Jacked in

A portal appears and Houndman walks out. He says to himself "Alright time for me to do some searching around." He begins to walk along a path. Then he says to himself "I can't wait to see how exciting this is going to be."
Houndman finds a small virus group!

MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
MetoolC 40HP

Houndman 100HP

"Ok time to test my fighting skills."Houndman says. Houndman rolls his shoulders and jumps back and gets ready to fight. Then he says "Lets hope I don't almost die because that would suck."

"Alright Houndman ready to kick some viri butt?" Quentin says.

"Of course, I couldn't be anymore ready to kick some viri butt." Houndman says.

"Alright then lets do this!!" Quentin yells.

Houndman readies his buster and starts to step back some. He then jumps up and flips in the air, then tries to shoots with his shotgun down at one of the viri.
Then he drops down and tries shoot at another with his cannon.
After doing all of that he moves back and gets ready for any incoming attacks.
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1. Cannon - 40 - MetoolA
2. Shotgun - 50 - MetoolB
3. Dodge
Both targets are wiped out. The last one attacks with a shockwave, but it misses.

MetoolC 40HP

Houndman 100HP
"Now it's time to finish this!" Houndman says.

Houndman steps back and takes out his sniper buster and tries use flame shots. Then if the last viri is not dead he will try to shoot at the viri with his regular buster. Then he will get ready for any attacks.

1. Fire Shots - 2 shots of 25
2. Buster - 9
3. Dodge
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Houndman's first flame shot exploded on contact. As he readied his second, however, the virus attacked. Houndman got out his second shot and tried to avoid the incoming shockwave, but clumsy dodging kept him from avoiding the hit. Nonetheless, the virus was dead.


Houndman 90HP

Reward: 120z.