Test run

"You sure you fixed everything? I'm willing to bet you could find SOMETHING messed up still.", said Pianissimo, looking around as he entered ACDC net.

"Shut up before I go LOOKING for something to fix." answered Rigel angrily. "Look, I need to see how your battle systems are working, so just...run around and look for viruses or something."

"You got it. One virus massacre, coming right up," said Pianissimo, walking out into the village-like ACDC net.

((Eh, screw it. Someone tell me when we can kill things again.))

"Nothing here. Not even any metools." Pianissimo sighed. He'd been walking for fifteen minutes and hadn't even SEEN any viruses, much less fought any.

"Hm..." said Rigel, scanning the network from his computer. "This thing's not picking up anything either. Tell you what, we'll come back and test your combat systems later. I haven't really walked around and done anything in the longest time."

"Fine. Anything's better than looking for something that just isn't there."

A sudden flood of black fog engulfed Pianissimo. When it cleared a few seconds later, he was gone.

((Keep open. I'm only leaving because the battle system isn't back to working or something.))