Seeking Aid

Hello everyone,

My name is Katherine and I am seeking someone who wouldn't mind spending some time fighting alongside my Navi, Durandal. I am a writer of sorts; however, I haven't had much luck concerning certain scenes in my newest body of work. I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind having their Navi team up with Durandal in order for me to observe a few team battles for inspiration. You would, of course, be compensated for this with a share of all items and zenny earned during the course of work. If you are interested, please respond to this message with your name and email address.



Pertinent Information: While Durandal is competent in battle, I lack a wide variety of battlechips or upgrades to his battle routines. As such, someone near Durandal's level would be preferable for proper research.
Good day, Katherine.

I am responding to your bulletin board post, and I would like it very much if I could assist you in your endeavors. I have recently finished the last touches of my Navi, Terra, and I would like to test her abilities and strengthen them as well. She has not met other Navis as of yet, and I would like to introduce her to someone in order to establish and verify the social aspects I instilled in her. As she is still new, Terra is also fairly devoid of most battle-routine enhancements such as battlechips and upgrades, and would be suitable to work with your Navi, Durandal.

I would hope for your reply soon.


Scarlet Krysarch

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