Volt in ACDC

Voltman ran into ACDC from the Netfrica portal. Apparently, a virus Shigeru was looking for lurked around here. He shrugged, and continued his search for virii in this simple net. What could be more valuable here than in Netfrica?

(Battle 2, 140 HP)
Well, there wasn't much in ACDC that could be considered valuable--rather, something that could be called dangerous. Voltman had found his fortune, but unfortunately, it was in viruses.

SeedbatA: 50 HP
SeedbatB: 50 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Voltman.EXE: 140 HP

Voltman stopped as he saw the new arrivals.
Any of these them, Shigeru?
Afraid not. Still...
"Still..." what?
They still give us stuff if we beat them down.
Point taken. I'll finish this quickly.
Elementalblast combo, triple slot-in!
Shigeru slotted in the flameline1, boomerang, and wideshot at once. Voltman clutched his navi symbol as it glowed with the information passing through, and doubled over in pain. The strain from the three chips was too much for the small body. Shigeru's eyes widened, and he attempted to deactivate the GMO. A metallic voice responded from his PET:
"Operation failed. GMO not active. Try again?"
It was then that Shigeru started worrying. Scouring Voltman's data, he found that the image data for Voltman had bonded with the GMO. Voltman was stuck, unless he figured something out! He quickly accessed a backup data of Voltman, removing the image data and trashing the rest in the process. He took the empty GMO shell that had been Child.GMO, and quickly inserted the data. It was a quick fix, but it would have to do. His finger hovered over the PET screen for a moment, before pressing Execute.
Voltman stood up, the data flowing more freely through his larger form. Not waiting to think about what had just happened, he took the opportunity he was given, and jumped into the fray.
The Spikeys were quick. There was no question about that. But Voltman had a plan. He dashed around, waiting for the enemies in question to stop their erratic warping for one moment to attack. When they did, he saw his opportunity and struck. He made a slashing motion with his hand, as if he were swinging a sword, and from the air where his hand passed a wave of water erupted. It quickly formed into a half-moon shaped blast, proceeding towards the fire viruses. Voltman turned away, but couldn't claim that the sound of an immense amount of water smashing into something gave him no small satisfaction. Then, he heard a smaller splash. Turning around, he saw that a small remaining amount of water had careened off course after hitting, flying towards the seedbats after it split.
Odd. I'll have to keep in mind that there's enough water for three hits in future battles.
That would help. As much power as we can get.
Turning his attention to the mettools, he shook his head. Such weak enemies. He would bother with them later. Then, pulling two spears out from thin air, he turned back to the seedbats. With the professional air of someone who is an expert in what they do, he started twirling the spears at his sides, using one hand for each. Where they passed, the air itself seemed to hesitate to move back for a moment. And as he started spinning them faster and faster, a red glow began to build up in their tips. Suddenly, and without warning, the tips started to spout flame. The pillars of fire that erupted carved small heated gashes in the net on either side of him, and he grinned. Nothing like a little intimidation factor before you struck. And strike he did. Like a cork out of a champagne bottle, he shot at his enemies. Bringing the spears around, he slashed at each seedbat once with the flame spitting spears. The smoke that resulted from his attack prevented him from seeing the results, but he wasn't worried. Feeling a little bit of residual flame, he threw it up where the spikeys had been. He couldn't shake the feeling that one could have survived...
As if he had read Voltman's mind, Shigeru spoke.
Don't worry. They couldn't have survived a direct hit, and if they did that blast should have really weakened them.
Voltman only nodded, already committing to memory the fact that a flameline had three hits to it, too.
And then there were the Mettools. He shook his head. Such an anticlimactic ending to a moderately challenging fight. Gripping the boomerang like a green blade, he didn't bother to throw it, instead jumping behind the mettools and slashing. Once each should do it, he thought. But, still wary of the possible danger, he threw it at what could have been a moving figure in the pool of water.
The battlefield behind him, in turn, burning and flooding gave him no little twinge of guilt. It WAS public property... but it was to be expected. Virus busting was not without consequences. Turning his attention to the events before the battle, he wondered,
Why did it take so long for Shigeru to deactivate Child.GMO, anyways?

