Sentry Mission?

A single silver shot of glistening energy pierced threw the cyber atmosphere, slamming into the floor panels of the ACDC network area. Pulsating a bit, the thirsty energy spewing out every which way, eventually a humanoid form took shape within the beam.

One lone figure clad in a black set of leather armor came soaring out of the beam at top speed. A midnight black cape flailing behind this enigma added to the seeming drama of his entrance. Looking upward one would see that the navi held a rather irregular head settled upon his body. Shimmering white hair ordained the man's head, causing an irregular sort of contrast from his tanned skin. The navi's eyes had been dressed up in a pair of sleek black sunglasses, a glowing hue of white light enveloped around the glasses.

((Battle Please))
Something rumbled ominously, making the very floor underneath Kegamusha's feet shudder in a heavy bass beat. He turned, and saw that a large sport utility vehicle that seemed terribly out-of-place on the Internet thundering toward him. It was the source of the loud, bassy music that was pervading the air and making it throb relentlessly. The driver slammed on the breaks as the SUV drew close, but at the speed that the car was going, it wouldn't be able to stop in time to avoid running Kegamusha over entirely. Whoever was behind the wheel pulled on the handbrake, though, and sent the entire vehicle into a wide spin that ended with the SUV lurching on its suspension and finally coming to a halt. Its running board was just a foot away from Kegamusha's knees.

Suddenly all the windows rolled down at once, and the sunroof popped open. A pair of Canodumbs stuck their gun-like heads out through the windows, and a couple of Metools started to climb up onto the roof of the SUV. Written across the side of the vehicle, in crude letters comprised of something that may have been post-deletion data, were the words "THE WELCOME WAGON".

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
The Welcome Wagon (SUV): 50 HP

Kegamusha.EXE: 100 HP

The navi came to an abrupt halt. Not loosing a step he tried to make a swift and discrete jump out of the way. Processing the scenario, the samurai began formulating his plans. Seeming to come to a decision the strange one drew out his blades. All at once each limb of his body glinted for a mere moment, then one saw that each one now possessed a shimmering blade. Drawing the final piece of the set and snatching it up with his mouth, the virtual warrior appeared ready for his assault. that is when a moment of sheer idiocy struck.


Came the high pitched voice of an idiot who clearly had no idea what he was doing. Kega winced as the chip data was forcibly (although he did not understand how) implemented onto his arms, the swords being forced back into their sheathes by the chips activation. The navi glanced at the sky wearing a look of pure disgust and frustration...muttering weakly as he lost consciousness a curse.

All at once the normally silver eyes of the navi filled in, deep red blood flooding the iris, causing the eyes to emit a weird battle luster. The law enforcer's hair all at once sprang up turning to a shade equal in per portion to the hue of his eyes. A wicked and crocked smile filled the normally emotionless face and the navi's general "feel" was transformed. The normally emotionally empty yet occasionally raged tones were now filled with nothing but pure brutality and barbarianism. Vicious and savage was his nature now, broadcasting a feeling of corrupt and twisted longing and thirst for blood.


The devolved savage pounced at Metool A with the hope of having the now satanically glinting blade like claws doused in shimmering cool blood. trying to pick up the met by the helmet the beast the planned to proceed in fiercely jabbing the met multiple times.

With no regard for anything around him the navi shot toward Metool B. The glittering sword-like claw seemed to glow with anticipation, hoping to have a chance to slice at this fine example of prey. The beast reared his head and sliced at the metool at around the feet with all his might.

Jumping blood thirstily backward, the power hungry less then human being accidentally jabbed his claws into a panel. Using incredibly force the present half navi (as it would seem) finally managed to thrust up the claw, however attached was the panel it has been in which had simply poped out of its place, it then began to spin due to the force that had been exerted in trying to remove it.


Rage Claw------->Metool A(40Dmg)

Rage Claw------->Metool B(40Dmg)

The two Metools didn't even get a chance to react. They were systematically hacked to pieces by Kegamusha's Rageclaws, and tumbled from the roof of the SUV. One of them dropped through the sunroof and managed to land right on the gas pedal, and the Welcome Wagon jerked into rapid motion as its hammer was put straight down. The engine roared under the hood as it took off, the Canodumbs blazing as they fired uselessly at the Navi, but missing awfully. Something leaned on the SUV's steering wheel, and the whole vehicle began to swing around as it drove madly across the Internet...slowly turning to point its nose at Kegamusha...

...the punks were coming back!

And it didn't look like they were going to stop for him this time...

