapon changed into a 5, circular pronged lance. Taking a swipe at the tiny champu, almost like grabbing a lacrosse ball from the ground, Voulge hoped to pick the champu and threw it towards the other Champu.

After the assault, Voulge quickly retreated back into a safe distance with speed and grace. Taking a swift breath of air, he took the weapon back into the position to joust. But this time, rather than changing into a jousting lance, it turned into a special lance...A GUNLANCE!! Voulge stood up strong and powerful with a towering shield on his left arm and the gunlance on his right. He dug his foot to the ground to find a good foundation and aimed the end of the barrel at the remaining viriis. With his eye through the cross hair on top of the gunlance, Voulge pulled the trigger, letting out a phoenix, burning everything on it's way.

1. MokoRush [60/3-Targets] {C} @ Champu A/B, Kabutank A
2. Boomerang [60/3-Target(s)] {A} @ Kabutank A/B/C
3. Grandis Attero [60 Damage / Break / Melee / 2TCD] @ Kabutank B
4. RageClaw [40/Slashing/Grapple] {B} @ Champu A / Grapple throw @ Champu B
4.5. Swordplay [Dodge]
5. Phoenixshot1 [70/Wide] {A} @ Kabutank C / Champu A/B
Voulge starts the battle with a horde of charging sheep! Two of the unfortunate trio burst into flame as they near their designated targets, but they hit, unfortunately the third is deterred by the sight of the cannon, and scurries off to locations unknown. But its failure to delete the enemy almost mattered not, for Voulge looses a trio of bamboo spears to take out the enemies!
All three shots hit, but the tank enemies aren't deleted... yet. He fixes this with a roar and a thrust with his signature spear (Voltman's going to have words with you, bub... D:<). In a fit of RAAAAAGE, he grabs the deceased Champu and throws it at the OTHER Champu. Those corpses will learn not to light your sheep on fire EVER AGAIN. And finally, with a blast of fire, only one tank remains.

Which promptly pisses itself and runs.

KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voulge.exe: 180 HP

-Success! Flawless Victory!-
Rewards: Firehit1, 300z
((Woah...I didn't know Voltman used spears too >___>))

Marius was unsatisfied, since Voulge wasn't able to completely wipe out the enemy. "Voulge, pursue the Kabutank. Eliminate on sight.", Voulge changed the gunlance and sheathed the lance onto his back, "It emits no threat to anyone. It'll be wise to ignore it and continue ahead."

Marius sighed and stood up to grab a drink of water. "Do what you want..." Voulge nodded his head and proceeded into the net.

Voulge's stroll takes him across the path of a gaggle of viruses, laughing and making other bizarre noises amongst themselves. They almost looked... intelligent.

Until they saw the Navi and instantly went killer-virus-OM NOM NOM mode. Damn. As if that weren't enough, something seriously screwy was going on with the ground.

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
LarkC: 100
Octon: 120

Voulge: 180

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Magnetic (Checkerboard format)

((This one's short compare to the other ones...))

Voulge came across a strange group of viriis and was intrigued by them. Before he could take his weapon at hand, he realized something weird about the battle ground. When Voulge came near the strange patch of land, his body started to constrict. He immediately retreated and kept his lance at his back. "The irregular in the battle field resembles a powerful magnet. We must deal with it." Marius remembered facing the similar problem, and knew that he needed wood element to negate the panels.

He picked up the RingLog chip and slid it in. Since the RingLog is a...log, he was hoping to roll the RingLog across the field, negating the magnetic panels along its way. Voulge grabbed his lancea and retreated to the far end of the battle ground. He lifted his weapon sky high as it changed into a gigantic, silver gunlance with a round shield on his right. The gunlance, at first, looks like an ordinary lance with few bullet hole around. But when Voulge inserts the Magnum data into the lance, it started to create sparks and started to form more and more barrels around the lance.

He took the gunlance, holding it with both of his arms, pulled the trigger. Rather being fired, the weapon started to emit a super-sonic pitch, growing louder and louder by the second. Even though this type of action would've risk Voulge into serious danger, he knew this would surely erase the majority of the virii in one shot. When the pitch stopped with a large click inside the lance, Voulge took his sight on to the Lark and Octon virii and let out a devastating wall of fire, melting off the newly sprouted gun barrels into crisp.

1. Rolling RingLog [50] {C} @ Magnetic Panels
2. Charge Magnum
3. Charge Magnum
4. Aim w/ Magnum @ Octon / Lark A/B
5. Magnum [140/Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3)/Crack Panel] {A} @ Octon / Lark A/B
<(...Why in the hell did I use the ElecTown format for this fight? Ahh well, not that it really matters.)>

Voulge bowls a Ringlog down a line of Magnetic panels, neutralizing the electric charge in them beautifully. The rest of the checkerboard, however, still remains. Undaunted, Voulge takes a lance-like Magnum, and blows two Larks and an Octon into next Tuesday.

Seizing the chance at his defenselessness, one daring Champu warps to Voulge and delivers two flaming punchs to the gut. The remaining Lark adds it's own contribution, sending a wave of water at the Navi, soaking him to the bone.

