Un-Unwritten Rules

The issue of how BugFrags are handled has been resolved.

If the SP is present, you get BugFrags.

If the SP is not present, you don't.

(Simplicity is good. )
Object clarification: Objects summoned by sig attacks do NOT expire after however many turns, unless you choose for them to for whatever reason.
The rules for Submerge and Burrow have been added, and terrain types have been further clarified at the request of players and staff alike.

Everyone should take a look at the Terrain thread in the rules section, and read it over carefully. This will hopefully clear up many of the questions that were brought to our attention.

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Taken from the Navi Levels thread:

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NOTE: If you drop a level for whatever reason (usually Battlechips), you will NOT lose the upgrades associated with that level. They are already integrated into your Navi; dropping one level won't make them suddenly disappear.

So throw away your chips at your heart's content, everyone.
Added a note to the Soul Cross Rules thread:

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--With a Cross, you can choose to adopt the CrossNavi's element/subtype while you have the Cross activated. You may also choose to NOT adopt the Cross's subtype, although the element change is required. Please note that this override only occurs during the Cross, and you must announce this change when you register your Cross.

This was painfully vague before, so it's been clarified.