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
The Welcome Wagon (SUV): 50 HP [[color=red]INCOMING! OMFG! YOU'RE GONNA GET PASTED! GET OFF THE ROAD, BOY![/color]]

Kegamusha.EXE: 100 HP
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The inane defiled one wasted no time in his quest for blood-shed. In a monster like assault the reduced to animalistic thinking navi plowed toward the SUV. Flinging all his body weight behind his blood stained bladed claws, the enraged fighter forcefully tried to fling himself threw the SUV's windshield.

After this logic lacking brash assault Kaga vanished, reappearing at the SUV's side the irregular put all he had into trying to pick up the massive vehicle. This strange one's eyes were bugged out, the crimson color filling his eyes completely and even blotting out his pupils. A cynical cackle was flung out over the land scape as the navi dastardly tried to fling this over sized Truck at the cold metallic composure of Canodumb A. the barbarian screamed with a screeching inhuman voice that echoed threw out the entire area, resonating frighteningly in the present area.


Jumping back from his precious precious prey, the beast simply stared for a moment. Kaga's nostrils flared with red fumes, his teeth braced and dripping with drool as he longed for a precious sip of his enemies life fluids. Making up his mind on how he would finish this the enraged one forceably flung one of his claws toward the cannon opening of Canodumb B, hoping to fill in the canodumb's firing cannon. Muttering with a blood longing grin his chilling voice reached out with thirsty fingers at the Canodumb as he tried to fling his sword wielding claw into the viri's bombardment pipe.

come dare ya...he he he...


Rage Claw(40Dmg)------------->The Welcome Wagon

Rage Claw(20 dmg each)------>The Welcome Wagon + Canodumb A

Dodge----------------------------> Canodumb B
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[Ah. Know how your Signature Attack adds damage to a sword-type attack? Guess what, Rageclaws are technified as swords.]

Kegamusha essentially crashed right through the windshield of the SUV, raking his claws along the hood and leaving three long gashes through the engine block as he was thrown into the driver's seat of the car. He scurried up through the sunroof and slid off the roof of the Welcome Wagon. He dropped to his feet, spun around and sunk his talons into the back bumper of the car. A Canodumb leaned out one of the side windows, intending to give Kegamusha a good blasting in the face. With a sudden surge of furious energy, though, he turned the entire Welcome Wagon over and slammed it down on the side, crushing the Canodumb's firing mechanism under the vehicle's weight. Something hissed deep inside the car, and Kega took off at top speed. It was a good thing he did, because he was barely out of range when the entire SUV exploded, throwing virus bits in every which direction.

CanodumbA: 30 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
The Welcome Wagon (SUV): TOTALLED!

Kegamusha.EXE: 100 HP
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The molten bits of destructive viral data went blasting about with horrific force about the area. The streams of shattered binary finally clearing the air taking there mess of dreary white bits and dust all about them as they disintegrated. Slowly from this horrific silver mist two shrouded figures came into focus. There familiar glossy green color now slightly tattered with the dust of battle upon them.

As the dust cleared a speeding figure wearing his classic black leather jacket shot threw the still dissipating clouds. A tan film was about the blade users body as he prepared himself to resume the battle. The savage nature having been bashed out of him temporarily from the battles detonation he took a moment to focus, glittering silver gems shimmered about him gently as his life energy was locked into the claw that he now wore.

Because of this reinforcement of the claw it shimmered oddly, silver intertwined with a corruptive and rage filled red. The silent one winced as his souls energy was overtaken by that of the weapon once more. Kega blacked out once more and the claw came to life, himself being thrust forward with the claw, almost lead by it.

The knuckle of horror shimmered with silver accents about its horrific crimson battle luster as it overtook the rest of Kegamusha's consciousness and body. Flinging himself forward at the two Canodumbs that remained the savage tried to pass them by and jabbed at Canodumb B with his claw. Having tried at this the beast then spun around in an effort to slice down the opposite Canodumb as he was hopefully propelled past them.


Elite Performance
adds 20 dmg to any one sword chip or sword related offensive maneuver once every turn. (Passive after use)(uses one action slot for activation turn and nothing afterward)

Rage Claw------------------------------------>Canodumb B (60DMG)

Rage Claw------------------------------------>Canodumb A (40DMG)
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It seems you have finished off the welcome wagon. Good job!

Reward:350 zenny
The navi collapsed in a heap now that his data had taken such a horrific beating from the use of the wretched and cursed claw...deadpanning upon the ground a sudden beam shot from above and stole the navi from the area.

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