Tossing a PowerShot

I've been meaning to dispose of this chip for a while, but maybe someone out there would get more use out of it than me. So I'm offering up this PowerShot to anyone. I'll take just about any offer for it, since I never plan keeping it.

-Mill Alidine
Mr. Alidine,
I saw your BBS post, and I would be more than happy to trade one of my Cannon chips for your powershot. If this is alright with you, please let me know.

-Mazer Patrovski

-[Attached: Cannon.chp]-
Sounds like a deal to me.

-Mill Alidine

Attached: PowerShot

Mill LOSE: Powershot. GET: Cannon.
Mazer LOSE: Cannon. GET: Powershot.

Have a nice day.