SP mission bust partner

Hello to all concerned. I am looking for a partner navi to assist my navi Trent in a bust for an SP. He has really been requesting some battle aid, and I have a few great ideas for a useful SP for him. Trouble is, he really wants to meet some new nacis and bust around a bit. Anyone interested in doing a mission for GNA with use, please respond.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is currently in standby.
What a coincidence. My navi is free at the moment and would love to meet another navi. Perhaps we should schedule a meeting.

-- Destin.
Oh, I remember doing a chip trade with you. How goes it? Is the chip working OK for you? Regardless, a Meeting would be awesome. I am currently in ACDC, lets make a meeting at the beach, that's a pretty common spot. We should be able to easily find a internet cafe or something along those line would be awesome. See you there.

-Mark Kerf

Trent.EXE is currently in Standby.

I have not had the pleasure of using the chip yet. I'll relay coordinates for our meet... But first let's get your mission there.

To GNA: Requesting SP mission in Beach Net.

ADD: Coordinates for meet.

-- Destin.
By the way, how will I be able to pick you out of the crowd? I am a shorter guy and I will be wearing dress clothes and have black hair. You can't miss me once you look down to see me, I tend to stand out with my attire. What do you look like, so we can find each other on the beach.

-Mark Kerf
Tall Caucasian male with a pony tail, plain white t-shirt, and black pants.

-- Destin Obscura.