Electown Partner Wanted

Yo. The names Rei and i'm planning to do a bit of training in electown against some virii, as well as pick up anything of use along the way.

Now normally i would do this on my own and though i have total faith in my navi here, Curseman, our last run was... well weird, crazy and hectic couldn't even begin to cover it. So i wouldn't mind a little assistance his time around in case anything goes wrong.

If your interested in joining the run, just drop a line. I'll be waiting.

- Rei Tylien

Nyaa, it wasn't THAT bad Rei... Though i guess i did get in over my head at a few points. Whatever. Whoever it is, just try to keep up nyaa! I wont lose!

- Curseman.exe
Mr. Tylien,
My name is Machman.EXE. We are currently in Yoka but have a few hours to spend online. My NetOp, Mazer, and I would be more than happy to accompany you and Curseman in ElectownNet for a while. Where shall we meet?

-Machman.EXE MkII

Hi, I'm Aera. Like Mach said, we'd love to virus bust with you and Curseman! I'm looking forward to it!

<3 Aera.SP
Thanks for the reply.

Well, i guess we could just meet up at the electown NetSquare. Easy to get to and we can figure out what to do from there i suppose. I'll go ahead and send curseman there to wait for ya. Talk to ya then.

- Rei Tylien

See ya soon, nyaa.

- Curseman.EXE
Will do. See you then.
-Machman.EXE MkII