Persephone Is Awesome Thread

Heeeello all of you chip traders and tradettes! This thread is made to commemorate the lady who with out her, we wouldn't have the chips we have now! That's right! Persephone!

As a navi that just loves information, I just had to look around this board. She didn't seemed appreciated enough, like in medicine where the surgeons get all the respect cause they do the life-saving stuff. But I digress, even though my netop nor myself has issued a chip trade, I respect her for her diligence and speed. So here's to you Persephone! and may you finally get the respect you deserve!

- DoNotResusitate.EXE

P.S If you do not mind, I'd also like to learn more about your background as well.
Oi. You. Persephone speaking here. I doubt I have any fans around here, a reason why this BBS post has been so empty, and that I won't be doing anymore of the chip trading. Soryu will do it manually for some time now, seeing as I got a new Operator and the replacement Navi is still on his way. Some may know her. Her name is Area Darkholme. But this doesn't mean I'm gone entirely. You will still be capable of seeing my 'speed and diligence' on the battlefield if you meet me. A part of my background can already be read, but I'm sure you haven't noticed it yet. At the bottom of this post, there's a link towards it.

¤ Area Darkholme & Persephone.EXE ¤ ¤

LINK_TO: DonMurdock.GuestArticles
Heh, so you'll be back in action again, eh? I was wondering why Soryu was having Runeknight deliver a replacement Navi. And Area is your new Op? Well, I'll have to track her down again so you and Runeknight can relive the old days. If only that old VABCA computer was still up and running...

Anyway, DNR, if you really want to know more about Persephone, then the best thing to do is attempt to bust with her. Perhaps you, Persephone and Runeknight could have a busting run sometime in the near future.

As for that replacement Navi, we've been having a time of it in Yoka. Viruses keep appearing on the path, but we should arrive momentarily.

~ Det. Zan Espial