Colosseum Arena Contest

For the tournament currently in progress, we will be using one player-created arena for every battle of a particular round. For round one, this arena is "The Underworld". For round two, we will use a new arena. For round three, yet another new arena, and so on.

To get these arenas, I'm holding a little contest of sorts. Anyone may participate in this contest, members and staff alike. It also doesn't matter whether you are actually in the tournament or not... you can still submit entries.

These are the requirements for all tournament arena entries:

- All terrain in the arena must be non-elemental.
- The arena needs to be able to accomodate flying Navis as well as ground-bound Navis without bias.
- The arena should be 3-Dimensional, and include geographical features such as cliffs, slopes, valleys, floating platforms, ledges, tunnels, walls, ceilings, etc.... even multiple layers.
- The arena cannot include traps designed to damage the players or inflict status effects upon them at random.
- No death traps or pits of doom.
- The arena should include objects and obstacles, but they must be well thought out and described in detail.
- The arena may have gimmicks or mechanisms, but they must be well thought out and described in detail.

Oh and....

- You must name your arena. (How else can we keep track of them all?)

Also, there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit, so you can send in as many ideas as you like. All you have to do is write the idea up, and Forum PM it to me when it is finished. If you think of a revision to your arena idea after you've sent it in, that's fine, go ahead and edit your idea, and send me another Forum PM.

Entries best suited for the tournament will be used in the tournament, while all other accepted entries will be saved for later use in some of the new features and events that will be held in the Colosseum. So, even if your entry isn't used in the tourney, it will most likely be used for a multitude of other fun events you can participate in. Win-Win.
With the second half of the first round getting underway, let's get underway finding an arena for round 2. Same constraints as above, but PM your arena ideas to me, since Pally can't be around enough to keep track of the entries.
Round 2 is open, so that means the Quarterfinals Arena Contest is open. I hope to get more than 2 entries this time, so start getting creative before I start guilt-tripping people (Asator and Shin are exempt).
Quarterfinals have started, and so has the Semifinals arena contest! I got 4 arenas last time, so let's go for broke and double it! I'll kill you all if I don't see 8 arenas in my inbox by the next round!