The Revival

Stryder stepped forward, as she materialized into AC/DC net. "Man, it feels great to be back online again." "It's great to see you back in action, Stryder. Now, lets get to business, shall we?" Stryder gripped Zieghart by the neck, in her right hand, hoisting the guitar over her right shoulder before resting the lower half of it there. She stood with her legs apart in a V-shape, clinching her left hand in excitement. "Let's do this"
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB; 40
MetoolC: 40

Stryder: 150

-Are you ready for this?-
"these guys, huh? No sweat." "Ok, here we go. Heatshot,!" Stryder begun the battle by strafing her way around the group of virii. "Lets you..." As she constantly shifted her direction from left to right, Stryder rolled her fingers across the effects board on Zieghart, turning on her reverb settings. "Ehh, no matter. You two will do just fine." She fell to her knees, strumming her guitar, furiously playing a series of power chords, as the fiery heatshot roared its way towards MetoolA/B. Alexia was shocked to see that Stryder could still perform like she used to, even after her 'coma-like' state. "Hmm. I see you haven't lost your touch after all this time. Just keep it up alright?" "Gotcha, Alexia."

Now focused on MetoolC, Stryder changed her tactic from strafing circles, to simplby standing still. "Uhh, I know these guys are weak and all, but are you sure you wanna make yourself a target like that?" "I know I know. I don't plan on just standing here like a rock. I'm just....getting back to my old self, thats all." As Stryder prepared her vulcan1 chip, she repositioned Zieghart so that the top of the guitar was pointing at the Metool, much like an arrow. Her hands began emitting a dark orange/red aura, while repeatedly opening and closing her hands as if building up strength. "Did I ever tell you how much I love my vulcan chips?" She paused and waited, as if waiting for he Metool to speak, but it stood there, hiding behind its yellow helmet. "That things not gonna protect you from....this!" Stryder burst out playing a killer high speed guitar solo, all the while, sending a volley of orange/red beams, bombarding the Metool.

1. Heatshot 40dmg to Metool A/B
2. Vulcan1 10dmg x 3hits total to Metool C (splash to anything if able)
3. no action-defense

(Let me know if my damages or anything is incorrect, since I havent been around recently.)
-TURN 2-

Stryder's attack deleted the two mets instantly and nearly destroyed the last one with the vulcan shots. The met hesitated and shot out a whizzing shockwave towards Stryder. Since she was too focused towards the battle, she took a direct hit.

MetoolC: 10

Stryder: 140
"Hmm. Your not hurt are you Stryder?" "Are you kiddin' me? That was like, a scratch. I've never felt better." Stryder yelled, in a seemingly disgusted temper. "Gosh, Stryder. You know I'm just pulling your leg. I was just kidding. Of course I know your alright, silly." Wha.....ohhhh,Alexia. You had me going there for a sec." Stryder shook off her temporary mood swing, returning her focus on the last Metool remaining.

"Hey, how about another chip, huh? Lets hurry and finish this one." "I'm on it. Let's see....uhh...." Stryder continued her strafing tactic, attempting to out maneuver the Metool, all the while becoming exhausted. "C'mon Alexia. I can't keep this up forever." "Aha, here we go. Cannon!" Finally out of breath, Stryder stops for a moment to catch her breath. Just as soon as she had stopped, Zieghart began glowing with a bright red aura. "....Finally. A new chip. Now I've got to...get up." Struggling to her feet, Stryder balances herself, and slowly begins strumming her guitar. A mass of energy could be seen, forming directly in front of Stryder. "BEGONE!!"

1. Cannon-40 dmg to MetoolC
2. dodge
-TURN 3-

BAM! Deleted into nothingness!!


Stryder: 140


200 Z
"See? Nothing to worry about." "Yeah, I guess. Alright. Uhh...lets move on, shall we?" Stryder stood perfectly still, overlooking the destroyed Metools, as if looking for something. "....Yeah. Let's go." She then began walking forward, keeping an eye out for incoming viruses.
Bunny, Bunny!,Bunny!!, Bunny!!!, Shrubby?

