Idiocy and War

In every hundred or thousand people, there is an Idiot. Not just a normal fool, who does not respond properly to some circumstances, but a proper Idiot, who thinks anything is possible if they try. Usually Darwinism takes these fools out, but every so often, they proceed through their lives relatively untouched by failure. When this happens, an Idiot comes into the spotlight. This particular idiot's name is Se- Anvil.AD. Formerly a protocol password program, he was upgraded as a mistake on record, for which another Idiot was chastised and demoted for. That particular idiot's story ends there, but Anvil's progressed. Through a series of lucky mishaps, he made his way to a squad commander. A minor Sergeant, but they needed everyone they could get for this particular battle.

So they sent his squad in, which was patrolling around the ACDC area at the time of the attack.

He got there with his squad in time to witness the building being thrown.

His assistant, who was a genius compared to him... usually saved him from massive failure and subsequent disposal by changing his course slightly. Turning it just a bit. Just enough.

This time, It didn't work.

"Full speed ahead!" Anvil roared, his created buggy supporting him and his squad, as he manned one of the two turrets upon the self-created vehicle. He let loose at the beast. His operator activated his signature attacks, caught up in the moment.

If we were to look at Anvil's train of thought it would appear as a massive train wreck in the making, made of planning, pride, and ambition all crammed together at that moment. More to the point would be a simple sentence which defined his intentions.

"This is my moment."

More accurately defined, "I am a lump of stupid."

Now, hopeful naiveté a hero does not make. Nor does pride. Do stupid things and succeed will make you a hero, do them and fail and they call you a fool. As Anvil launched that missile, and saw the beast target his buggy... The train wreck all came together. The Idiot saw in the most high definition detail how the minotaur raised its foot in slow motion. It was if it was in a quagmire. Syrup. Then time sped up again and the shockwave overturned the buggy as the hoove reconnected with the ground.

There ends the Tale of Anvil.AD in a Sergeant's position, and begins his back-up's Janitorial Career.

But that is not the story that should be focused on.
Instead of a careening transport that summoned the beast in the Netmafia's case, the Netpolice did it differently. There was a quiet transfer, and a pulse surged beneath the panels of the net. It was a very subtle pulse, and simply lit up the top of the panels. It finally found an open spot and waited there. Another pulse found its way there, and the size of the pulse multiplied into a two by two square. Then another pulse hit, where it became a three by three, then a four by four area, then a five by four, and finally a six by four panel area.

At that point, several navis were actively backing away from the area. It was a good thing too, as a wing phased through the panels along with what looked like a giant cat's arm. A giant human face was next as another combination monster ripped its war through from under the normal net. It was not beautiful. It was terrible to behold, the hood making it more intimidating, the claws it used to rend through the Netmafia forces...

It was a Sphinx. Measurements beside, it lay about as long as the Minotaur was tall, slouching.

It was a clash between two manmade titans, monsters from each side. Both the product of intelligence, death, and espionage. The Sphinx tackled the Minotaur, and both sides began to grow desperately silent, only the strongest venturing out to try take hits at the Minotaur or the Sphinx. They did not interrupt, but not out of respect. It was fear. Fear that they would be next to be destroyed, fear that the unstoppable would be stopped, and the greater would crush the opposing side.

Chaos reigned.
And Behemoths fought for Supremacy.
The dramatic moment was over at the singular point that everything ground to a halt. These beasts weren't Terabytes. They were nearing on thousands upon thousands of zettabytes, increasing by the second, and the reason why this hadn't been done in the first place took hold all at once.

The Network couldn't process the huge data load.

It was lagging to a halt.

There were not one but two of the beasts. The normal nets were not meant to hold up this, and fell apart. The net did not break into broken panels, it fell apart. One moment, there were panels, the second moment the navis in a growing radius between the two battling colossi were falling, tumbling into a corrupted net.

One higher ranked navi that hadn't been deleted cried out involuntarily a name that defined the place, what it was called.

"Rogue net!" It was a gasp of horror, and why he cried out in horror was clearly defined as tens, hundreds of viruses showed up to join the party.

It wasn't a fight for power or dominance anymore.

It was a fight for survival.
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