Cyon's Humble Begginings

With a flash of light, a new Navi appeared in ACDC Net. It looked around cautiously, blinked, then relaxed. Coming into existance for the first time can make you kind of tense. Then, his programming kicked in. Suddenly, he heard a voice, "Hi, my name's Sharmandra. What's yours?"
The Navi waited for it's programming to complete itself. Now it was a fully fledged Navi, complete with itelligence, a personality... and weapons. "I'm Cyon, technically Cyon.EXE. Pleasure to work with you. Am I your first Navi?"
Sharmandra nods, then realizes Cyon can't see it. "Yeah, I'm a first time owner, and I'm kind of new. Any chance you know what your doing?" Cyon nods, "Yeah, when I was activated I was automatically uploaded with everything I need. For example, you probably want to fight some viruses?" Sharmandra sighs sarcastically, "Uuuuhhhh... YEAH!" Cyon activates his buster, "Got any chips?"
There's a long silence. Sharmandra had run back downstairs to check in the box and get some chips. "Yeah, I gottem. Let's go!"

OOC: I didn't quite know, can Cyon see Sharmandra, or is it only audio, or what? I know in the games you always see the other person's face when you do the Hint thing and they talk to you.
((Well you could have the screen of the operator's face pop up next to him.))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Cyon.exe: 100 HP

OOC: Ugh, lost connection and the whole post, gotta start over. BTW, do we calculate our own damage? Last thing, can we reuse chips in a single battle? Meaning could I technically Use Cannon, Use Cannon, Use Cannon, etc.?

Cyon announces to Sharmandra, "We've got three viruses here. I don't have viral recognition yet, so make sure you take note of any weird abilities or quirks they have." Sharmandra agrees, "Alright, do you need any backup with chips yet?" Cyon shakes his head, "No, lets start things off with a blast!" Sharmandra stares in awe as Cyon glows and releases three crackling whips from his buster at the second Metool.

Charge Attack at MetoolB
It's been a day and an hour sssooo BUMP!
(Day+Hour? PA to the rescue!
Yes, you calculate your own damage. Include it in the summary.
Only some chips are reusable. These being most types of sword chips, and rageclaws. And some others, but none you'll have for a little while.
So no. No reusing cannons.)

The attack severely weakens one of the metools, but is not enough to take it out. Weakened, it counterattacks, only to miss entirely.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 8 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Cyon.exe: 100 HP
OOC: OKay thanks. And I know when you use the chip you can only use Cannon once, but could I use Cannon, use RageClaw for a while, then reload the same chip for another single use?

Sharmandra cheers, and Cyon rolls his eyes and coughs. Sharmandra sheepishly replies, "Oh... yeah. Alright, lets go. I'm uploading a RageClaw, do you know what it does?" Cyon nods, "Yeah, in theory. But there's really no substitute for for trying out a weapon on an enemy." Sharmandra laughs. "Of course!" Sharmandra loads a RageClaw, and crooked claws that look like they ought to be rusty emerge from Cyon's buster arm. He dashes and slashes each one with his claws.

RageClaw to MetoolA (40 dmg)
RageClaw to MetoolB (40 dmg)
RageClaw to MetoolC (40 dmg)
((No, you can only use one type of chip for the entire battle, unless you have multiple copies of it. To make that sound less confusing. You can use the Rageclaw until Overriden or broken, but if you used a Cannon before that, then you can't use it until the next battle.))

Viruses are pwnt.


Cyon.exe: 100 HP

Get: 150z
OOC: Okay now I understand perfectly.

Sharmandra cheers, "Yes! Yes, yes yes! This is so cool!" Cyon nods, "It was entertaining, I'll admit. I hate to admit it, but that pumped me up, want to fight another?" Sharmandra agrees, "He%@ yeah! But first, grab the zenny. That Rage Claw came in handy, so the more money we get, the faster we can get new chips to se, and we know how useful they are now." Cyon grabs the zenny and readies himself for battle.
Great.... to bad these bunnies arn't nice... cute, but not nice.... Though love I guess.

