Virus Bustin' Time

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A flash of light came down in ACDC square. Several navis looked over suprised, considering it was a Thursday night, an unusual time for a navi to log in, but they all looked back almost saddend when they saw the almost sinister looking navi step through the portal into the net.

"Well here we are bigshot, what do you want me to do?"

"Just get on the main net and start bustin' some virus!"

"Mind telling me where the main net IS?"

"Why would I know...?"

Slither rolled his eyes and walked over to a table in a corner of the square, where a normal navi was innocently sipping a beverage. Slither slipped into the seat across from him.

"Hey there buddy, wanna tell me where I can go to get onto the net."

The navi thought for a moment before smiling greedily. "I dunno, my memory's been a bit shoddy lately, maybe if you could-"

Slither stopped him mid-sentence. "And my tempers been a bit shoddy lately too. Maybe if you could just tell me before I shove a bomb in your ass, I would be mighty thankful."

The navi quickly got nervous from the fake threat. "Y-y-y-y-yeah it's that p-portal to the n-n-north over there. Just please don't hurt me."

"Ah, thanks pal. Just so you know, That threat was completely fake. Pansy"

Slither slipped out of the booth and walked into the portal, arriving in ACDC area 1.

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((Just don't get excessive and you're good.))

It doesn't take long for Slither to encounter a small group of Virii. None seem to have noticed him yet...

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Canodumb: 50

Slither.EXE: 100

((Battle 1, BEGIN!!))
"Seen anything yet Slither?"

"Be patient kid. It can take time ya kno-" That was when Slither saw the group of viruses siting there. None had seen him yet. That meant he had the first move.

"Alright Simon, I found a group and they haven't seen me yet. Send me a chip so I can give um a warm welcome."


Simon looked at their meager collection of chips.

"Um, Which one?"

"I don't care, something powerful."

Simon fumbled for a second, then grabbed the cannon chip and slotted it into the PET. Slither felt the chip's energy funnel through his hand, and a big grin came over his face. He didn't wait to find out what it was, all he knew was it was a gun. Taking aim, Slither fired the shot at Metool A as soon as the cannon materlized.

"Only a cannon?" Slither sighed, mildly dissapointed by the chip. "Well it does get the job done I suppose."

Slither jumped at the group, he figured he probably had their attention now, and pulled a rat out of his mouth and flung it at MetoolB. Landing several feet from the group of viruses, He pulled another rat out of his coat's inner pocket and flung it at the Canodumb.

Cannon to MetoolA! (40 dmg)
Rat Trick/Buster to MetoolB! (8 dmg)
Rat Trick to Canodumb! (8 dmg)
Slither blasts the Met, then uses his pee-shooter to cause minor damage to the other two enemies. Unfazed, the Canodumb fires at Slither and nails him in the chest.

MetoolB: 32
Canodumb: 42

Slither.EXE: 80
The blast from the Canodumb knocked Slither down and onto the ground. He hadn't taken a hit like that in a long time. It killed his enthusiasm, and made him quite angry. As he was getting up, Slither reached into his coat and pulled out three red balls and turned to the virii.

"Hey, you guys like Juggling?"

Slither started juggling the three balls and circling the viruses. As the Canodumb and Metool watched him curiously for a moment, Slither stopped and smiled.

"Wanna see something real cool boys? Check this out."

Slither caught two of the balls in one hand and throw the other one in the air. As the ball fell, Slither took his free hand and put it behind his back.

"Ohhhhh, can he catch all three in one hand? I just don't know, the suspense is killing me! Let's watch!"

As the extra ball came down, Slither flung the two in his hand at the Canodumb and caught the third. Tossing the third to his free hand, Slither quickly tossed it at the metool and pulled a rat out of his pocket. The balls exploded as soon as they hit something. Twirling the rat around in his hand, Slither slowly walked up to the weakened virii, then flung the rat at the Canodumb as fast as he could.

"I'm NOT getting hit this time around!"

Slither braced himself to move at any moment, ready to dodge any attacks that would come his way.

Boom goes The juggler! (40 Dmg to Canodumb + 20 dmg to MetoolB)
Rat Trick to Canodumb! (8 dmg)
Brace for Dodge!
The balls hit, puttin each virus in critical condition. The Met tries to counter, but Slither dodges the shockwave.

MetoolB: 12
Canodumb: 2

Slither.EXE: 80
Simon smiled on the other side of the PET.

"See Slither? I told ya this could be fun!"

Slither smirked.

"Don't get ahead of yourself boy, they're still two left."

Slither rolled to the side, flinging a rat out of his pocket at the Canodumb. Lifting up his hat, Slither grabbed two other fake rats and tied their tails together, effectively making it a two in one shot. Twirling the two rats around, Slither tossed them to his free hand, then throw them behind his back, turned and caught them, then throw them underneath his legs, flipped around again, and grabbed them. Smiling, Slither curled them up and flung them like a baseball at the met.

Rat Trick to Canodumb! (8 dmg)
Rat Trick to MetoolB! (8 dmg)
Rat Trick to MetoolB! (8 dmg)
Slither finishes off the last two in a couple of quick attacks.

Canodumb: DELETED!

Slither.EXE: 80

Rewards: Guard1, 45z
Slither flung his hair back and throw his arms to the side.

"BAM! That's how you get it down kiddies!"

Simon's eyes gleamed.

[color]"Dude! That was awesome! Kick ASS!"[/COLOR]

Slither couldn't help but chuckle from Simon's over-excitement. Slither started walking down the Net-path again, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Come on Simon, we're not even done yet. Let's keep moving now, I got plenty o' mor' juice in me."
Virus Attack!

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50
Spikey: 90

Slither: 80

Battle 2 Start!
Slither looked at the viruses for a second and realized that this wasen't going to be as much of a cake walk as their last battle.

"Well Yee-haw, isn't this gonna be fun. Want to you want me to do Simon?"

Simon grabbed two chips out of his folder and slotted them in, sending them to Slither.

"Their's a RageClaw and the Guard1 we won. Take out one of the bunnies, weaken another, then throw the guard up to protect yourself."

Slither whistled and started jogging in place for a second.

"Sound little plan you got there. Let's see..."

Slither started running toward the viruses as the rageclaw came, turning his hand into a giant bear-like claw. Leaping toward the first bunny, Slither swiped at it with the claw, then did a backflip out of the way. Drawing out his explosive juggling balls, Slither leapt to the side to avoid an incoming attack and started juggling the balls. Looking up, Slither lobbed on at the bunny he'd attacked with the rage claw, then threw the remaining two at the second bunny. He had the feeling one of the other two viruses would get him while he was distracted, so Slither quickly throw up a guard chip and braced for whatever impact would come his way.

Rageclaw to BunnyA! (40 dmg)
Boom Goes the Juggler! (20 dmg to BunnyA, 40 to BunnyB)
Guard1 Chip!
The bunny is slashed and then finished by the bomb-like attack. However, the second bunny hops out of the way. The Spikay attacks, but it reflects off the shield.

BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50
Spikey: 60

Slither: 80