One small step for spiders

For the first time since her creation, Sylk decided it was time to go deeper. She had always just lightly explored the nets and barely saw what they had to offer before turning back but today she couldn't help venturing further into the net. What better place to start, she thought, than to do so in a net the spider had never seen before. It was all for the sake of a good time and a thrilling experience, not to mention a good fight.

Taking her few few steps into Naxa, Sylk was a bit overwhelmed at the sights. She had never imagined there was a net like this around but it was partially attributed to her general lack of interest in space exploration. She was always more of a local girl. As she continued to gawk at the sights, Adrain's voice chimed in bringing Sylk back to to task at hand.

"Alright, let's try not to overdo it here. I heard this would be a good place to collect a few things to help you out, but we don't know much about this place. We should be careful." Adrian knew full well that her navi wasn't one to ere on the side of caution, but at least she wasn't stupid enough to rush into something and likely get herself killed. "Let's just take our time and see if we can't get something handy for you to use."

Sylk nodded in agreement as her eyes were already scanning the area for something she could hunt, a bit anxious to start a fight now. " No worries, Adrian. I got this covered. Theres no way I'm going to let some small fry get the better of me, hmmhmmhmm." She scoffed, running a hand through her hair as she confidently strode further into the net.

((battle 1 ready))
Venturing deep, deep, deeper into the net than ever before, Sylk stepped into the wonder and mystery that was the NAXA Rogue net, and what a sight to behold it truly was. Above the network sky seemed to be set in the darkest of night, but countless billions of stars gave off more than enough light to see clearly. The very ground she walked upon was solid and gave the obvious metalic clicks beneath her steps, while in the distance she could see the warm glow of solar panels.

It was upon those shining panels that her first prey appeared; two small orbs seemed to be resting on either side of a spinning cube. Constantly flicking between red and blue, though it wasn't the cube that noticed her presence first; no, as the navi stepped closer, those orbs seemed to rise up and a single, large eye opened on each of them. Without warning two red beams shot out, crossing just a step or two in front of Sylk, as if barring her way, as if that wasn't enough, the cube stopped it's spinning, resting with blue side face forward.

DemonEye A: 180HP [Beam Active] [Solar]
DemonEye B: 180HP [Beam Active] [Solar]
TRICUBE: 220HP [Blue Side] [1 Move from Melee Range]

50% Solar [Virus Half]
50% Metal [Sylk Half]

Sylk.EXE: 140HP

—Rogue Battle 1, Start!—
"Well what do we have here? You trying to intimidate me?"

Sylk eyed the viruses as she spoke, referring to the two beams of light pointed in front of her as she approached. With only three enemies she was far from worried, but she wasn't cocky enough to go into battle unprepared. With a snap of her fingers, her threaded armor began to weave itself into existence followed by her electrical web barrier.

"Let's see what you got. Adrian, let's mug them and toss them away, shall we?" She said with a sly smirk as her body double walked out from her own form. The twin Sylks looked to each other in content, before splitting up and taking off in different directions. The real Sylk went left as the clone right, both avoiding the red line before them leaving nothing to chance. Curious as to what would happen if one were to cross it, Sylk had an idea. Extending a hand towards the tricube nearby, the spider fired off a shot of webbing towards it. Hoping to entangle the virus in her threads, she gave a swift tug in hopes of drawing it into the line of sight. She watched on in amusement wondering what would happen.

"Alright Sylk, sending in our little assistants. Make good use of them!" Adrian finally responded as she prepared the two Pickpockets for use.

The spiders placed fingers to their lips as they let out a loud whistle echoing into the net, a summoning call for their lovely minions. On command two cute, cuddly and somewhat clueless-looking bandcoons appeared, one with each Sylk. "Alright, our lovely little pets. Todays mission is to collect from the two eyeballs over there. Come at them from both sides, and grab whatever you can. Of course you'll be rewarded for a good job later~ Onward!" The Bandcoon had no idea what this reward could be, but imagining something nice they became more energetic as they seemed to dash forth with overflowing vigor. A gleam in their eye could be seen, as the bounded down the net preparing for a pincer theft of the viruses valuable chips.

