The journey

Stryder materialized herself, as she warped into ACDC Net.

"Ok, so what now Alexia?"
"For now, keep your eyes open and active ok? Heres another Murhpy's Law for ya:

'The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: when they're ready. & when you're not.'

"Right. I'll keep that in mind."

Stryder proceded forward, jogging and actively looking around for some viruses to bust.
Virus Attack!

Metool: 40
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Stryder: 150

Battle 1 Start!
As the viruses appeared, Stryder glanced at them all briefly.

"Hmm, just these three? Shouldn't be too hard."

"This'll be a sinch. This isn't a combat law, but I'm sure you've heard of the phrase 'killing two birds with one stone' right? Catch my drift?"

"Heh, I hear ya Alexia."

"Shotgun, Cannon!! Download!!"

Stryder's SMG arm had first morphed into a sleek, futuristic looking tactical 12-gauge shotgun. Strafing her way around the viruses, behind the Bunnies specifically, Stryder couldn't stop looking at her shotgun.

"Hmm, something wrong Stryder?"

"Nope not at all. I've just never really looked at my shotgun, thats all. Rrrr, mustn't lose focus. Ok!"

With a great sideways leap, fired the shotgun at the Bunnies. As the shots roared toward them, and in mid air, Stryder shotgun disappears for only a second. Which then morphs into a oversized cannon. Stryder then focuses on the Metool, and gives it a somewhat evil glare.

"Alexia. I've been meaning to try something with the cannon chips and anything with decent recoil."

"Huh? Umm, ok I guess. Don't get wreckless ok?"

Stryder launches her cannon at the Metool. She purposely doesn't ground herself, letting the recoil throw herself backwards like a doll. Stryder then begins to flip, adn recover once again, in attempt to dodge an incoming attack.

1. Shotgun to BunnyA/B -60dmg
2. Cannon to Metool-50dmg
In an impressive display, Stryder peels away all three viruses!


Stryder: 150


Rewards: 200z, Zapring1
"Amazing Stryder. How did you come up with that move?"

"Well, remember back in Netfrica, my problem with grounding myself? It suddenly came to me as a thought, to use that recoil to my advantage like you just saw. Pretty neat huh?"

"Yeah, that was awesome. Now, about my grandpa..."

As Alexia continued, Stryder held her SMG arm in her left hand. Keeping herself ready for any oncoming attacks or surprises, proceeding forward once more.
The viruses waiting on the horizon noticed the quick work that Stryder had made of the first wave, and approached with a slight tremble amongst them.

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP

Stryder.EXE: 150

Stryder had noticed the bunch of viruses that had just appeared. They all seemed a bit scared of her.

"Whoa, check it out. They must've seen you delete those other viruses a second ago. Looks like they're scared of you, Stryder."

"Heh, I guess they are. They look fairly weak. All of them for that matter. Let's delete 'em all just as fast as the last battle ok?"

"They all are weak, but theres strength in numbers, Stryder. Don't let their numbers get to you ok? Ohh, could you show me that new 'move' of yours again? It's soo awesome. Shotgun...Download!!"

Stryder slowly walked up to the group of viruses, keeping her eyes on the Canodumbs. She glared at both of them, trying to make them feel discouraged. Next, Stryder jumps directly above the Canodumbs and calmly says, "Gotta fly." Stryder fires her shotgun at the Canodumbs. The recoil hurls Stryder straight into the air, like a rocket. She then rotated herself so that her head was facing towards the ground.

"Alexia, send the cannon chip. Hurry!"

Stryders SMG arm had morphed into a gigantic cannon, just she her upward momentum had run out. She was now beginning a free fall straight towards the remaining viruses.

Alexia was in awe, as she watched Stryder shoot herself into the air. She nearly lost her focus.

"Amazing, Stryder!! If only you could see yourself the way I am right now!! Cannon Chip....Download!!"

Now diving straight towards the viruses, Stryder holds her Cannon arm out straight and aims for CanodumbA. The wind was whipping across her face, causing her jaws to flap wildly.


Within seconds, Stryder is nearly back at ground level with the viruses. Waiting for just the right moment, Stryder waits until her cannon is nearly a inch away from CanodumbA.


The cannon fires, and flies into the back of CanodumbA. The recoil sends Stryder flying parallel to the ground, with her feet inches from the ground.

"Woooo!! What a rush!!"

1. Shotgun to Spooky A and B: 60 dmg to each
2. Cannon to CanodumbA: 50 dmg
3. dodge
As the cannondumb is blasted, one spooky manages to find it's way out of the shotgun shell. As stryder avoids the spikey shot, the cannondumb manages to blast her.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP

Stryder.EXE: 140
"Damn Spooky. Don't run away from me!" Her shotgun had deleted only one of the Spooky's. And Stryder was hit by CanodumbB. "You're hit Stryder. 140 HP now. No pain, no gain right?" "A little shaken up, but yeah. No pain, no gain. That Canodumb is done!" Stryder then strafed left continuosly untill she was behind the last Canodumb. "Alexia. Cannon Chip." "Finish him. Cannon....Download!!" Stryder's arm morphed into a huge, sleek cannon once again. She knelt down on one knee, and aimed for the Canodumb.

