Back: With Somewhat Cavalry

Materializing on the security system, Zephyr looked around, sulking. "I'm NOT Zeph." Spotting a group of virii, he hurried over to them, and stopped. Turning around, he waited for Cyclone to come...

"You still suck, Kure."
Cyclone also appeared in the net, reforming from raw data into his familiar shape. He reached his hands to the sky, then bent over to touch his toes.

"Been a bit since I got out of the PET.... way to cramped in their." Cyclone said, now doing side stretches.

Shinko was a bit embarrassed with his navi, blushing why trying to get him to stop. "C'mon!" he pleaded. "We gotta go find Zephyr- oh, there he is!"

Cyclone stopped stretching, and turned his head so he could see behind him. Sure enough, there was Zephyr, to whom Cyclone hurried over to.

"So..." he said. "We all ready?"
"Yup." Zephyr replied, looking Cyclone up and down. "We're both Wind, I suppose...I'm wood, tho'." he said, grinning at how easily he could innuendo that statement.

"Let's go, then!" Kure egged. "It's frikkin' COLD."

: D))
Viruses appear before the duo, ready to fight, and possibly screw with the security system more.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Zephyr.exe: 100 HP
Cyclone.exe: 100 HP

Cracking his neck, Zephyr looked up at Kure. "We gonna DO it this time??" he inquired.

"Sure, up to you mate. Want a chip?" Kure asked, grinning.

"Shotgun." Zephyr said, rather bluntly.

"Still pissy, Zeph?" Kure replied sweetly, the grin giving it away. Hurriedly looking away from the PET, he pulled out a Shotgun chip and slotted it into the PET. As the cyber-munitions were digitally transferred to Zephyr, Kure looked over at Shinko.

"You may want to try a Shotgun, too; we'll deal with three or so quite quickly that way." Kure remarked, jerking his head vaguely towards the security system.

The dark-green cylindrical armament slowly formed on Zephyr's right arm, taking the place of his usual air-formed talons. Watching it slowly materialize from raw data, the squares eventually morphed into something he could use against the pesky virii. Turning to face the two Mets that were one-behind-the-other, he fired one shot, hoping it'd spread to the next directly behind it. To follow up, he leapt at the Met that was behind the initial target; lunging, he swept his aero-claw across the Met's general area, hopefully damaging it somewhat, or hopefully enough in the end, with the combined Shotguns, to delete it. Jumping back, Zephyr looked from side to side, ready to dodge incoming attacks.

HP: 100
1. Shotgun > MetA, Spread - MetB (50)
2. Wind Claw > MetB (8)
3. Dodge

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Cyclone pointed out the viruses, noticing them for the first time.

"ENEMIES SPOTTED!" he yelled, quite obviously.

"Uhm... Cyclone?" Shinko asked quietly.

"Yeah?" Cyclone replied, lowering his finger.

"We already know that they're there." Shinko said.

"Ohhh...." Cyclone groaned, lowering his finger even more. "Sorry...."

"S'alright." Shinko said, smiling. "If it makes you happy, here's a shotgun chip. Blast those virii to pieces!"

"YAY!" Cyclone exclaimed, a skyblue shotgun appearing where his right arm usually is. He raised it a lowered it a few times, getting a bit more accustomed to the slight weight change, but soon being fine to attack. He decided to shoot down the shots like rain, so he leaped into the air, assisted by his propeller. Once at about 3 feet high, he took aim at a Metool in about the middle of the pack, and let loose a stream of light blue streaks of light, all spreading out to pepper the Met's general area.

Cyclone didn't stop there, though; instantly after firing the shotgun, he let loose a stream of bullets from his buster, aimed at a separate Metool.

1. Shotgun(50) > MetoolC- Spread to B
2. Buster(8) > MetoolB
3. Dodge
((I don't even WANT to know why you're aiming at things that are already dead.))

The first three Metools die, it's a bit of overkill for MetoolB. The other two attack! But they miss. :'D

MetoolD: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Zephyr.exe: 100 HP
Cyclone.exe: 100 HP
Grinning widely, Zephyr looked upon the results of his rampage. Three out of the five total aggressors were absent; a good omen.

