Teammates Wanted

Hello, all. I'm a level 32 navi who's bored busting by himself. Level difference and area don't matter, I'll make it work. I don't really care how many get on board, I just want variety. Oh yeah, I'm Fire/Shadow type, in case you're wondering for Cross purposes. Hoping for some good responses.


P.S. Female navis are preferrable.
My name is Freya.EXE, a level 8 Wood/Cursor navi, my netop is Jack Magi, me and my netop are currently in Scilabs and he has finished remaking many of my signature attacks and is just lazing around on a bench at this point near the Metro. I am female, though with my appearance, you probably wouldn't notice.
-Freya.exe, Puppet navi and magician in training...ugh...

Ah hush Freya, we can teach people that navis who use magic are good for more than just entertaining.
-Jack Magi, Magician and Puppeter

I have no comment...

Oh, and have your netop be on the lookout for a tall guy who dresses in black pants and white dress shirts with ruffles.
-Jack Magi
Well, my teammate had to leave because of some important business or another, putting me back where I started. Once again, I'm looking for a busting partner. The some conditions apply.

Updating this once again for my navi. While he specified he wanted a female navi, I don't really care. I just want to try and get him a Cross to make him more vesitile.