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
LarkC: 100

Voulge: 140

Terrain: 60% Normal, 40% Magnetic (Checkerboard format)

*Starts chocking Phoenix*))

With a large burnt mark on his stomach and soaked with water, Voulge wasn't to happy about this. Neither was Marius. "Take care of that wound of yours first, be on the pure offensive and don't stop." Voulge wrapped the chain around his arm and faced the Lancea's blade downward. "Permissum bona ex Diabolus cado vobis". A stream of energy flowed from the ground and into the blade of Lancea. The weapon shifted into a long deadly war scythe, shining with brilliance and fear with its chrome metal blade, ready to take the very life of Voulge's enemy.

Voulge dashed towards the unscratched Lark virii and spun in a diagonal fashion. The speed of the spin was so great, it only showed a metallic tornado with the pure black middle from the body of the spear. When the war scythe near contact, Voulge gave it a quick, flashy slash. A slash so fast, even Voulge had no idea if it made full contact or not with the blade. The weapon shifted from the war scythe into a gunlance and lent Voulge another shield to defend him self from the intense heat given off by the blast of the gunlance. He aimed the barrel of the lance straight towards the remaining 3 virii and pulled the trigger in seconds. The end of the gunlance let out a ear-popping screech as a giant wave of fire was sent straight towards the virii.

As soon as the fire was shot, Voulge dashed madly towards the viriis. Even if the virii group was to take a direct hit from his fiery bullet, there were some chance of survivors fro the attack. The lance transformed into a Naginata and Voulge proceeded to attack in the direct order of the viriis. The first Champu with a powerful thrust to the torso, connecting with a swift spin slash to the 2nd Champu. Voulge leaps back to gain some distance from any retaliation and jumps up sky high and delivers a powerful helm splitter on the Lark.

1. Diagonal spin slash w/ Bona Ex Diabolus [30 Damage (Life Drain) {60} / Melee {Free} / 2TCD] {60} @ Lark C
2. Phoenixshot1 [70/Wide] {A} @ Champu A/B, Lark C
3. Torso thrust w/ Sword [80/Slashing] {B} @ Champu A
4. Spin slash w/ Sword [80/Slashing] {B} @ Champu B
4.5 Swordplay [Dodge]
5. Helm splitter w/ Sword [80/Slashing] {B} @ Lark C
By means of going absolutely nuts with a scythe and gunlance, Voulge does a clean job of owning the remaining three virii, but not before he siphons some HP from the Lark.

ChampuA: STAB'D
ChampuB: (^./^) *sliced in half*
LarkC: ...

Voulge: 170

Rewards: 750z
Voulge lets out a single deep sigh when the battle was finished. He retrieved the Zenny data left on the ground and slowly walked forward to the net. Marius spurted a petite smile and even complimented Voulge, "That was impressive...But next time, don't let that happen again. If you were to get defeated by a simple virii, how can I keep this pride of mine together?"

"...As you wish"

Three terrifying, ferocious Spikeys and three HIGH SPEED Fishys descend upon the unsuspecting Voulge! The knight prepares for battle! The heat is intense! It's time to FLAME ON!

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
FishyA: 90 HP
FishyB: 90 HP
FishyC: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Voulge.exe: 170 HP

Staring towards the fierce group of viriis, Voulge immediately took his lance into position. His eye was set at the Spikey's mouth flaring with sparks of flames, prepared to direct it to Voulge. He shifted his eye and saw the three hovering Fishies, also ready to strike at Voulge any time. Marius could also sense the same vibe Voulge was feeling, he would need to play defensive. "Requesting a Guard chip and a Magnum. The Fishy virii is prioritized as the highest threat".

Marius quickly grabbed the chips Voulge needed. As soon as he slid the guard chip in, a towering shield fell from the sky and covered Voulge from any surprise attacks headed towards him. Inserting the Magnum chip data into his Lancea, it transformed once again into his trusty Gunlance. This time, it felt more like a GUN than a LANCE. It was practically a gigantic barrel with a straight handle and trigger. But, the edge of the barrel was thin and razor sharp, which would almost be considered as a blade. Rather than aiming and shooting directly towards the viriis, he takes his time charging the gun. Voulge holds the lance vertically and revs it over and over again. The body of the gunlance starts to glow orange and the barrel starts letting out a endless stream of steam.

Voulge held on to the lance until it let out a click and the steam from the barrel stopped. He lifted the huge lance and aimed it straight to the levitating Fishies. He gripped the lance firmly and placed it on his shoulder. "Send them flying", "With hell's fire!" He pulled the trigger and the recoil almost sent Voulge off his feet. The blast from the gun was so intense, the thin edge of the lance was melted and peeled like a banana peel. The fire let out by the Magnum was so devastating, it nearly charred the ground and swallowed the air on it's way to the unfortunate viriis.

1. Guard1 [Reflect 60] {S} @ Upcoming attacks
2. Charge Magnum
3. Charge Magnum
4. Aim w/ Magnum @ Fishy A/B/C
5. Magnum [140/Charge to hit multi-target (Up to 3)/Crack Panel] {A} @ Fishy A/B/C
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