"Good job, guys. I'll Cannon one, you get the other." Zephyr said. "Cannon, please."

"Sure, Zeph!" Kure replied, slotting the basic chip in.

As Zephyr received the other beginner's cyber-weapon, with the blocky bits of information morphing on his right arm, he looked to one of the surviving Mets. Swiveling to the closest, he aimed the Cannon carefully; pulling the trigger, the loosed fire followed a speedy path towards the Met in a brilliant blue flash, hopefully getting rid of it.
Looking to the other, he made sure to be careful of incoming tell-tale waves in the terrain.

HP: 100
1. Cannon > MetD
2-3. Dodge
((Zero, get the MetE.))
(( Mkai. ))

Cyclone watched as he and Zephyr's efforts obliterated most of the attackers; they weren't a bad team. Shinko figured that they could take it a bit easy now, and sent Cyclone a trusty Cannon chip.

Cyclone was alarmed at first as the Cannon began to appear, but then realized it was just a chip. He hated when Shinko did that- send him a chip without saying anything. But, Cyclone just remained silent, and readied the Cannon with a smile.

Now Cyclone, being a wind navi, is extraordinarily fast, but does not like going too fast, or else his enemies can't see him. That is why Cyclone does not display much effort while flying- he often doesn't try. This time was no different, as the danger was small, so Cyclone swiftly flew to the right, and let fly with the blast of yellow produced from the Cannon to finish off the Met.

1. Cannon(40) > MetE
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
((I thought cannons were blue >.>))
((Does it matter? It's a flash of energy.))


Terrain: 100% Normal

Zephyr.exe: 100 HP
Cyclone.exe: 100 HP

Both Get: 125z
FXP: 1 Static
((FXP = ?))

Nodding, Zephyr looked where the Mets used to be. Nodding towards another troublesome group, he broke into a dodge, ready for another battle.

"Let's go."

((Battle 2, please. : D))
(FXP: 1 Static
Have to get the OK from ZS before I can give you a Battle 2.)
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(( Okay ))

Cyclone floated over to Zephyr, and offered a high-five. "Yes!" he exclaimed, smiling.

"Soo..." Shinko said. "Did we finish them off?"
"Pretty much." Zephyr replied, nodding.

Eyeing the proffered hand skeptically, he gave an exaggerated motion and pushed his hand into it. "Let's go kill something else..." he suggested, with a wicked grin that wasn't normal for him.


Quote (Hiko)


Viruses, more of them

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP
SpookyF: 50 HP
SpookyG: 50 HP
SpookyH: 50 HP

Terrain: 75% Normal, 25% Cracked (scattered about)

Zephyr.exe: 100 HP
Cyclone.exe: 100 HP

((Spookys x9,000+))

Zephyr's eyes widened as he gazed upon the array of virii spread before him.

"Let's start out with a shotgun, neh?" he suggested, looking up at Kure.

Sharing the same expression, Kure looked down. "Um, yeah. Sounds good." Slotting the familiar chip in, he looked down again at the Spookies. "Incoming."

"Alright, cool." Zephyr replied, as the yet-again-familiar weapon warped into being from the usually blocky bits of digital information, morphing into the ever-useful Shotgun chip. As Zephyr hefted the bulky extension to his limb, he grinned. "Ready for this?" he asked the virii arrogantly. Holding the gun out lightly, he pulled the internal trigger, letting the cyber-shell explode towards two of the Spookies that happened to be in a row, one behind the other. As the weapon disappeared, Zephyr nodded towards his battle companion. "You may want to try the same; it'll take down a bunch at once. Half, if it works right." Looking back to the virii, he hopped from side to side, strafing around them, ready for incoming diabeetus-filled-licks.

"Lose the attitude, Zeph." Kure said, obviously narked.

"Relax, I'm just getting started." replied Zephyr with a smirk.

HP: 100
1. Shotgun > SpookyA, Spread > SpookyB (50)
2-3. Strafe (Dodge)

((He's becoming arrogant; I'm'a have fun with this. >:3))