Stupid Books.

If you ever find yourself trapped in a weird book thing, with a sadistic book trying to kill you, turn to the last page of the book, and write:

(Navi Name).(Extension) E X I T

Without the parenthesis.

Best solution is to not pick up the damn thing in the first place, but unfortunately, some things just can't be helped.

Good Luck.

..... That sounds like a book I would buy and keep... but regardless, this rather sounds unbelievable no?

If you go to Netopia, don't go into a forest after your navis hear a voice telling them to help them.

Also, thank you for your advice, Anon.

I really have nothing to say myself, except that I will take your words to heart, and that I second 'Ace's above statement.

-Chris Lemrock-
Trapped in a book? Sounds illogical. But...with the net these days, one can't be too careful...thanks for the advice...anon...