As the racoon-like lackeys did their job, Sylk was already preparing to end the fight in a quick and efficient manner. Preparing herself for anything that might come her way, as if expecting an attack she watched and read the enemies movements waiting for a chance to act on their mistake when they left themselves open. She couldn't just stand around and wait for it though. She had to rely on her instincts as she attacked. Ready to finish the fight as soon as possible, her arm reared back as a large curved blade appeared within her grasp. She planted her foot hard as she let the blade loose with tremendous force, its path curving around as she aimed to strike down every one of the enemies with its trajectory.

As the blade flew, Sylk summoned up one more set of weaponry as a final farewell to the enemy. Three shots in the chamber, Sylk prepared her high caliber weapon as she took aim at the closest DemonEye. The first shot rang out with little warning, and shifting her position she used the recoil to set up the next shot. Once more a load "bang" resounded around as she repeated the process once more targeting the second DemonEye. Finally she turned her attention to the tricube, the enemy she had spent the least attention on. After all, it seemed a little less menacing than the other two. Lining up the sights, one final blast was sent, only to have the gun vanish to nothingness as the ammunition launched forward.

"Lets see how they handle that, hmmhmmhmm."

* Passive 20 hp Barrier
* Passive 20 hp Casing
* Passive subtype Decoy
1) Move action Left side away from laser sight, to solar panels
* Decoy: Move action Right side away from laser sight, to solar panels
* Passive pull @ Tricube into laser sights
2) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent @ DemonEyeA
3) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent @ DemonEyeB
4) Sylk Circuit: Trap ( attacked ):(Teleport) then (50 drain Elec + knockback x2 + self slow) - 5 TCD
5) Boomerang1 - 60 wood + group attack (arc) - Accuracy: B @ DemoneyeA/B, then Tricube
6) Magnum2 - 150 fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 @ DemoneyeA/B, Tricube
Beginning the battle by shoring up her defenses, Sylk quickly armored herself and enlisted some extra help. The two Navis set out to either side of the battlefield, with the original launching a web that barely managed to latch onto the TRICUBE and subsequently pull it toward her. However, it fell short of her intended target, the web going slack as the virus moved closer. It was now at a much more agreeable range, though. The virus flitted from blue to red for a moment, but then changed back to blue and remained that way.

After both Sylks got some distance from each other, they called up some extra help. Almost in unison, two Bandcoons charged their targets and made off with similar degrees of success. As they did so, Sylk prepared herself to receive any enemy attacks, but found no takers as the DemonEyes slowly adjusted to follow the two Sylks. Sylk herself was able to remain out of the search-beam's range, but her decoy was less lucky, the beam grazing one of her arms and triggering a loud and visible response. It may not have been a direct hit, but it was enough to cause the decoy to disappear abruptly. With no time to care for her doppelganger's demise, Sylk instead focused on vengeance and hurled a boomerang in the viruses' direction. It cut through the first DemonEye after spinning in a wide arc and managed to follow through to the second virus before going off course. Each hit produced a resounding thud as the solar panels below the viruses increased the damage of the hits and allowed the boomerang to tear through them. The projectile changed course after its second impact, flying off course and disappearing.

Afterward, the TRICUBE was all that remained to shoot, so shoot it Sylk did. The impact of the shot turned the virus a clear red, and prompted it to retaliate with beams fired in Sylk's direction. One made contact with her and triggered a sudden teleportation, the Navi appearing behind the TRICUBE... wherever behind was. Anyway, Sylk laid into the target with her fangs for a moment before hopping off feeling... exactly the same.

And a then a meteor fell from the sky and finished off the TRICUBE, because I said so.


50% Solar [Virus Half]
50% Metal [Sylk Half]


Sylk.EXE: 140HP (Solar) [20HP Barrier] [20HP Casing]

GET: Sensor2, 500z you pickpocket-abusing bastard

Sylk welcomed her lovely pets as the battle came to an end, patting each of the bandcoon on the head as she collected the wealth of their labour. She was quite happy with their performance, Picking them up and hugging them gently against her chest before sending them away to do whatever they did when she wasn't around. As they left, Sylk proceeded to collect the rewards from the fight with a smile.

"Well that went fairly well, perhaps we should do a bit of shopping as a reward, hmm? we have a decent amount of funds after all." The spider chimed, as she looked at the zenny total.

"Hmm... well, i suppose thats ok. I have a few things i wouldnt mind doing at the shop, so why not. Sylk, come on back."

With that the spider wasted little time in leaving the new net, instead of venturing further.