1. Wait for Spikeys to line up and stop moving
2. Wideshot to Spikeys and SeedbatA (70x2 to Spikeys due to weakness, 70 to SeedbatA)
3. Flameline1 to Seedbats and any remaining Spikey (70x2 to the Seedbats, 70 to the possible spikey)
4. Boomerang1 to the Mettools and any remaining Spikey (60 to each)
As the adult version of Voltman straightened up, the viruses seemed to hesistate for the briefest moment. They seemed to have to have decided to target him because of his small size, and now that he had revealed his full height, they seemed much less enthusiastic to pick on a child. However, that was quickly shattered as Voltman began his systematic attack on the viruses. The Wideshot that he fired sailed straight toward the two Spikeys, but one essentially threw itself sideways to avoid the dreaded water. The other, though, found itself drenched, and was reduced to a pile of coding. The deflected arc of water was diverted toward the Seedbat, which was taken out as well.

Voltman slashed at the other Seedbat with his spear of flame, and the virus raised its leafy wings to block--but found them burning away under the heat of the Flameline. The rest of its body soon followed. However, Voltman's luck didn't stick with the Boomerang; the blade bounced off the helmet of one of the Mets, who managed to dive to safety under its hat just in time. He turned to the other, and rammed the Boomerang down into the other Met. The rest of his attack was disrupted by the fireball that smacked into him.

SeedbatA: DELETED!
SeedbatB: DELETED!
SpikeyB: 90 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP [HELMET'D!]

Voltman.EXE: 110 HP
Voltman looked at the two remaining virii.
Damn. Looks like a Spikey survived after all.
And you just got owned by that met.
Voltman shrugged.
It couldn't be helped. The chances of a one round victory were near zero anyways. Okay, send me the big beginner chips.
Double slot-in! Shigeru shouted as he sent Voltman the shotgun and rageclaw. Voltman activated the rageclaw, before channeling the power of the shotgun into the claws. The powerup would only last for one attack, but that would be enough. He dashed through the puddles and smoke towards the Spikey, and slashed. As he did so, the shotgun released from the tips of the claws, adding a blast to the slash. But after it was done, the claw reverted to normal.
His first attack completed, Voltman turned to the mettool under its hat. He shook his head, kicked it over, and stabbed at it with his claws.

1. Get close to Spikey
2. Clawgun to Spikey (50[claw]+40[shotgun]=90 total damage)
3. Kick mettool over (1, remove "hiding" effect)
4. Rageclaw to mettool (50)
The clawblast took down the Spikey it was meant for, finishing it off as it was opening its mouth to release a flaming blast. Volt walked over to the virus and kicked it, but found irritatingly that all he accomplished was stubbing his toe. The virus took advantage to jam the pickaxe into the Navi's foot, but Voltman quickly retaliated with his claw and deleted the virus.

SeedbatA: DELETED!
SeedbatB: DELETED!

Voltman.EXE: 100 HP

Rewards: Guard, 250 zenny.
Voltman growled, rubbing his sore foot, but kept pushing on in search of whatever it was Shigeru wanted him to kill. Out of curiosity, he asked.
Just what virus do you want me to find?
Oh trust me, you'll know it when you see it.
He kept searching.

(Battle 3, 100 HP)
Could this be what he wanted to find? A number of creepy-looking viruses appear, snickering and fading in and out.

SpookyA: 50
SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
SpookyD: 50
SpookyE: 50
SpookyF: 50
SpookyG: 50
SpookyH: 50

Voltman: 100

Battle 3 Start!
Voltman stopped.
Uh, Shigeru? I get the feeling that I'm being watched...
Yeah. I get the feeling you're being watched, too... THIS IS IT! YES!
Voltman jumped at the sudden outburst, and also at a quiet snickering in his ear.
What's it?
This is the virus!
Shigeru, there's nothing... Suddenly, all 8 spookys appeared before him.
Elementalclaw combo, quadruple slot-in!!
Voltman let the data of the claw flow to both arms, and charged the two claws with the energies from the battlechips. The claws started steaming, lighting on fire, and turning green at random intervals, giving a slight outward sign of the power contained within. He attempted to calm the energies, but they would not be stilled. Without warning, Voltman leaped into action.
Nearing three of the first viruses, he recieved data from Shigeru about how they would dissappear as an attack neared, and then practically bite the navi's face off as they bitch slapped him for minor damage. He grinned.
Shigeru may be crazy, but that makes reading his virus descriptions so much more interesting...
Then, nearing the first viruses, he charged them head on, knowing that they would dissappear. He waited one moment, before firing at where they would reappear with the wideshot.
He didn't even turn around as the flameline suddenly appeared underneath three more. His visor had given him a view of the field behind him, and he was fairly sure that the location of the viruses was correct.
Lastly, he turned and threw his boomerang directly at the two unattacked viruses. Even if they dissappeared, which he knew they probably would, the boomerang would hit them on the return trip. Brilliant.
Then, fully aware that even the returning boomerang might not finish all of them off, he downloaded their new guard chip and hid under it. No damn ghosts were getting him! Plus, if any had lived, they would have to deal with his claws next turn...

