Special Delivery In Waiting...

The net was unusually busy for a Friday morning. So nobody took any notice when Guillotine's data re-assembled at ACDC Square and took his form.

"Well, ACDC 2. That's..."

Not sure where he had to go, Guillotine aimlessly wandered around the Square and eventually ran into a Net Cafe.

"Hmm, this might be of some help..." Guillotine thought to himself as he approached the counter. A Prog waiting behind the counter turned around three times and faced him.

"What'll it be today?" it sparked unusually loudly.

"Could you tell me how to get to ACDC 2 from here?"

"One dollop or two?" it asked.

"What? I don't want a drink, just directions." he said.

"Regular or large?" it questioned, not seeming to understand him at all.

"DIRECTIONS. DO YOU KNOW ANY?" Guillotine practically yelled back.

"Hon, don't bother, that thing's been on the blink for god knows how long." a voice said from behind him. Turning around to face a purple NormNavi, it asked "Where are you off to anyhow?"

"I've gotta get to ACDC 2 as fast as possible."

"As fast as possible? Hmm. You don't mind fighting viruses now do ya?"

"Not really, but I handle myself okay."

"Well then, your best bet would be to take the ACDC Trail. It's about 41 cyberpanels east of here. The track itself is known to be riddled with viruses, but even if you do run into some, the course is a lot quicker than going through ACDC 3."

"Thanks very much." Turning around and leaving the store, Guillotine counted 41 cyberpanels east of the Net Cafe.

"Guillotine? You there?" asked Brad through his PET com.

Guillotine responded: "Yeah, I'm here. Don't worry, I'm heading to ACDC 2 now."

"Okay. I'll standby for any virus attacks." confirmed Brad.

"...How did you know we were going to be fighting viruses?" asked a puzzled Guillotine.

"Puh-lese. You're roaming the net: it's gonna happen." remarked Brad sarcastically.

"Okay..." Entering the ACDC Trail, he kept looking around for any possibilities of a pack of virii...

(First time battling, so don't expect me to be perfect...)
(Perfect? We won't expect it from you, but if that's your OUT of battle post, you're damn close. Damn. Close.)
I'm sure that was criticism, but not sure what direction you're taking it...
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Guillotine is looking the wrong way when he is almost hit by a passing cannonshell from the other direction... Viruses!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Canodumb: 50

Guillotine: 100

((Battle 1, Begin!!))
OoC: Yeah, Sorry about that, I get what you mean now.


"How's it looking down there?" Brad questioned Guillotine.

Looking back, Guillotine realised he'd covered half of the trail already. "Wow, that was quick..."

"She DID say it was the fastest way to ACDC 2."

"That IS true... wait a minute. Is there nothing you don't listen to while I'm online?"

"....Nope, don't think so." smirked Brad.

"I'M a wiseguy, eh? You're the wiseguy..."


Quickly taking the advice and backflipping on the spot, the panel ahead revealed a set of viruses.

"Virii pack! Battle routine, set!"

"Execute! Slaughter those freaks!"
OoC: LOL, you posted while I was RPing for an encounter...


Immediately taking action to the threat at hand, Guillotine slid out his GuillBlade. "Any advice Brad?"

"Take the Metools out first. We'll deal with the Canodumb later."

"You're the boss." With that, Guillotine launched himself into the air.

"Mett?" the first virus questioned.

"No, not mett. You're unlucky first!" Guillotine said, before performing two quick slices at the enemy.

"Ack!" squealed the Mett, retreating as quickly as possible.

"Pathetic. Can't even stand your ground. Oh well, your little friend will do just fine." Taking another mighty swing, another solid slice connected with the second Metool.

"Attack incoming!"

"I'm ready for it! Evasive maneuvers!"


1st Action: GuilloBlade (MetoolA)
2nd Action: GuilloBlade (MetoolA)
3rd Action: GuilloBlade (MetoolB)
*Free Action: Swordplay (Dodge)
(Few things...
1. Autohitting (Ex. "another solid slice connected with the second Metool") is frowned upon. You could say "another solid slice flew at the second Metool, threatening to give it a slash it would not soon forget", instead.
2. You DO have battlechips. Use them. Defeating enemies, even mettools, 8 damage at a time will get old quick. Trust me.
3. Include damages with your summary.

Do these, and you're good.)