(( end of thread ))
(( Sylk returns! ))

A flash of light introduced the spider once more as she returned to Naxa again after her last, fairly recent visit. Both Sylk and Adrian had been fairly happy with their spoils the first time around, even if they had only stayed for one fight. It felt like it would be a good idea to take one more look.

"Well, i'm not sure how much time we have today to spare. Lets see if we can get through a few quick ones, if possible. Sound good to you?"

"Mmmm, that's fine with me Adrian. After all, I have that wonderful new toy we havn't tried out yet. I'm very much looking forward to it, hmmhmmhmm."

A mischievous smile sprawled across her lips as she began to walk further into the space themed net, Adrian just chuckled lightly to herself as she had expected that response from her navi. Sometimes Sylk was a bit to predictable to her, being able to figure out her intentions instantly.

"Just don't forget to make sure to check for stock, before you blow everything up k?"

Sylk just offered a wave to signal she understood, before beginning the hunt for her new prey.

(( Battle 1 Ready! ))
Setting foot once more in the formidable network that was the NAXA second layer. Tentacle-Girl-Thing Sylk started out upon solid, hardened steel. But all too soon she'd come upon a large chasm, a fast glance around would find a glowing bridge that crossed over the endlessly dark expanse between.

However, as she started to cross the bridge, she'd find guardians waiting on the other side, In the form of a guarded, reinforced tower. While twin glowing orbs swirled and orbit the station. Though it didn't take long for glowing eyes to peer around those orbs and focus upon the arachnid.

Cannonguard2: 150HP [Metal]
Maru-10 A: 90HP
Maru-10 B: 90HP

20% Solar [Bridge]
40% Metal [Either side of Bridge]
40% Missing [Beneath Bridge]

Sylk: 180HP [Solar]

—Rogue Battle 1, Start!—
Sylk come to a halt as she looked on to what she assumed was this bridges self appointed guardians, and simply scoffed at how useless they would be in stopping her. They looked menacing, and easy to deal with and she was about to prove just how right that assumption was in battle. Sylk began her usual battle routine, as her protective webbing began to wrap around her body protectively as an electric barrier generated to surround Sylk. Now it was just a matter of figuring out what she wanted to do with them.

"Oh, right. I suppose i should deal with filling the store's pockets first." Sylk let out a bit of a sigh, before snapping her fingers and issuing a command.

" Bandcoons! Assemble! " As if magically appearing from no where, two bursts of smoke appeared before the spider, only to reveal her loyal but potentially derpy minions as it cleared. They imitated what could only be considered a salute as they reported in for duty awaiting their mistresses target.

" Alright men! Move out! Grab something from each type and make it snappy! That should be fine right Adrian?"

" Variety works for me, probably easier to move the stuff later... Go for it."

With their orders received the swift and fuzzy creatures dashed across the bridge and made an attempt to swipe whatever the viruses might be holding for their beautiful yet unforgiving master.

In the meanwhile Sylk was relaxing her body and preparing for the fight ahead. She kept nimble and aware to keep on the defensive while her many eyes tracked the movements and patterns of the enemies before her before striking with precision. They were all fairly simplistic and easy to read she felt, making her feel that this would be a pretty easy target.

"Adrian, I think it's time. Send me the new toy~ Maybe a magnum for good measure. "

" You got it, my destructive little spider. chips coming up! "

Sylk began to build up an electrical charge in each of her many hands, holding them out to the side as she focused it into a spherical shape into each palm. Adrian opted to add even more power as she tossed an Attack+20 into the mix, doubling the spheres size to something like a basketball as it crackled fiercely. Sylk led off throwing an orb at one of the Maru's, and immediately after her free hand began to charge another orb. With a tinge of evil in her smile, she proceeded to fire off eleven more consecutive shots spread between the two Maru in a flurry of explosive energy enough to decimate most enemies.

As the electricity died down from around her hands, Sylk followed up by summoning her Magnum into existence and point it squarely at the Cannonguard. She pulled the trigger quickly with no remorse as she fired off a blazing shot of flame, her arm recoiling in response. Solely to make sure they were all dead however, she fired off two more deadly blasts of fire from her revolver at the two most likely dead maru as a precaution.