"Now, hold still. This won't hurt a bit." The cannon launches and flies toward CanodumbB. "Sorry, Alexia. None of my recoil techniques this time. I bet you were waiting for me to do that, weren't you?" "Awwww. Really? But its soo cool to watch. Oh well."

Stryder then focuses her attention on SpookyB. "Hmm...the one that got away. Not this time." Stryder, keeping her distance from SpookyB, hopped every direction she could, trying to confuse it. "Vulcan1...Download!!"

Stryder's SMG arm was now glowing. A bright, pulsating light. She was nearly out of breath from all of the hopping around. "Don't overdo it Stryder. Remember, that Spikey is still out there." "Spikey?!? Isn't that a little stronger than the rest of these guys?"

Stryder fires her vulcan1 in a 3 shot burst. With each shot, the bright light on her SMG arm grew brighter and brighter, before fading out. With the Spooky taken care of, supposedly, Stryder focused her attention on SpikeyA. She kept herself ready to dodge an incoming attack.

1. Cannon to CanodumbB- 50 dmg
2. Vulcan1 to SpookyB- 60dmg
3. dodge
<(Hey, who are you from the last site?)>

The two cannons find their marks, and she manages to dodge the spikeys relaiatory fireball!

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
SpikeyA: 90 HP

Stryder.EXE: 140
((I was still Whitey on RECN. My navi was still Stryder, but I think my op was a male named Travis.))

As SpookyB was deleted, Stryder let out a sigh of relief. She suddenly felt a breif chill down her spine.

"Well....that was fun. Now all that's left to kill is.....YOU!!"

Alexia laughed as she readjusted her Com-Link headset, which sent a few pops and whistles into Stryders ear. "Good work Stryder. *whistle and pops over the headset* What the?!?...*more whistle and pops*....Stryder...Stryder! Can ya hear me?" "Yeah, loud and clear. What was all that noise from Alexia? Are you picking up interference or something?" "Naa, it's just my headset. I was readjusting it. Sorry about all that." "Hmmph. No problem."

*both at the same time*
"Now, what was I going Yeah. Vulca-!!"
"Now, what was I going Yeah. Vulca-!!"

There was a short pause between the two of them, waiting for the other to say something.

"Huh? Wait! Are you mocking me?!? Hmm..."
"Huh? Wait! Are you mocking me?!? Hmm..."

There was another short pause, which was followed by Stryder snickering under her breath. "Hahaha. Go ahead Alexia. Hahahahahaha." "Ahahahaha. Ok ok. That was just hilarious. How about an overkill? use Bullet Barrage, and follow up with Vulcan2 alright? Vulcan2....Download!!"

Stryder began walking ever so slowly towards SpikeyA, keeping her right arm close to her thigh, slightly behind her leg as if she was hiding something. She kept her left SMG arm over her shoulder. Little did SpikeyA know, that Stryder was preparing her sig attack, Bullet Barrage. It appeared as if Stryder was trying to stall for time, untill her sig attack was ready. With each step, her right arm slowly morphed into a second, exact duplicate of her left SMG. All the while, SpikeyA was growling and roaring at her.

"Ok, Stryder. Go!!"

Stryder suddenly stopped moving, and aimed her left SMG arm at SpikeyA. "Since I'm feeling generous, I've got a little present for you." She then pulls out, and crosses her right SMG over over her left. "Make that...two presents. BULLET BARRAGE!!!" Stryder fires her SMG's simultaneously, slowly moving to her right. It were as if a hailstorm of bullets were bombarding SpikeyA non-stop. Her right arm began to overheat suddenly, and was forced to stop her attack.

"Overheated already, huh? No matter. Lucky for you..." As her right hand changed back to normal, Stryders left SMG began glowing yet again. This time, it was brighter than either Alexia or Stryder had ever seen. The quick, pulsating light flickered soo fast, Stryder could hear it 'rattling' like a lightbulb filament from a strobelight. "i miscounted. Make that three presents." She holds her left SMG in her right hand, kneels and fires at SpikeyA once more, sending a volley of shots toward it. "Happy..Umm...Merry....ahh screw it. Die already." "My my, aggresive aren't we? What ever it takes I guess."

1. sig attack*Bullet Barrage* to SpikeyA-60dmg
2. Vulcan2 to SpikeyA- 100dmg
3. dodge (Should it manage to dodge everything. lol)
(( were whitey in the last fourm))
((Yeah, I remember now. Definitely Whitey. I kind of vanished after I was there for a few months. Got busy with school work and all. >.<))
((In the future, please put down 5x20 for Vulcan2s, since its not garenteed that if one bullet hits they all hit.))
The hail of bullets delete the Spikey.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED

Stryder.EXE: 140

Rewards: 400z
"Well...that was rather intresting. "Yeah. Hey Stryder, you seem rather tired. How about we rest a bit." "Sounds good to me." Stryder stood still for a moment. She felt her SMG arm pulsing heavily. It steadily become more painful with each pulse. "!?!?...What could this be? Whats going on with my buster? Alexia, have you noticed anything stra-." Alexia had jacked Stryder out of ACDC Net, before she could finish her sentence.