Dark Dealings

Hmm...Sincerest apologies if I don't mention a formal name, but you may call me Shadowess.

I'm looking to sell and even trade some of my chips. I'm really finding some of them useless, so I've heard the phrase "One man's trash is another man's treasure." I'm bargaining off my chips at a handsome range that's below market value if you'd offer a bid, and to make a not, I'm also trading for some Aqua Chips, Electric Chips, and also Zenny if you'd like to make an offer. Perhaps we can negotiate.

<Attached: FolderMem.dat>

Cannon - 40 Dmg
RageClaw - 40 Dmg (Broken/Overridden)
Guard 1 - 60 Dmg (Reflect)
Ringlog1 - 50 (Wood)(Rolling)
Recover10 - 10 HP Recovery(Heal)

My most humble apologies as my navi is busy as of now.

Well dark and mysterious, how much would you want in zenny for your ringlog/guard?

although I probably can't afford one. let alone both...


<Void is stuck in battle>
Hmm...That Ringlog interests me. What sort of compensation are you looking for?

~ Zan
Hmm....interesting Choices...

The Ringlog, a chip that is ground and can roll over a set of enemies in a row. Such a chip is like that with a splash effect, but it's accuracy is a bit lower than that of a shotgun even though they have similar chances. In a pinch against some foul electric virus or foe, it can come in handy, yes?

Since such a chip is quite common in the ACDC area, I will not hinder myself to such a high price that will leave you in dismay. Shall we say, 1100 Zenny?

As for the matter of the Guard, a reflective attack that nullifies that of an enemy and sends it back. It would make a good addition to your chip set if you were to come out of a turn unshaven while your enemy takes the bitter consequence of their action. How should I go as high as 1200 Zenny taking it's effect a common chip dropped by the average Mettuar Virus and because of it's effect.

Perhaps by looking into your chip folder, we might even have a fair bargain where we're both satisfied, if this price isn't that of wish you desire.
I am loathe to spend zenny at this junction, though the price seems right. I am willing to purchase the RingLog for your price of eleven hundred zenny if you have no objections.

~ Zan
Hmm...very well. I have no objections myself. I shall attatch the RingLog1 Data as required.

<Battlechip Data Retained>
<Data Attatched: Ringlog1>
Very well. Now all we must do is wait.

~ Zan

{Attached: 1,100z}

((Edit: The lower case Z looks better, but the upper case Z has a more centered strike...I am torn. z or Z?))
(z. It's less centered, but the other is way too big.)
OK, let's do this. Oh and this guy wants to thank you for your escort, Zan. I'm thanking you too.

Shadowess loses: Ringlog1. Get: 1100z
Zan loses: 1100z Get: Ringlog1

Much obliged Zan. You've been a great deal of help.

as for Mr. Damian, I still have a spare Ringlog that I'd sell you if you could offer a good chip to cover it's usage to me and if not, you can combine it with a small price of Zenny since I'm not picky. The Guard chip is a trump in my folder, so you will have to give me something of usage or offer a good price if you're still interested.
No problem, Soryu. It was good experience for Runeknight.

And as for you, oh mysterious benefactor, I appreciate the trade. This chip should come in handy.

~ Zan
You're very welcome Zan. Perhaps I shall make myself known as more as some mysterious benefactor in the near future.

Hmm...It seems that I still have chips I have a copy of. I suppose I can offer these two chips if anyone is interested in a quick buy or trade.

HeatShot - 40 Dmg (Dire) (Spread)
Ringlog1 - 50 (Wood)(Rolling)

My navi is still quite preoccupied.