* passive: 20 hp barrier
* Passive: 20 hp Casing
1) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B
2) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B
3) Woman's Intuition: accuracy enhancement + dodge - 2 TCD
4) Attack +20 @ Clustershot3
5) ClusterShot3 - 90 elec (10 base +25 same element + 20 chip boost x 2 terrain bonus) x 12 Shots + Variable Targeting - Accuracy: B - 6 @ maru-10A, 6 @ Maru-10B
6) Magnum2 - 150 fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 - Accuracy: A @ Maru-10A, B, Cannonguard2
With cunning and grace, the arachnid entered the battlefield, bolstering up her defenses and calling upon her little fluffy minions to go pilfer from the purposeful proprietors of the prettily glowing bridge.

But taking so long to offer up orders, the enemy was less kind, the cannon rattling off a blast that smashed through her barrier, though it seemed the floating little orb was a second to late, as Sylk easily avoided the sparkling ball of death it had released.

Not to be outdone, the spider fired back, releasing a torrent of her own electrified balls of energy. And while the Maru managed to avoid nearly all of them, it really just took a single one to fry their small little systems and make them burst like little balloons. But not before her little thieves managed to cutpurse one of them, the other slipping behind the CannonGuard to pilfer from towering structure, just as it was smashed to digital dust by Sylks powerful Magnum blast.

Leaving the battlefield to the victor, and her slightly annoyed little minions that dropped the spoils of war, though one seemed to pocket a little of the prize for her giving it a close call. Each giving her a slight salute before sticking out tongues as they pooffed into nothingness once more.

Cannonguard2: Deleted
Maru-10 A: Deleted
Maru-10 B: Deleted

20% Solar [Bridge]
40% Metal [Either side of Bridge]
40% Missing [Beneath Bridge]

Sylk: 180HP [Solar] [20HP Casing] [Barrier: Broken]

—Rogue Battle 1, Victory!—
Sylk: 1,260z, MarkCannon2
Pickpocket A: 420z
Pickpocket B: 252z
Total: 1,932z, MarkCannon2

Quote ()

Damage: 100 + Seeking + Lock-on
Accuracy: A
Description: A highly accurate cannon whose automatic aiming system locks onto heat signatures and fires.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Lock-on: Same effect as an automatic Take Aim.
Sylk proceeded to cross the bridge to the other side, now that her enemies had been swiftly dealt with in a most deadly manner. She gently pet the slightly angered minions on the head for a job well done, flashing a toothy grin before they vanished possibly out of fear. The spider proceeded to gather up the remains of the battle in a somewhat hurried manner, as she opened a channel to Adrian.

"Well that wasn't so bad, hmm? I think we have time to venture a little further on don't you? After all we've barely acquired much stock."

"True. Alright Sylk, let's keep going then."

With that in mind the adventurous navi continued her march into the deep unknown that was Naxa.

(( Battle 2 Ready! ))
Venturing across the bridge into the unknown, our noble spider woman sets off to seek out more adventure and glory. And while the golden road seems cliché, she follows it all the same, or at least, that's what she first thought it was.

But no, as the arachnid stops to look around, a surprise soon dawns on her, this wasn't just any terrain, it was a giant glowing crop circle! But there was no time to take the realization in, because from above, a floating unidentified flying object hovered down, and in a flash the invasion force beamed down.

Two first line attackers, small winged bots with large magnets for arms took to the frontline, while behind them a big-headed purple alien appeared ready to lead his troops into battle. Even the floating blue UFO remained, it seems Sylk stumbled upon an alien invasion force!

BlueUFO: 160HP
Invader2: 190HP
MagTect+ A: 160HP
MagTect+ B: 160HP

100% Solar

Sylk: 180HP

—Rogue Battle 2, Start!—
As sylk approached the horde of extraterrestrial viruses, a mild spark of interest could be seen in her gaze causing her to pause. She couldn't recall if she had ever seen any of these enemies before, but given this to only be her second trip into the space network it didn't surprise her to meet strange new netforms. She was boldly going where few navi had gone before after all. Her interest began to wane however as they took what seemed like a battle formation, and she certainly wasn't about to spare any enemies if they were foolish enough to take up arms against her.

"Adrian, I'll be expecting some good fire power. I don't intend to waste much time on them." The look of a predator taking shape as she began to take up a fighting stance. Adrian complied as she began to sift through the massive number of chips she had on hand.

"Alright, but don't forget to collect some data for the shop while you're at it. We havnt seen these before after all."

