New navi, old foes.

As Siren jacked into ACDC net, she flew down from the sky and landed gracefuly onto the net.

"So......this is the makes my instincts come.......full circle....." Said siren as she took off into the net, just flying slightly above the ground so that she could land quickly when she needs to fight.

"This should be an interesting series of fights......just like with Nikko, her preditor instincts are takeing over." Timmy thought to himself outloud, but quietly to himself.

(battle 1)
Virus Attack!

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
CanondumbD: 50 HP
CanondumbE: 50 HP

Siren.exe: 160 HP
"Heh. This is gonna be fun." Siren said as she eyed the viruses with a smile.
"I knew you would like to kill something, pickpocket1, Twinfang1, Pheonixshot1, battle chips in and download." Timmy said as Siren heard three clicks come from the PET.

As the data from the chips was downloaded into Siren's body, she felt like she was gonna explode as she used the Pickpocket data first. Siren then landed, but only for a split second, as she then jumped high into the sky and then flew down at CannondumbA and as she neared it, she beared her claws atop it's frame and in a second she attempted to grab onto some, if any, data from the Cannondumb's core data and hoped that it would be worth it as she landed upon the ground. Then the datas for the Twinfang1 and Pheonixshot1 datas surged into her wings, her left turned bright with white while her right glew red with fire. Siren then flaped her left wing and as she did, two large white fangs appeared out of thin air and flew right at CannondumbA&B, their deletion was not questionable for they could not even move. Then she looked at CannondumbC-E and smiled quite widely as she flaped her right wing quickly and as she did, flames spread out from them, kicking up a massive fire storm twords the three unfortunate cannondumbs, attempting to burn them to ashes with the intense heat of the pheonixshot.

Siren then lept up into the sky and flew over the carnage that she had raged on below with the two attack chips that timmy had sent her, she was getting a big kick out of fighting viruses, maybe she should convert to not being such a sissy about fighting.

Pickpocket1----->CannondumbA (steal zenny or chips)
Twinfang1----->CannondumbA and B (70 to both)
Pheonixshot1----->CannondumbC-E (70, fire to each)
Dodge/battle overviewX3
Everything dies.

CanondumbA: DELETED (get: 100z)
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED
CanondumbD: DELETED
CanondumbE: DELETED

Siren.exe: 160 HP

Get: 600z
Siren gathered up the data and quite easly for being a new navi to the worlds of the nets.

"Siren, i found some other way to break you in." Timmy said.
"Realy? does it involve me getting my feathery ass handed to me?" Siren commented.
"No. just a patrol mission. thats all." timmy said.
"Ok." Siren said.

Siren then hovered above the ground and started to fly through the net, looking for what she needs to in order to join the mission.

( police mission.....from Eon.....)
"Siren, you need to head to netfrica, i just got an update." Timmy said as he looked at the netpolice bord again.
"Alright, how do i get there?" siren asked.
"Go to netcity and head into a portal that heads twords netfrica." Timmy said as he gave siren instructions.
"Ok, i'm there." Siren said as she headed into a portal that headed to netcity.