Basic Battling!

Tornado walked in from the NetSquare. Scanning the area, he saw nothing interesting. Continuing to walk, he practiced concentrating wind into balls of differing sizes. Zeo appeared in a screen beside him. "No need to worry about much in this area. Mets, Cannon-things. Simple stuff." Tornado shrugged. He didn't care. As long as it showed up soon, he didn't care.

((Does it ever say what ACDC stands for? I'm wondering.))
[I believe it's just one of those clunky names that Capcom gives their towns and countries. It's just alternating current/direct current, that's all.]

"Mets and Cannon-things", Zeo had said, but what Tornado found himself facing was very different from what he had been guaranteed.

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP

Tornado.EXE: 100 HP

"Mets and Cannon-things?" said Tornado smugly to Zeo. Zeo shrugged. "I dunno. Something musta changed since last time I was here. He withdrew the 5 chips he currently had and placed one in the recieving end of the PET. The ball of wind Tornado had in his hand quickly changed to a ball of lightning. He nodded and ran forward. Thunder's slow, so I should get close, thought Tornado. Running at one of the new viruses, Tornado launched over it and thrust the ball into it. Taking advantage of his close proximity to the other viruses, he unloaded a Shotgun given by Zeo on them. Moving back from them, Tornado again attacked with a spinning tackle. He sped through them, landing dizzily on the other side.

"Woah, I'm still not used to that."

1. Get close, Thunder SpookyA (40, stun)
2. While close, Shotgun SpookyB (50+possible more to SpookyC)
3. Tornado Tackle divided accordingly

((I dunno if you know Japanese Naruto stuff, but I just used two Naruto-esque moves. By accident, mind you.))
The Spooky was much to fast to be hit by the slow moving thunderball: he quickly teleported before Tornado had a chance to get close and quickly got behind its ally for defense, only to become a second victim to a shotgun blast. The remaining one found itself unable to stop Tornado from approaching, but did defend itself: he could feel its tongue wrapping around him as it was deleted.


Tornado.EXE: 85 HP

Rewards: 180 zenny.
"That felt weird," said Tornado as he landed. Collecting the meager amount of zenny with a gust of wind, he continued to walk. "Well, gotta start somewhere," sighed Tornado. Zeo pressed a few buttons on his PET and began a game of Tetris. Tornado sighed and resumed his practice of wind maintaining.

((Oh yeah, and I had a dodge. I forgot to write it, but Speed+1 was one of my legacy items.))
More viruses show up. Don't these things ever learn?

SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

Tornado: 85
((Spikeys have 90HP? Shows how long it's been since I played MMBN4. (The only game I have with Spikeys.))

Tornado stopped walking. With a quick scan of the enemies he knew this would take longer than last time. Zeo closed his game and grabbed a chip. Tornado began to run forward, hand held out for a chip. When none came, he assumed Zeo was waiting, so he adorned his own little battle stance. He jumped forward, landing in front of the Spikeys. Punching at one, his jab turned to a stab as his hand became a Sword. Flipping back, Tornado's now outstretched arm became a Cannon. As he landed, he fired, and recoiled back slightly. Running towards the Spikeys again, his arm became a Shotgun. He lined up his shot and fired. Turning before the shot even neared the Spikeys, he scrambled back to allow for dodging space.

"Why can't they just be Mets and Cannon-thingys?"

1. Punch to Sword stab SpikeyA (80)
2. Cannon SpikeyB (40)
3. Shotgun SpikeyB, splash to A (50/??)
4. Dodge
The sword and the cannon work wonderfully in conjunction with the Shotgun; however, only one Spikey is deleted by the onslaught. The angry virii retaliate, Tornado dodging one of the flaming blasts, but another explosion catches him square in the chest.

SpikeyA: 10
SpikeyC: 90

Tornado: 55
"Ugh," groaned Tornado, clutching his chest. He straightened, looked at the viruses and smirked. "Zeo! I know what to do. Send me the rest of the chips." Zeo sighed and withdrew the two final chips of their arsenal. "Rageclaw, Thunder, slot in," he said. Armed with the claw and a small ball of lighting, Tornado moved with great speed to the Spikeys. Thrusting a claw into one's underside, he lifted it off the ground. Holding the Thunder up, he smashed it into the Spikey before throwing the stunned virus at its friend. Following them, he spun into a tornado to take out what was left.

As he landed, he whirled around and quickly kneeled, holding his head.

"Unnnh, diiizzzzyyyy."

1. Rageclaw - Pick up SpikeyC (40)
2. While grabbed, Thunder SpikeyC (40, stun)
3. Throw SpikeyC at SpikeyA (20 to SpikeyA, ? to SpikeyC)
4. If throw did nothing to SpikeyC, or if missed, Tornado Tackle both (30 per)
((I know its difficult, but try not to autohit with the Rageclaw.))

The dog is lifted, zapped, and chucked into nothingness.