As the first two chips were dropped in Sylk just gave a small wave of acknowledgement, before raising three arms towards her foes. Installing the magnum, and loading it with the attack +20, each of the three arms Gain a small revolver of their own. Each was focused on a different target as the spider shifted her weight to brace for the kick back of three simultaneous shots. Each rang out into the net as she squeezed the triggers with no remorse, hoping to leave nothing behind of her chosen prey.

Seeing as how the arachnid was not accustomed to this net nor its inhabitants, she began back up preparations in case something managed to survive her initial onslaught. Extending a hand towards the area where they had been, a barrage of metallic webs leaped forth and coating the floor to something fitting of her theme. Making herself a bit more at home was part of the reason, but knowing that nothing would escape her web was the main goal of this set up. Before she could attack what was left however, Adrian's nagging voice echoed in the back of her head knowing full well that she would just get an earful later if she didnt bring back something of use from the fight. With a snap of her fingers, Sylk called for her fuzzy little pet as she directed a hand towards the Invader.

"Be a dear and collect something for your master hmm~?"

The bandcoon knew not to defy the spider and without hesitation, it gave a small squeek before hurtling off towards the enemy. The crafty bandcoon was fearful of returning empty handed, and with a job to grab from a new enemy he had to be sneaky. The furry little critter bounded back and forth as it approached with the best speed it's little legs could muster, hoping to keep the enemy from predicting it's angle. The moment he was in his range, seeing its chance to strike it put all its power into one swift dash as it tried to steal the data as it passed by. He kept running however, knowing full well that any who stayed to close to Sylk's targets were in for a beating, and didnt stop until he was clear of the blasting zone. A wave to his master signalling the go ahead that she certainly wasn't going to wait for.

Seeing that her fuzzy little minion had accomplished his mission however, each of her hands began to draw in and charge an electrical current, forcing it all the the palms of each hand. In only a matter of moments crackling balls of energy were visible and growing swiftly, following a toothy grin from Sylk. She began to launch each orb with intense ferocity at the targets, replacing each one once as she threw the others, creating a total of 12 deadly shots of electric pain. She was satisfied that this would be more than enough to deal with whatever was left of her enemies.

Passives: 20hp barrier, 20hp casing

1) Magnum2 - 150 fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 - Accuracy: A (plus enhancement) @ BlueUFO, Magtect+ A,B
2) Attack+20 @ Magnum2
3)Woman's Intuition - Dodge, accuracy enhancement
4) Electric Network - Large Metal Terrain @ Under enemies
5) Pickpocket @ Invader2
6) ClusterShot3 - ((10 elec + 15) x 2 terrain) x 12 Shots + Variable Targeting - Accuracy: B (plus enhancement). 8 @ Invader2, 4@ BlueUFO
Prepping herself for battle, the large arachnid used the chips she was provided with, with maximum effectiveness; easily smashing apart the carrier ship and the first wave's frontline task force.

And while the Invader seemed to take it personal and fired off a blast of energy towards her, she easily managed to slip just out of the beam's path, avoiding it completely. Which gave her little underling all the time it needed to slip up and mug the poor virus of its pouch of alien credits.

Barely waiting for her little bandit to get out of the way, Sylk struck again, sending off a flurry of energy orbs, almost not even aiming as she hurled them towards the Invader. And while several flew off target, and he avoided others. It only took 4 to end this alien invasion before it had the chance to truly start.

BlueUFO: Deleted
Invader2: Deleted
MagTect+ A: Deleted
MagTect+ B: Deleted

40% Solar
60% Metal

Sylk: 180HP

—Rogue Battle 2, Victory!—
Sylk: 2520z
Pickpocket: 1260z
Total: 3780z
"Anything of interest left?" Adrian was quick to time in as she watched the invasion force transform into piles of data from her navi's successive attacks. She was praying some form of chip data had been acquired since she was hurting for stock as of late, but she wasn't about to hold her breath.

Meanwhile Sylk perused the battleground for rewards, first collecting the spoils from her lovely little supporter with a grin and bequeathing a pat on the head in turn. Zenny was the only reward this time, but the sheer amount was more then they had ever received some such simple and weak enemies. It was certainly something the spider would keep in mind for future funding needs to say the least.

"Well it looks like we hit a payload of zenny at least, that should be more then enough for our little excursion for now, hmmm? I think i'm going to take a break."

The arachnid didn't bother to wait for a response from the operator, she wasn't about to listen to a protest anyways. Sylk vanished back to the PET having done her work for the day, and was looking forward to spending some of that reward on herself.

[end of current run]