They all came tumbling down in front of our hero navi!

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50
BunnyD: 50
Shrubby: 50

Stryder: 140
Stryder suddenly stopped moving, as she noticed the mass of Bunnies and the stray Shrubby, tumbling before her. "Even more this time, huh?" "Looks that way, Stryder. Round 2?" Stryder paused for a moment, glaring at all the viruses, while whipping out Zieghart. "hmmph. You know it. Let's do it!"

"Ok. Cannon!!! Do it, Stryder." Stryder's first move was a series of short jumps and strafing, in attempt to confuse the bunnies. "I wonder how this will play out....Well, nows the time to find out." Gathering a good amount of distance between herself and the viruses, Stryder began randomly running her fingers across the effects panel on Zieghart, causing it to constantly change colors. "Stryder, what is that your doing with Zieg? Did one of your pickups blow out or something?" Stryder chuckled lightly under her breath. "Naa. I just really cant decide what effect to use. I guess it's distracting them, I dunno." Still undecided, Stryder quickly strums Zieg, playing two long power chords. Two faint, white beams are sent from Ziegs body, shrieking towards BunnyC and Shrubby. "Whoa...Alexia, do you know where those white beams came from?" ".......Who cares! Do it again!!! That was awesome!!"


1. Cannon to BunnyC-40dmg
2. Cannon to Shrubby-40dmg

BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP
Shrubby: 50 HP

Stryder: 140 HP
OOC: ((Sorry if the whole 'white aura' seems god modded. Haven't used my snipe ability in a while. I'll gladly change it if needed.))

"Well, that was cool. Even if I did miss the Shrubby. No, it was AWESOME. I guess I can try the white beam thing later, Alexia. Right now, I need some chips." "Gotcha. Let's see....Aha!!!" Stryder stood still for a moment, as she glared at the Shrubby. "You lucky little-." She was suddenly interrupted by a sharp, high pitched noise. "What the?!? Wait a second. That sound....." Stryder quickly glances down at Zeighart in her hands, only to notice that it was glowing with a vibrant white aura. "Stryder. Its coming from Zeighart. Zeig's reacting again to you. Almost as'"

*At the same time*
"Calling to me...
"Calling to you...

Getting back to the battle at hand, Stryder continued strafing and jumping. All the while, trying to listen to Zeighart. At times, it sounded as if Zeig was playing on its own, 'talking' to Stryder. "Hey, Stryder. You did hear that right?" "Yeah. Zeig is randomly playing all by itself. I know this is strange...but....I can actually....understand it....I mean him." "Seriously, I can barely make out a few words myself. Oh well. All I can do from here is watch for now. Do as you please." Preparing for the next attack, Stryder flips on the Distortion settings, while quickly aiming at the Shrubby. "I haven't forgotten about you," Stryder said, with a smug look on her face. She then began to rapidly play a short series of seemingly random octaves, as if building up strength and power. With each stroke, Zeighart's aura grew. Each stroke seemed to intensify the aura, causing it to become brighter and brighter. "This for you.....Zeig!"

Stryder then strums a ferocious power chord. At first, it seemed to have no effect. But slowly, the white aura began to transfer itself from Zeighart to the Shrubby, changing from an angelic white to a demonic black. "Now....BEGONE!" The murky, black aura then engulfed the poor Shrubby, before fading away. Suddenly, a barrage of five explosions emerged from the black aura, in a chain reaction. "Unbelievable!!! Zeighart...has that kind...of power?!?"

With the explosions still going off, Stryder now focused on BunnyD. "Well, guess who's next?" Stryder then runs her hand across Zeighart, turning on her grunge effects, producing a yellowish/orange aura. "I'll have to make this one quick." Stryder then fell to her knees, playing a loop of 4 random notes. "Away with you!!!" A yellow, electrifying ring goes whipping into the air, hurling itself towards BunnyD.

