Training Partner Required

Hello to all who are interested. My navi is in need of a training partner. He needs more practice before we get into the higher networks and fights, and as thus someone to help out would be great. Any level is alright by me, higher or lower. It won't be anything more than busting runs. He needs to see how other Navi's fight, and also practice his own skills on more viruses. He isn't ready for anything more yet. Anyways, I'm running on. Please respond to this message board if you're interested. Only one partner please, and we can go to any network. The higher and stronger the viruses the better. Maybe Hades or NetVegas? Post opinions on that as well.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE and Sasha.SP are in Standby.
I am Terra.EXE, a Navigator, posting this message on behalf of my operator, Scarlet. I would also like to expand my experience with other Navigators in terms of battle tactics. I prefer to stay at a distance from Hades at the moment, but this NetVegas network sounds appropriate. You mentioned something about having only one partner; would a Support Program count as a second? I would prefer to have her with me, but if it is unacceptable, then I can comply.

- Terra.EXE
A support program isn't an issue, Trent will have one as well. Glad you are seeking the same goals as I. Trent.EXE and Sasha.SP will meet you by the Internet City Gate in the Netvegas Network.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE and Sasha.SP are in Standby