American's back.

American walked into the ACDC area of the net. He then reached out for his rifle, and unholstered it. He began to speak as he moved it around, making sure he wasn't jumped. "Been awhile, hasn't it Bo. Our old stomping grounds. We were legends among the navi's here." American then moved his head furiously trying to find someone he knew.

Bo began to watch through the screen, it was beginning to get dark in his part. The street lights were about to come on. "Yea, I was a legend. People knew me, the way I made them know me." Bo then looked down at his feet, his pants were sagging badly. "Now the people that knew us, probably moved somewhere. And it's a new generation there."

American began to let a tear draw down. "Bo, that was one of the most sensational things you have ever said to me. Makes me feel human." American then let his rifle drop to the ground, and he began to sob loudly. "So beautiful."
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
Shrubby: 50 (behind the others)

American: 100

Battle 1 Start!
American began to wipe his tears away from his eyes. He then reached his arm out for his dropped rifle. As he lifted it up, he then began to pull a cartridge from his pouch. He wasn't going to let an oppurtunity to attack, escape his small window frame. He had to do this perfectly, he still had little amounts of chips. He then began to load up the cartridge. He then gave his orders to Bo. "Double Shotgun, let us finish this fast."

Bo began to sift through his chips, that were in his back pocket. He then pulled out two random chips, luckily for him, they were two of his three shotgun chips. He then began to grasp them tightly, and suddenly he let out a yell. He didn't know why he yelled, but he then slotted in the two chips. And finally pushed the download button on his PET.

American began to aim his rifle carefully. He wanted to make sure this shot, would end the cannons, and do the shrubby some damage. He then began to chant a little song while he aimed. "This bullet, if it is to fly. Let it fly, straight into my enemy." American then squeezed the trigger, ever so gently. He always said, treat your gun, like you would treat your girl. The bullet began to spread when it reached midflight.

American then began to load his next cartridge. As he loaded it, he began to run to the side. He then held his rifle under his arm, instead of how he usually held it. As he ran, he began to aim his rifle, as well as he could. He then squeezed the trigger, and the blast was let out. American then skidded to a stop, and stood still, until the smoke cleared.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg + splash) CannonA + Splash=Shrubby
2_ Dodge
3_ Shotgun (50dmg + splash) CannonB + Splash=Shrubby
4_ Dodge
The poor viruses never stood a chance. They thought that American would be easy pickings, but instead found themselves being blasted away by his back-to-back Shotguns.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
Shrubby: DELETED!

American.EXE: 100


Get: 150z!
American holstered his rifle, and then began to put his hands behind his head. He then took a long breath, and began to walk farther. He wasn't out of fight yet, and the net wasn't out of virus'. He then began to yell, "THIS IS MY GUN! ANY VIRUS THAT CROSSES IT, WILL REGRET IT!" American then began to pace his walking.

((Battle 2))
American quickly found what he was looking for--although after viewing the last fight from a distance, what he had found seemed like it didn't want to be anywhere near him.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP

American.EXE: 100 HP

American stamped his feet on the ground, then clapped his left hand against his helmet. He began to pull a cartridge from his pouch, and then began to load it into his rifle. He gave his orders to Bo, he wanted to finish this fast, and painful. "We'll go with the double shotgun. It seemed to work last time." American ducked his head down, and bent at the waste.

Bo still had the two shotgun chips in his pocket. He then slotted them into his PET to finish this quick. He then slotted the chips in, his eyes roaming around the streets. As cars passed him, he began to stroke his hair. "American, let's finish this up. It's getting cold out."

American looked down at the pop up window of Bo. He gave it Bo a cold stare, "I'm not leaving until, I fulfill my destiny. To protect the net, and my pride." American lowered his head once more, and then he lunged his body forward. He aimed his rifle forward and he squeezed the trigger. The blast boomed from his rifle, and when he landed, his rifle began to pain his fingers.

American cussed under his breath as his fingers cringed from the grip. His rifle was a nuisace most of the time. He wanted a buster sometimes, just so the strain would be on his arms. American pulled another cartrdige from his pouch, and he loaded it quickly into his rifle. The movements were practically coded into American, but that was probably true. He squeezed the trigger and let the blast explode.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg + splash) Spikey + Splash = MetoolA
2_ Shotgun (50dmg + splash) Spikey + Splash = MetoolB
3-4_ Dodge
The Spikey was powerless to stop American from blowing it to pieces. The two Metools were both blown apart by stray shot that flew past the already disappearing Spikey.


American.EXE: 100 HP


Rewards: 200 zenny.
American reached his hand out forward, and collected up the zenny data. He began to curse loudly under his breath. He wanted to get out of ACDC, and go some place where the virus wouldn't die from two shotguns. He wanted to do something great for his kind of justice. "Bo, go spend that money. Buy something I can use, something useful. Maybe an upgrade, and a chip, just get out of my face."

Bo feeling disobeyedm and hurt, unplugged his PET. And began to run, he was headed to the stores. He wanted to end this burst in American, quickly.

((Jacked Out))