Checking around.

IN the Net, a hole opens in the ground, with metal flowing out. When the metal is starting to take shape, the hole closes. Wings form, a sword, and a masked face. Angé had been jacked in.
Rave was just reading some FBI files he got his hand on when he hacked the white house's security system. Although the Netbalancers were an organization which was created the to bring peace to the Net, it was not acknowledged or funded by the government. So they had to use some more... drastic measures to get info.
Angé made a small red dot appear on the screen of the PET, to let Rave know he was ready. Rave closed all the files and started concentrating on Angé.
Good, your jacked in. This is the place of the strange signals origin. let's see if we can find any clue, like navi's who have had side effects from the signal itself, strange bug formations or anything else.

Angé gave a quick nod, and started to fly in the direction of the Netsquare, keeping an eye out for any virus attacks.
If by "strange bug formations" he meant "Viruses," then yes!

SpikyA: 90
SpikyB: 90

Ange: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Damnit, those are some strong virusses.... Ok Angé, here comes a sword chip, slotting in!! While Rave was saying that, he threw the chip into the air, catched it, and without looking if it pointed in the right direction, he slotted it in perfectly. As soon as the chip connected with the PET, the sword Angé had started glowing, letting Angé know the chip was activated. Try to delete two spikey's Angé, they are fast so get rid of them before they get to annoying.

Angé watched how the spikey's were warping over the battlefield, then, he saw one of the spikey's warping formations, and predicted were it whould warp. he ran in the opposite direction of the Spikey, jumped up, and slashed. because of the smoke that whirled up, he could not see if he hit the spikey, but he didn't care. what he did care about, was getting away as soon as possible, so he could attack another spikey.
When he turned around to get away, another spikey warped in front of him. Angé didn't hasitate for one second, and run towards the spikey. he saw the blue virus throwing his head into his neck, and tongues of flames started to lick around his mouth. Then, the spikey threw it's head forward, and just at the moment the fireball was to leave his mouth, Angé slashed right into his head.

1)Sword @SpikeyA (90)
2)Sword @SpikeyB(90)
The two Spikey are deleted without fuss, but the third retaliates with a blast of flames that strikes Ange, the Navi being bowled over by the power of the blast.


Ange: 70(BOWL'D)
you allright Angé?
Ya..I'm good.. Just one more slash at that bastard virus...
Angé stood up, prepared his sword, en started running around the field. As soon as the spikey warped near him, he leaped at it and slashed it with his sword. Angé did not know if the spikey noticed him. He was moving so fast he didn't knew if he hit or not. But he leaped back, preparing for a counterattack. He knew the spikey whould be very angry, so he set his mind on extra alert..

1) sword@SpikeyC(90)
Summary, please. Are you slashing, then dodge dodge, or what?
Didnt have mch time to respond, I was at school. summary's there.
((Understandable. No big.))

The slash lands a heavy blow, finishing off the spikey....


GET: HeatShotx1, 50z!
Good job Angé, let's advance through this area to the next, the Netsquare must be nearby. But still watch out, when we get closer to the square, we have more possibility to run into some virus.

Angé nodded, but as soon as he had done this, he noticed something in the left corner of his eye. When he looked into the direction, he saw a small silver thing lying on the ground, witch looked like it resembled a chip.

A Chip? In the Net? how.....
When Angé got closer, it was indeed a broken chip. he still did not udnerstand how a chip from the real world could get into cyberspace.

'Rave, I found a chip here, it's broken. how can a real world chip end up in cyberspace like this?'

When Rave heard Angé talk over the speakers, his face turned shocked. There were only a few words coming outof his mouth.


Sorry Rave, but we don't have time to talk, looks like some virusses were proteecting this thing!!!
Virus Attack!

SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Ange: 70

Battle 2? Start!
Ok Angé, one sword chip, coming up!!

Rave slotted the sword chip in. The color of Angé blade started to change to a white-blue color. Angé grined. He was all to familiar with these kind of chips, and he loved them.

Try to take out two of those bunny's Angé. They can paralyze you, so other virusses can atack you more easily. Take caution thuogh, those Bunny's can hop pretty high, avoiding your sword.

Angé nodded, and ran towards one of the Bunny's. When he spiked his sword towards the Bunny, and it whould leap into the air, Angé whould be prepared and pull his sword into the air, trying to slice the bunny in half from below. The bunny could not change directions this suddenly when in mid-air,but with viruses you never know. Then, Angé ran at a second bunny, and leaped towards it, slicing with a clean vertical cut. Then he jumped back, spying on the virusses in order to predict their attacks.

1)Sword@BunnyA: (90)
2)Sword@BunnyB: (90)
((Two things. First, you need a summery. Second, please don't say what the viruses do, since that's what mods are supposed to figure out.))
I apologise.
Summary included and text editted.
Two bunnies go down and the third attacks, only to miss.

SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Ange: 70
nicely done Angé, now, let's take that last bunny down so we can safely attack those seedbat's the next turn!!! I'll send you a different chip then.

Angé replied with an OK, en looked happy. he had deleteed two of the bunnie's already, and it whouldn't be such a hard fight now. He ran fast across the field in a zig-zag pattern, so that the Bunny could not jump out of range suddenly because Angé covered all the space in front of him. He jumped up, and tried to spike the Bunny from above. When leaping backwards, in mid air, a bit of his blade transformed into a metal claw on his other hand. Apperantly Rave had slotted the Rageclaw chip in. Angé was so concentrated on the battle he didn´t hear Rave saying A rageclaw was coming up. When Angé hit the ground, he turned on the ball of his foot and sliced with the Rageclaw towards one of the Seedbat´s. Again, leaping backwards after the attack to avoid anything.

1) sword @ BunnyC: (90)
2)Rageclaw @ SeedbatB(50)
As the bunny and seedbats are carved down, the remaining one totally misses as Ange dodges around the wings.

SeedbatA: 50

Ange: 70
Ok Angé, one more to go, let's finish this quickly!! Kill him with the Rageclaw!!

Angé leaped forht towards his opponent, cutting him horizontaly. If the Seedbad survived this, Ang;e, as soon as he landed, turned around in a quick spin and slashed again at the Seedbat, now horizontaly. he took a few steps back so he whould not be suddenly surprised.

1)Rageclaw @ SeedbatA:(50)
2)Rageclaw @ SeedbatA:(50)
The Seedbat tossed its leafy wings at Angé, hoping to make contact, but the Navi dodged out of the way. Without its wings, which it usually used to shield itself, the virus was quickly eradicated.

SeedbatA: DELETED!

Angé.EXE: 70 HP


Get: Zapring1, 175z!
As soon as the virusses were deleted, the road to the chip was cleared. Angé ran to the chip data, and downloaded everything from it. As soon as he was done, the chip with all it's specifications appeared on the screen of the PET.

Ok Angé, we got the data. Delete at and jack out before any NetPolice arrive.

Angé slashed at the data and destroyed it. He invormed Rave that de data was deleted. And a few seconds after he was logged out.