1. Wideshot to SpookyA/B/C (70 each, fired when they appear)
2. Flameline to SpookyD/E/F (70 each)
3. Boomerang to SpookyG/H/Anythingelseliving (60 each, hits on the return trip if they dissappear the first time)
4. Guard
Voltman's head spun, dizzied by the forms of the ghosts disappearing and reappearing: he obviously wasn't going to catch three in the same place before one left, so he settled for pairs instead. His Wideshot only hit one, but he had gotten his bearings by the next and managed to land two. The Boomerang strategy proved similar: though he got two, one disappeared from sight entirely. Voltman turned around just in time to block its attack, as it had reared its ugly face behind him.

SpookyB: 50
SpookyC: 50
SpookyF: 35

Voltman: 100
Voltman stopped as the guard cracked and shattered before sending a shockwave at the virus that had just attacked him.
Stupid shoddy workmanship...
Whatever. Just finish it off.
Which Voltman did... maybe. Spectacularly... hopefully. Okay, he couldn't really tell. He slashed the ground after the spooky, so it kicked up a cloud of smoke.
This is starting to get annoying. I need help... but where...
Suddenly, something clicked. His eyes glazed over momentarily and then, confusing Shigeru to no end, he opened them up and just stood there.
You'll see...
And he would. For MiniVolt had come up with a brilliant idea. But how?... He took a split second to go over the conversation in his head...

*flashback to 5 seconds ago in Voltman's head*
Voooolt! Vooooooo-oooooolt!
A small child Voltman came skipping from the distance, a water gun in his hand.
Yeah? What's wrong?
I have a question for you.
If you're playing tag, but one person keeps warping around and then hitting you, how do you stop him.

Little Volt stuck his tongue out at his bigger self. It was quite humbling for the battler.
Well duuuuuh! You wait until the meanie's about to hit you and then you tag him!
Voltman was taken aback by the simplicity of the suggestion, then realized that it was the perfect strategy.
Okay! Thank you!
You're welcome!

*back to the present*
He shook his head. Give that kid a game and he was an expert. So Voltman took his advice... to an extent. He would only kill one this turn. He would save the last...

1. Rageclaw to SpookyF (50)
2-4. Wait until attacked by SpookyB, then parry and slash (50). All other actions used to dodge.
Voltman just managed to get the nearby Spooky with his claw, but thanks to his bite-sized counterpart's advice managed to get the other with more ease. The remaining Spooky tried to attack, but Volt got out of tongue's reach with ease.

SpookyC: 50

Voltman: 100
Voltman shook his head. Too easy. Going on a slashing rampage, but dodging after every other slash, he attempted to end the battle. Shigeru was impressed with his earlier strategy, little Volt was playing with a water gun somewhere in his brain, and he had actually done pretty well. He was proud of himself.
But not too proud. After all, pride comes before the fall.
So he was careful not to trip.

1. Rageclaw to SpookyC (50)
2. Dodge
3,4. Dodge, slash if SpookyC attempts to attack (50)

(By the way, HS, you're quickly becoming my hero for your fast modding)

Sorry, I had to say that. XD))

The first slash missed. Volt cursed under his breath, tapping his foot impatiently before he got the chance he was looking for, attacking the virus when it came in close.


Voltman: 100

Reward: Recov10, 480 zenny.
Voltman finished off the virus with a sweep of his claw, before turning to the spoils. Among the zenny, a chip flashed. Shigeru quickly downloaded it, but then his ecstatic expression faded as he saw that it wasn't an Invis chip.
Ah, well. Guess these viruses don't drop them.
Shigeru shrugged.
At least we got a Recov10 chip.
Voltman grumbled, before heading to Netfrica once more. He was tired of all these damn ghost hunts...
Voltman appeared in ACDC net in a flash of yellow light, and started looking around. He was startled, however, as a comm screen popped up in front of his face.
You're on your own for a while, okay?
Shigeru disconnected the link, and Voltman took a deep breath to calm his nerves before plunging into the virus infested net.

Edit: Nevermind. I've decided to head to Electown. Nothing here I really wanted, anyways.)

Voltman looked around once more, before shrugging and heading through the nearest portal: Electown's.