1.*Ability-Snipe* Vulcan2 to Shrubby-10dmg x 5 hits possible (Splash to BunnyD)
2.Zapring to BunnyD-40 Elec.dmg
Sniping away two of the viruses, Stryder weakens one to within inches of deletion. By it's own chip. And now it's stunned.
Wow. Slaughter, or what?

BunnyC: 10 HP <Stun>
Shrubby: DELETED

Stryder: 140 HP
"I guess Zeig had a lot to say, huh Stryder?" "You got that right. Come on. One more chip ought to be all I need now." Alexia thumbed through her remaining battlechips, thinking what Stryder might want to use. "Ok, here ya go, Stryder.!!" As the Vulcan1 chip loaded itself into Zeighart, Stryder began to slow down her frequent strafing and jumping, down to a stand still. She could feel the magnetic core of Zeig, resonating with power from the Vulcan1 chip, letting off a sky blue aura. "Let's wrap this up, shall we?" She then began playing a series of three double stops (playing two notes simultaneously), bobbing her head all the while. Strumming the final two notes, Stryder aims Zeig at the remaining Bunny. The sky blue aura launched itself towards BunnyD in the form of three beams. Each one zipped its way towards it with high velocity. "Beams again, huh? Guess you like them a lot."

1.Vulcan1 to BunnyD-10dmg x 3

Shrubby: DELETED

Stryder: 140 HP

Prize: 250z
"Great work, Stryder. Impressive." "Not too bad, I guess. Let's go again." Holding Zeighart in her hands, Stryder proceeded forward, in attempt to find more viruses. "...Bring 'em on." Stryder says, continuing forward, scanning the area with her eyes cautiously.
Three Spikeys and two bandcoons were attracted by the music you used to kill the last batch of Viruses

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90
BandcoonA: 50
BandcoonC: 50

Stryder: 140 HP

Battle Three
"Looks like you got your wish, huh?" "...Yeah, I guess so. I had this comin' to me sooner or later. How 'bout another round of chips, Alexia?" Alexia thumbed through her battlechips once more, looking for two in particular. "Ok, lets try this.!"

"Alright, Stryder...." *In unison*
"Go for it! Now!"
"Go for it! Now!

Stryder began her strafing technique once more, constantly shifting directions in quick succession, all the while keeping her eyes on the pair of Bandcoons. It seemed as if she never even blinked once at them since the start of the battle, as if she were fixed in a gaze upon them. "Ohhhh, Stryder's got that look in her eye....This ought to be intresting." Suddenly stopping dead in her tracks, Stryder flips on the distortion settings, and tunes all of her pickups to ten, causing Zeighart's magnetic core to resonate with the ground. The faint noise sent chills up Alexia's spine, as she watched in awe. "Zeig...", Stryder said, in a low tone, strumming a random series of notes, "I need you...". Zeig's magnetic core suddenly stopped resonating, but now a faint buzzing sound was heard. "It's feedback..." At that moment, Stryder leaped into the air, just as high as she could. "ZEIG!!!!"

Stryder ripped off a massive power chord, launching two semi transparent beams toward the two Bandcoons. The recoil sends Stryder flying backwards in midair like a torpedo, as if caught in a sonic boom. "Stryder, what's going on? Stryder!!" Stryder couldn't hear anything at the moment. The ear shattering boom canceled out any and all noises. Through Alexia's PET, all she could see was a blinding white light, and her com-link was full of static form the sonic boom. Meanwhile, Stryder recovers herself, and stealthily masks herself within the curtain of white light, waiting for it fade away.

1.*Ability-Snipe*Shotgun to Bandcoon A/C-50dmg to each
~Bumpity Bump Bump~

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonC: DELETED

Stryder: 140 HP