Tornado: 55

Rewards: Heatshot, 100z
((Well, if it doesn't work, I usually just pretend it never hapenned.))

Tornado got his bearings and walked up to the virus' remains. Downloading the data, he examined it more clearly. "Hey Zeo! We got a new chip! Heatshot by the looks of it." Zeo moaned. "Another one? Well, the others are at home, so I guess it'll suffice. Move on. One more battle and we'll get you out for some rest." Tornado nodded and continued.
((Try to remember and include Battle #))

Tornado pushes it to the limit, walking along the razor's edge. He doesn't look back, but instead looks forward: more viruses!

SpikeyA: 90
CannondumbA: 50
CannondumbB: 50
ShrubbyA: 50 (behind CannondumbA)
ShrubbyB: 50 (behind CannondumbB)
Seedbat: 50

Tornado: 55

Battle 3 Start!
Tornado stopped walking. Zeo and him stared in conjunction at the larger group. "Oh-" "-shit," finished Zeo. Tornado steeled himself and walked forward. Zeo quieted down, thinking. He looked up several minutes later, a smile on his face. "We can do this, but we'll have to use what we have sparingly." He placed a chip in the PET. Pushing it in, he said, "Use elemental advantages." Tornado nodded and held up the cannon to the Shrubbys. "Time to do some weed killing," said Tornado. He charged forward, firing a blast at the Shrubbys. Diving and rolling, he stuck out his arm, which became a Shotgun. As he pulled from his roll, he fired at the Cannons, this time realising he was getting better at spinning. Deciding to try his luck again, he ran forward and pulled into a spinning tornado, flying at the same targets he'd hit. As he landed, he turned around, holding his stomach. Maybe two spins was too much.

"Groan... I don't feel so good."

1. Heatshot ShrubbyA, possibly B (40x2/??x2)
2. Shotgun CannondumbA/B (50/??)
3. Tornado Tackle ShrubbyB, CannondumbA/B (20 per)
4. Dodge
Tornado blasts a Shrubby with the Heatshot--but a Cannondumb was in the way! The Shotgun ends the immobile Cannondumb and its ally. With only one target to tackle, Tornado just slams into the Shrubby repeatedly. The remaining viruses attack, with the Seedbat connecting.

SpikeyA: 90
CannondumbA: !DELETED!
CannondumbB: !DELETED!
ShrubbyA: !DELETED!
ShrubbyB: !DELETED!
Seedbat: 50

Tornado: 35
"Gah!" screamed Tornado, reeling from the hit. Retaliating quickly, he was up to the Seedbat brandishing a claw. Diving behind it, he swiped at it and swung his hand- er, claw at the Spikey, trying to throw the virus. Regardless, he then took a breath and charged again. Running up to the final enemy, the Spikey, Tornado thought up a plan. Relaying it to Zeo, the operator nodded and took out his Thunder chip. Tornado created a wind ball and threw it. At the same time, Zeo pushed in the Thunder. If it worked, the wind would move the Thunder faster, if not, it wouldn't really matter anyway. Tornado was now rushing towards the Spikey after the ball, swerving and taking a sword stab at the Spikey. Backflipping away from the Spikey, he kneeled and took a breath.

"Did it work?"

1. Rageclaw throw Seedbat into Spikey (40 Seedbat, 20 Spikey) (Does the Seedbat take damage when it hits the Spikey?)
2/3. Normal attack pushes Thunder faster at Spikey (Hopeefully)
4. Sword Spikey if left (80)
((Actually, if you use a Rageclaw to throw an enemy into another, it deals 20 to each.))

The bat is thrown into the Spikey, who Tornado then goes crazy on. It is zapped and slashed to pieces, leaving only one bat fluttering weakly. It manages to get in an attack, but due to its condition, the full effect is halved.

CannondumbA: !DELETED!
CannondumbB: !DELETED!
ShrubbyA: !DELETED!
ShrubbyB: !DELETED!
Seedbat: 10

Tornado: 25
((Well, I'd expect stabbing a claw into a virus would do full damage, just the throw 20.))

Tornado was thrown back, even from the weak attack. He was becoming tired, no doubt. Scrambling up, he said, "Unh, you nervy little-"[/color] Zeo turned down the PET's volume as Tornado cursed several times to show just how nervy the Seedbat was. Zeo knew not what hapenned, but he knew that it was over. As he turned back up the volume, Tornado's sword disappeared and he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, Mr. Cuss-Mouth, all done?"

1-3. Mauling ((A lot of slashing)) (More than 10, that's for sure)
4. Dodge
It dies... I think.

CannondumbA: !DELETED!
CannondumbB: !DELETED!
ShrubbyA: !DELETED!
ShrubbyB: !DELETED!
Seedbat: DELETED!

Tornado: 25

Rewards: 450z
Tornado turned around and collected the data before lying down. "I'm low on energy. That's enough for now." Zeo nodded. "Yeah, I said this was the last one, didn't I?" And with that, he pressed a button, and Tornado was gone.