Cat in the springs.

Nikko appeared in the net onsen, almost slipping into the water by accedent.

"geez Nikko, need some catnip or something."
"Shut it......"

Nikko lost her footing, falling into the water, but didn't get out......

"ahh.....this warm water is relaxing."
"Good to hear you feel that way, i wonder if anyone will come here?"
"I don't know......"

Nikko then relaxed, nearly falling asleep.

(anyone can join in)
*a while later*

"well, time to get out."

Nikko then walked out of the onsen, and shook like a dog to dry herself off although......she turns into a huge puffball in the process.

" nya.......i hate when things like this happen."
"HAHAHAHAHA!!!! you look like a navi sized maruball!"
"Oh shut the hell up timmy."

Nikko then pressed her fur down to what it normaly was.......with a few areas of fur stickong up here and there.

"ugh.....bad fur day."
"Go bust some viruses for now, i'm not moving from where i'm at."

Nikko then walked out of the onsen, still having a VERY bad fur day.