BunnyA: 40
BunnyB: 40
BunnyC: 40
BunnyD: 40

Cyon.exe: 100 HP

Sharmandra laughs, "Bunnies?" Cyon coughs, "Careful, they might be strong. Again, we'll see if they have any quirks or traits that could prove them to be a threat." Sharmandra keeps laughng, "Yeah... better watch out for the Satan bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cyon snaps his fingers, "If you want to keep laughing, upload me another Rage Claw." Sharmandra sighs, "What, no originality?" Cyon sighs, "We can worry abot being original when two things happen: We've got more than three chips, and I'm not potentially threatened by FREAKIN' BUNNIES!" Sharmandra uploads a RageClaw. Cyon sprints forward and stabs one Bunny, then bounces around and attempts to impale two more from behind.

Uploading Rageclaw (40 damage)
Rageclaw on MetoolA
RageClaw on MetoolB
RageClaw on MetoolC
1443 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
(Assuming you mean the Bunnies...
And by the way, you can use it over and over, but "spamming" reusable weapons could mean getting them broken, missing with your attacks, or you getting hit.
And just so you know, you can use actions to dodge. You don't have to specify what you dodge, though.)

Taking out three of the bunnies swiftly, Cyon is too busy attacking to dodge the final enemy's attack.

BunnyD: 40 HP

Cyon.exe: 80 HP
OOC: Wait, you can PRE-dodge? I thought that NOW I would say, Cyon attempts to dodge the attack... Oh well. And I know all the consequences of repeat use of chips, which is why I kind of made fun of it in my post. But I didn't know they broke.

Cyon stumbles and grunts. Sharmandra jumps, "Are you alright!?" Cyon cracks his knuckles. "Fine. It's just one hit, didn't do much damage, I'm just not used to it." Sharmandra sighs, "Fine, let's just finish this." He uploads a chip and Cyon's buster arm begins to glow as a ball of energy forms in his hand. He lunges forward, launching the ball from his fist in a throwing like motion, and uses his momentum to carry himself into two spinning whip attacks.

Upload Cannon (40 dmg)
Cannon on BunnyD
Standard Buster on BunnyD (8 damage.)
Standard Buster on BunnyD (8 damage)
It dies.


Cyon.exe: 80 HP

Get: 200z
Cyon smiles, showing more enthusiasm this time. He looks so they Sharmandra can see him head on, even though he can't see Sharmandra. Sharmandra smirks, "Enjoying this?" Cyon nods, "But not as much as you are!" Sharmandra laughs, "Agreed, so get the zenny and get ready!"
Oh, look! Viral diversity!

The darn vandals have been spending their time cracking up the road for fun. Looks like Cyon will have to stop them before they cut off the path, but he'll have to be careful not to break through the tiles...

Quote (Cracked Panels)

-Cracko! These panels will break once you step on them.
-Cracked panels will also turn to Broken ones if you use certain attacks!

SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP

Cyon.EXE: 80 HP

Sharmandra scrunches up his face, "What do those cracks do?" Cyon shrugs, "Don't know, don't wanna." Sharmandra sighs, " You don't?" Cyon sighs in response, "In theory, I know they'll crack if I step or hit them." Sharmandra nods, "Okay, so let's not do that." Sharmandra uploads a chip, and Cyon's buster arm takes a typical buster form but wider. It releases a wide burst of energy at the enemies. He then whips on and prepares to dodge/block any attacks that come his way.

Upload Shotgun (50 dmg)
Shotgun focused at SeedbatB
Standard Buster on Canodumb B (8 dmg)
Dodge (preparation)
Cyon blasts both Seedbats with his shotgun, and hits the Canodumb with a small blast, before dodging to the side a retaliatory blast. But this manuver places him directly on a Cracked panel! The ground shifting uneasily beneath his feet, it might be a good idea to get off!

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 42 HP

Cyon.EXE: 80 HP <On a cracked panel>
OOC: I'm assuming stepping off counts as an action.

Cyon sees the ground cracked underneath him, and a strategy begins forming in his head. Nothing revolutionary, but it might help. Before leaving the panel he stomps on it, assuring it would crack. He was smart enough to avoid it and leap over it while dodging. Maybe the viruses wouldn't, and it would be easier to hit them. Maybe it was all a moot point and wouldn't make any difference anyway. Sharmandra uploads a Cannon chip, but Cyon, instinctively knowing it would not kill the enemy, activates his Normal Sub-Type Special Power, Untapped Power. The ball of energy grows larger before being released, making it more powerfull. Cyon then assumes a combat stance, knowing a larger attack leaves him more vulnerable.

Move from tile and attempting to break it beforehand.
Uploading Cannon.
Using Cannon+Untapped Power on CanodumbA (50 dmg)
Prepare to dodge