Chip trading!

Okay, I got some chips from my brother recently, but I got a few that I don't really care for. I mean, there's nothing wrong with FireHit1, HeatShot, and CactBall1, but they don't really fit my Aqua element Navi. So, I'll accept offers involving Aqua/non-elemental chips and/or cash for them! Now come on people, let's see some offers!

-Sabrina Jetto
Hmm, I have an interest in that FireHit1. Unfortunately, the on;y aqua BattleChip that I own is not for sale. However, feel free to look through my chip and zenny amounts and see if we can come up with a fair trade.

~ Detective Zanallen Espial

((Attached: Chip Folder and Zenny Balance))
My Fire-type Navi would love both of the Fire chips. However, its common courtesy not to interfere with other people's business, so I guess I'll go for the Heatshot. Look around my chips and see if you can find anything. However, my Zenny is off-limits; I have enough trouble saving it as it is.

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-Silas Lemrock-

To Zanallen: Well, I see two Aqua chips in there, not one, but I guess you just meant you don't want to give up either, which I can understand. That MarkCannon interests me, but it's a little more damaging than FireHit, about FireHit and, say, 400z for MarkCannon?

To Silas: To be honest, I don't see a whole lot I want. The only thing I see that even interests me a little is a Sword, and that's a HUGE stretch, and I don't really want to give up any more cash. Sorry.

-Sabrina Jetto
Well, my next patrol is going to take me through SciLabs, giving me plenty of opportunity to pick up another MarkCannon. As such, that trade seems great to me. Keep in mind, I have just used that MarkCannon so the trade will have to wait a bit as my Navi is currently attempting to make an arrest. Give me, say, five minutes?

~ Detective Zanallen Espial

((Attached: MarkCannon))

((Alright, I attached the data for when my current battle is over. Should be tomorrow if I can get on before work. Thanks for the trade!))
Okay, then it's a deal! Here's my end of the bargain!

-Sabrina Jetto

Attachment: FireHit1 Battlechip, 400 zenny

(Huzzah for highly agreeable trades!)
Just to let you know, our battle has ended with victorious results. Therefore, my BattleChip log is refreshed and I am ready for that trade.

~ Det. Zanallen Espial
All right, all right...

FireHit1, 400 zenny ===============>

Done. Now quit clogging this network.
Okay, thanks for that trade! Also, for anyone that might be interested, I now have a ZapRing I wouldn't mind parting with. Which brings the list of chips I've got up for trade to this:

-HeatShot x 1
-CactBall1 x 1
-ZapRing x 1

Yeah, every element except Aqua for my Aqua Navi...oi. Interested in any of the above for any reason? Then make an offer!

-Sabrina Jetto
Well, if you're willing to trade any of them dirt-cheap, I'd be interested.

And by that, I'm saying a bit less than 1000z. Maybe, say, 600z for the Zapring... and the other two don't really intrest me.

I'll trade you 700-800z for the 'ring, but only if you can convince me to do so.

Get to it.

Oh sure, NOW you want the ZapRing. But, I just want them gone, so 600z's fine. But before I do any attaching, I've gotten a second one since I posted that. Interested in a second one for the same price?

-Sabrina Jetto
Well, lemme think...
I've got an electric navi, at a decent level. The power of the chip should increase somewhat, but the fact that my navi has a sigattack with the same effect as the chip except more powerful downsizes its value...

How about both of them for 1000z? If not, then 1100z. Take it or leave it.

All right, 1100z it is.

-Sabrina Jetto

-Attachment: ZapRing Battlechip x 2
Persephone? I've got yet another job for you!


*Attached: 1100z*
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